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  • Bionic Carly chases the criminal

Custom clip request 

Carly and cop hunt criminal. I'm aiming for 20 minutes, but could you recommend a duration that covers this script?

Carly wears same outfit in Bionic Carly arrests criminal plus a leather jacket. Similar makeup and hair tied back. 

Closeups of all parts of her body throughout please. Face, cleavage,butt, legs, and shoes. One foot arched.

She just walks around very casually and relaxed. She knows shes hot. She knows she can catch him. Its a walk in the park for her. But not like a terminator. The best examples are Bionic Lesley in mules(white top), Bionic Alexa, Bionic Stella, and Bionic Carly

Cop wears hoody and trousers

Criminal wears hoody, trousers, and mask.

Skinny actors.for both

This one has a lot more dialogue than before. They chase criminal through a building and contact hq through the radio. Same voice in Vivien blacks ops. 


Radio: Attention all units. Suspect on foot in building. Any available units please apprehend.

Cop: This is officer (name). I am on sight. Searching for suspect.

Radio: Copy that

Cop spots the criminal.

Cop:Target acquired. Making arrest.

Hq: Copy that

He tries to arrest criminal. They fight for about 20 seconds. Evenly matched. Criminal gets away.

Cop: suspect escaped.

Hq: Copy that. Sending backup to your location.

Cop: Negative. I can do it. I can catch him.

Hq: Copy that. Continue pursuit.

Cop has various encounters with criminal throughout.

Scene 2.

Criminal is sneaking into a room. Carlys leg appears on a stool. Her foot is arched. He looks at her wide eyed. The camera moves up showing closeups of the rest of her body up to her face. Then back to her leg on stool with man in background.

Carly: This is officer Carly. I have the suspect. Proceeding with arrest. (During leg on stool shot)

Hq: Copy that. Proceed with arrest. 

Man runs for the door and struggles to open it. 

Closeup of her face, back to man trying to open the door. Then closeup of her shoe on the stool. During this shot she talks on the radio.

Carly: Target is making a run for it. I am in pursuit.

Hq: Copy. Pursue the suspect.

He finally opens the door and runs away. 


-Criminal runs up the stairs. At the top of stairs Carly steps in front of the camera. One shoe in camera shot. Foot arched. Criminal runs back down and bumps into the cop. 

Cop: Carly stay back. He’s mine.

They punch each other repeatedly. Closeup of Carlys face, rolling her eyes and smiling as she watches. Criminal beats him down and runs away. She walks down the stairs and helps the cop stand up.

Carly: Are you Ok?

Cop: Yeh. I’m fine.

Carly: Why don’t you sit this one out. I can catch him.

Cop. No. I can do it. I can catch him.

Carly: Well, let me know if you need backup.

He nods and talks on radio

Cop: This is officer (name). Pursuing target

Hq. Copy. Continue pursuit.

He runs off, screaming angrily.

-In other encounters she punches and kicks him only once per encounter. Slo mo in some. I would like the camera angle of the kicks to look like Alexa Kick file. Ignore that shes sitting. Forward kicks and side kicks. Side kicks are similar to Alexas forward kick. Carly makes her leg straight and holds it still for a few seconds.

(I would like these encounters to take place in different parts of the building. Not all in one room.)

We only see her hand appear when she punches. And her whole leg when she kicks.

And just taunts him with her looks. eg. He is looking down a hallway. Then in a POV shot of hallway, she comes into view in closeup of her face. She smiles and he runs away.

-She stands behind a door and sticks her leg out

-He opens a door a sees her shoe on the stool (arched foot)and runs away.

-She puts her hand on his cheek. He runs away.

-Closeup of his crotch. Carlys hand grabs his crotch. He runs away after she lets go

-She presses her shoe against his neck and crotch while he stands against a wall. Show both sides of foot.

-Crotch kick. Both sides of foot.

-She bear hugs him, lifting him off the ground.

-Criminals POV running through a room. He sees Carlys crossed leg point forward while she sits. He runs into a wall. This repeats with a shot of her leg pointing forward and he is visible in background running into the wall. 


Criminal sees a radio on the stool. He sits down next to the stool and talks to the radio.

Criminal: Hq. Suspect apprehended. No need to pursue. Repeat no need to pursue.

Hq: Negative. Suspect not apprehended. Continue pursuit. Repeat continue pursuit.

Carlys shoe appears on the stool. She takes the radio from him.

Carly: Copy. Continuing pursuit.

Criminal runs away.

Final Fight scene( please note. I don’t like seeing the camera circle around the room to get to the next shot. I prefer you cut the circling in editing and just show the next shot)

Carly ambush criminal in a room and beats him up. She takes off her jacket. All the same content as before.

-kicking while sitting with legs crossed

-standing and kicking. Slo mo included. 

-could you show Carlys hand block a punch in slo mo and then punch back. 


Carly is sitting with legs crossed. Criminal is standing and looking tired. The cop enters the room. He is worn down, walking slowly.

Cop: ( sounding tired) I can do it. I can catch him

When he is within reach he makes an effort to punch the criminal in the face. Criminal falls down on the floor.

Cop: Hq? Target apprehended. 

He falls down too. 

Hq: Copy that. Officer Carly. Please confirm target is apprehended. 

Carly: Affirmative HQ. Target apprehended.

Hq: Good work. Return to headquarters.

Ends with a closeup of her shoe of crossed leg.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Bionic Carly chases the criminal

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