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  • Master Lillian loses the fight

Custom clip request 

i would like to order a short 10 Min Video with Lillian.

She has the same Style from "Never Underestimate Lillian" The Karate Outfit with the Boots,  Gloves, Hairstyle and Make up, but without the Nunchucks on the Belt.  (There is no need for that) Everything else is perfect. 

This Video is similar to "Lillian and her prisoner. Part III", she is a strong fighter an can take many hits, bevor she become Weak.  She reacts a little with moaning.

The Story is simple: Lillian is a evil Karate Master, 2 Years ago she did a fight and at the end she crippled her Opponent.

His Son was in the Audience and shocked after this, he  trainend the last 2 Years and is looking for revenge.

At the start Lillian is sitting on the Floor and does some Meditation. The Guy comes in and tells her to get up.

She doesn´t move and only says "Go away" His says: "No, do you remember a fight 2 Years ago? Your Opponent was defeated and you still punched him, and now he is crippled! I am his Son, and i will take my revenge!

Lillian answers : This is your last chance: leave!"

"No, i trainend the last 2 Years and will fight you... stand up!"

Finally she stands up and  is approaching him : "For 2 Years? Cute, i trainend my whole life"

He goes in fighting position, she smiles" I  will breake you , as i broke your Father."

 She gives him a sign to bring it on, and the fight beginns.

In the first 3 Min of this Video (inclusive the smalltalk at the beginning)  he always attacks her and she is in defence /fights passive. She can avoid all of his attacks and punches/kicks him. Somethimes she is playing around with him and only avoiding his attacks, this makes him angry. Because he tries really to take her out and she is just fooling around with him. After the 3 Min he is exhausted, Lillian says to him " You're pathetic like your Father" This triggers him and he tells her she should not  talk about his father, but she only says: "You know he was on the Ground and I enjoyed punching him. I think he even begged me to stop. But i just kept going... " Lillian smiles nasty.

"Stop it" he is enraged and  is ready to attack her, he fights wild but she avoids all of the attacks. But then he suddenly stops, he understands that he will lose the fight, when he keeps fighting like that. He takes a deep breath after his he is calm, goes in fightins position again and gives Lilllian a sign to attack him.

Now he is more in  defence and she is attacking him, he is really good too to avoid her attacks and he can give her Hits now. Over

the next 5 Min he keeps punching her Belly and Head, but Lillian just takes them all. He become better and gives her over the Time

more and more Hits. At the End o the 5 Min he starts a special attack, with his Flat Hand like your Crushing Hands Videos. He gives

her one hard punch against her Belly with his Fingers from the Flat Hand. (Pic)  This attacks hurts her, the first Time she is really in pain,  and she is schocked: "This Technique... it was impossible to learn!" Quickly she looks serious again and ignores  the Pain "Nevermind, i will End this fight now!"

But its to late for her, over the last 2 Min  she hits nothing anymore and he keeps punching her. He fights normal, but he

uses his Crushing Hand Technique 3 more Times  against her Belly in this Time, evertime with a big impact on her.

Nearly the End and after the last Crushing Hand attack,  she can´t ignore the Pain anymore, she tells him to stop, but he is in Rage and only answer that she didn't stop 2 Years ago either. He keeps punching her. She is defencless and in Pain "Please, no more....please stop" But he doesn´t listen and at the End he bends her Arm like the Pic, he's about to break it! But then suddenly he stops and loses his Rage: "No, i am not like this." He finally releases her, she falls on the Ground, is in pain,  but thankful that he not broke her Arm.  "You are defeated, i got my revenge" He looks calm and leaves the Room. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles


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Master Lillian loses the fight

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