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Clark usually bully Tom, beating him hard. Then he steals whatever he wants from Tom (that Tom has on himself). This happened so often that Clark uses the same sequence of 9 moves to finish Tom off (after he brings him to a slight dizziness) and making him to tell him what moves is next. The 9 moves contain 4 different lowblows. The penultimate move is a lowblow that brings Tom to his knees. Please choose the other moves as you think is better; the purpose of it is to humiliate, so could include making Tom taking some positions before applying the move (flexing, turning around, etc).

Lowblows can be punches, kicks, uppercuts, slaps, etc. Camera must catch the reactions.

Please improve with mocking and taunts.

Scenario guidelines:

Scene #1 (approx. 4 minutes):

Tom and Clark are fighting (max 1 minute). Tom tries to lowblow Clark, but Clark reverses and gets Tom between the legs, bringing him to dizziness. Then Clark begins applying the 9 moves. In the end, Tom is knocked out and Clark mocks a bit Tom then goes and takes a small bottle of coke/soda/water (that was Tom’s) and drinks a bit from it then mockingly tells Tom “I told I was thirsty…”, who is laid on the floor and leaves with the bottle, happy with the result. Camera pans over Tom’s body then fades to black.

Scene #2 (approx. 7 minutes):

Clark is stretching, while Tom enters holding a bottle of coke/soda/water. Tom sees Clark and stops for a moment, then seems to want to turn around to leave. Clark stops him and questions him what is in the bottle. Tom answer that is coke/soda/water.

“Well, I’m thirsty. Give it to me!” Clark begins.

“I don’t want to!” answers Tom.

Clark punches him, making Tom lose his balance and fall to the floor. In doing so, Tom drops the bottle, which rolls out of the way.

A fight takes place (3-4 minutes) in which mostly Clark dominates. Both use some lowblows (2 each) to escape from difficult situation. The camera captures the reactions.

Tom is brought to dizziness and Clark begins applying the 9 moves, taking care to mock and taunt Tom.

After the 9 moves, Tom is knocked out.

Clark gets the bottle and takes a few sips from it, while mocking Tom. He finally puts the cap on and gets closer to Tom to taunt him some more. But he then feels suddenly very weak; his legs become relaxed and he fells to his knees, then forward, over Tom’s legs, knocked out, still holding the bottle. Camera shows the scene and fades to black.

Scene #3 (approx. 6 minutes):

Scene continues a few minutes after scene 2.

Tom begins to wake up. He slowly pushes Clark away, then gets up.

“I was sure you’ll drink from the bottle, arrogant bastard!” he taunts.

He slaps Clark to wake him up, then gets him up and starts beating him.

Clark is groggy, but he manages to put up some kind of a fight and makes use of some lowblows (2 or 3) and uses some of Tom’s mistakes to slow him down. After a fight of 3 minutes, eventually Tom manages to bring Clark to dizziness. (*)

Tom starts applying the 9 moves on Clark, making him to say which move is next, so he gets the same treatment. Clark tries to fight back, but Tom uses some holds and lowblows to make him to comply.

In the end, Tom knocks out Clark. He mocks a bit Clark, then leaves.

Camera pans over Clark’s body and fades to black.

Alternative ending (approx. 3 minutes) (continue from *)

Tom starts applying the 9 moves on Clark, making him to say which move is next, so he gets the same treatment. Clark tries to fight back, but Tom uses some holds and lowblows to make him to comply.

After the 7th move, Tom takes too much to mock Clark and when he tries to apply the lowblow, Clark reverses and lowblows Tom. Tom falls to his knees. Clark asks Tom to tell him the next move. Tom, in pain, complies and Clark applies the final move and knocks him out.

Clark takes some time to mock Tom and decides he needs more punishment, so he wakes him up and then kicks him in the balls again, knocking him out again.

Clark leaves. Camera pans over Tom’s body and fades to black

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The bully

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