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  • Lillian and the bully

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LILLIAN is the main actress.

I hope of the story is in this way, she dressed very sexy clothes walk on my way to the studio, encountered the bully to molest her, had been defeated by tying a clean legs (this is a piece of hope shows the heroine has a very powerful kicks), she mocked him away after a few words, bully resentment at she leave, she came to the studio, a dance practice, the jumps are doing a very difficult, because the stiletto heel just fight is broken, my hurt tying his right foot (my injury is very serious, best can have bruises makeup), she is very painful, rest for a while,Limping leave now go home and rest, after the road, and saw the bully her lessons in the morning, she pretended not to hurt, want to quickly leave, but the bully noticed her right foot bruises, going to revenge, she dragged his injured right foot and he is a tough fight, two personal struggle is very long, tying to defeat the bully, limping back home.

My English is not very good, I am not sure if you can understand it. What I hope to see is the story of the heroine fighting with great pain after her foot was injured.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian and the bully

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