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Custom clip request 

I would like to commission another custom clip which is actually very simple:

 - Similar story as "Juggernaut Eriny" but with Sasha

 - Wearing Sneakers, T- Shirt and Jeans with hair in a bun for first few minutes of the video, then changes into panties/sports bra from "Sasha Blade" and open hair for the second (but still sneakers). 

 - Story starts with her walking to the first two guards friendly asking for meeting the boss, they refuse and threaten her, then ultimately punch her which of course has no effect.

 - The rest of the story is then her encountering guards in various rooms/stairs, who are trying to hurt her with punches to face/stomach. Sasha is always friendly, happy, bored or encouraging and motivating them to try harder to hurt her.  

 - Sasha sometimes raises or spreads her arms, exposing her face and body to make it easier for them.

 - Scenes end with guards getting scared and running away or her knocking them out with ease and advancing to the next stage.

 - Same as in the original video there should be people taking strength serum to make them stronger, with the punches still having no effect and Sasha even being a bit sad and disappointed. There should be a scene with two special guards drinking the serum and in the end the boss drinking a large portion for the final.

 - Punches should be quick, fast and forceful just like in the Eriny video. Impacts should be impact visible a bit just as in Juggernaut eriny, so it feels more real.

-Rest of it is up to you, number of guards can very scene to scene, their outfits etc.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Juggernaut Sasha

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