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  • Melanie eliminates the guy with her feet

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The bad guy is tied up and gagged laying on a couch. There is a chair in front of the couch. Melanie walks in wearing little short tight ankle socks. She looks really angry and powerful and confident. She sits in the chair and stares at him. Pointing her toes in the socks. (She knows he’s obsessed with her pointed toes so she’s going to end him with them) The camera is me. The camera is my eyes. I’m just some nobody there to witness what Melanie does to someone who betrays her. 

I’m walking around looking at Melanie’s pointed toes from all angles. She’s lifting her feet high in the air pointing her toes in socks. (She’s wearing tight shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Athletic stuff) She looks confident, determined, and angry as she shows off her feet and legs. Shows off her dancer flexibility. 

While pointing her toes she takes off one sock at a time. Her anger is building up so she kind of rips the socks off with an angry mean face. Then thrusts her bare feet right at me. Pointing her toes as hard as she can at the camera. She takes her finger and powerfully moves it across her throat letting me and the bad guy know it’s time to end him. 

Melanie walks to the couch and sits on his legs. She’s breathing very heavy and getting herself really worked up with fury and anger as she points her toes right at the bad guy. Her face has a look that says “I hate you and I’m going to end you”. She grunts and violently pressed her pointed feet over his face. Over his mouth and nose. He’s terrified. Wide eyes. Struggling wildly. 

This is a full power fight. He’s trying like crazy to move his face and get air but her pointed dancer feet are too strong. She’s fighting as hard as she can to end him with a vicious foot smother. She crosses her feet over each other pointing and pressing as hard as she can. Grunting and breathing hard with incredible athletic exertion. Thrusting her powerful pointed feet into his face as hard as she can. Keeping that perfect seal so he can’t breathe. 

His insanely physical struggle to survive starts to get weaker. His eyes roll back in his head and he starts twitching as he gets weaker. Finally he convulses and then goes limp. She’s done her job. 

Melanie looks at him closely. She looks curious. Wondering if she was successful. She checks his pulse. Listens for breathing. She looks very curious. She wants to make sure. Then she sits in her chair and looks right at me with powerful pride. She’s so happy and proud of what she’s done. She checks out her legs and pointed toes, showing off their power. While she looks back and forth between her toepoint and the bad guy. Telling me without words “My perfect feet did that! My pointed dancer feet just smothered him out forever!” She stand up. Puts her pointed foot on his chest, smiles, and thrusts her fist powerfully in the air in victory!

Melanie grabs her little ankle socks and walks out barefoot. Her job done. 

I’m guessing under ten minutes for sure. Maybe even six minutes. The “fight” being about two minutes. So it’s realistic. Even though this is a fantasy clip I want the fight to look like its realistic. The rest is the teasing and showing off while anger builds up. 

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Melanie eliminates the guy with her feet

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