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  • Valerie fights for her honor

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Valerie is a sexy hitwoman who wants revenge on two crime bosses who failed to pay her for her last job. She got information from a rival gang that the two bosses will be practicing with a sparring partner today. She watches the sparring partner (Rob - he is masked) enter the building and approaches him seductively on the stairway. 

She says "Excuse me sir, do you know where I can find the dojo? I think I may be lost" 

He says "I don't know" 

Valerie: “You are so strong, you look like a great fighter. You must know where the gym is” 

Man: “I said I don’t know, now move along!”

Valerie: "Surely a big man like yourself knows how to fight. Can you teach me?" She brushes his arm. 

Man: "No I can’t, now mind your own business bitch!" 

Valerie: "Well that is no way to talk to a woman. You look like you could be an enforcer for a gang. I promise you I will make it worth your while” she says seductively and winks. 

The man smiles and says “well in that case, I can definitely teach you a lesson.. wait how do you kn—"

She cuts him off by kicking him in the groin and unleashes several hits on him. He tries to hit back but he misses or is blocked and is overwhelmed by Valerie as she continues to kick/hit him multiple times. She finishes him (you can decide how). Fight should be no longer than 30 seconds. She looks into his bag and takes out his karate outfit. She says “thank you for this,” winks at the man and walks past him

She walks into the room where there are two guards with masks and different outfits. 

One of them says "who are you? you are not supposed to be here!" 

"I am the sparring partner for your bosses. I can play around with you guys too if you’d like" She says seductively and shows the karate outfit

Guard 1: "nonsense! We know who is supposed to come. You are not the right person"

Guard 2: “What have you done!? we will have to hold you here until our bosses come back.”

They approach her but she kicks them back. She says “I guess I will have to play with you boys too” and tosses the karate outfit on the floor. She takes off her shoes and is barefoot (show close up of this – she will stay barefoot for rest of video). She fights them for about 1-2 minutes. They try to fight her but valerie is able to block or dodge all their attacks and destroys them. She finishes both of them in different ways (can be anything including foot hold, neck break between legs like in image 1, etc. you decide). She does a foot-on-chest victory pose on one of them and says “What a mess, I guess I should clean this up before they come back”

The next scene begins with Valerie sitting in a chair barefoot legs crossed waiting for the bosses (have camera angle start at her feet and move up to her face). The bosses unmasked enter wearing karate gi and black belts and carrying a bag. They see her and say

“Well if it isn’t Valerie. I assume you are here to collect your payment. Where are our guards?”

Valerie: "Yes I am here for my money. I had a little disagreement with the guards but we worked it out. Perhaps we can be civil about this. I don’t like my body count to be too high"

They laugh and mock her. One says “What, are you going to make us? You might be a hitwoman but we are stronger and are fully trained black belts. I want to see you try and take it.”

The other says "This is the nature of the business I’m afraid. Actually, I have a sore throat. Why don’t you go fetch me some herbs and tea instead little girl and we will pay you for that.” They both laugh and mock. 

Valerie smirks, stands up and says "I will give you one last chance to give me my money”

The guys get annoyed at her confidence, walk up to her and one of them says “The only thing you’re getting is a lesson in bed” and slaps her ass. Valerie grabs his arm immediately and fight begins. 

The fighting should be like the description above in the most important details including some scenes of her fighting the guys while they attack at the same time. The guys start out with a lot of energy but slowly are exhausted as they are beaten down. Can you include a scene where Valerie kicks them in the face so hard that they spit fluids out? 

At some point during the fight, can you include 4 things: (1) Valerie does a high foot hold for about 30-45 seconds. Please include camera angles 1 – 4. (2) one of the guys will be frustrated and grab a bat. Valerie mocks him needing a weapon. He is unable to hit her with it and Valerie kicks him multiple times so hard that he drops the bat due to pain. (3) Valerie takes one of the guy’s own belt, plants her foot on his back, and wraps the belt around his neck, choking him. The guy should be on his knees. (4) If she can, do a handstand to get up on the guy’s shoulders and hit his head like in image 2. 

Near the end of the fight, both guys are exhausted and beat up. They muster up their strength and attack her one last time together. Valerie fights both at the same time and beats them down with a combination of moves. Both are on their backs. She casually walks to one of them and places her foot on his throat (big toe closer to head) and places her hand on her knee to increase the pressure. Please include camera angles like 5-9. After about 30 seconds of choking, the other guy crawls over and grabs her other leg to try to get her off his partner. She kicks him hard several times and knees his head to make him back out on his back. 

The first guy tries crawling away, but she steps on him and pushes him back down “Where do you think you’re going?” She flips him back onto his back and says “I am not done with you” and places her foot back on his throat. After about 30 seconds, she asks “Are you ready to give me my payment?” The guy says “I will never give it to you bitch!” She smiles and says “Remember when you asked me to get some herbs for your sore throat? I have some I can get for you, but I don’t think that is going to heal your crushed throat” She increases the pressure on his throat, he screams in pain (about 15 seconds). 

She walks over to the other guy who is still KOed. She rubs her foot from his groin upwards to his face and slaps his face with her foot. She says “pathetic…wake up!!” and kicks him hard in the groin. He wakes up in pain and struggles to get up. He tries a last desperate attempt to attack her, but Valerie dodges/blocks all his attacks and hits him hard many times with a combination of moves and with a final kick sends him back on the ground. She casually walks over and places her foot on his chest. She says “One last chance, give me my payment and you don’t have to end up like your friend over there.” He says “fuck you bitch!” She smiles and presses her foot on his throat (big toe closer to head) and places her hand on her knee to increase the pressure. Please include camera angles 5-9.

After about 45 seconds, she says “I can press on your throat all day, I am having a great time!” The camera goes to angle 6. The guy gives up, “Please let me live! there is enough money in the bag that we brought. Please I can’t breathe!” 

The camera looks up at Valerie who smiles and says “Did you really think I would let you live after you tried to cheat me.” The guy pleads one last time “Please you can have all of it! I swear I will never cheat you again!” Valerie smiles and says “Oh, I know you won’t” She presses harder on his throat for about 30 more seconds – for this please start with camera angle 9 and move to angles 7/8 and finally to angles 5-6 . She leaves her foot on his throat for a few seconds and then moves his head to make sure he is out. She places her full foot on his chest and makes a call, “thank you for giving me the information of their location. I will have the money and will give you your share soon.” She takes one last look at the guys, smiles, and steps over them and leaves with her shoes and the bag. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles


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Valerie fights for her honor

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