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  • Carly kicks the guys who dared to touch her

Custom clip request 

This is the description for the new custom clip with Carly and 2 actors. 

She will be the sexy, evil dancer wearing the same clothes and shoes she wears in

the previous custom clip i have ordered ''Carly takes revenge on her ex-boss for firing her'',

plus the black tights of the movie ''Carly the Goddess of the fire'' but without black sunglasses.

Actors call her for a dance. She gets into their house. She tell them she will dance for them but only

see and don't touch her. One from the actors give her the money and she throws the money in the floor

pressing with her heels. She laughs and starts seducing them taking off her capartine showing her great

body and ass.

One of them touch her and this is the mistake. She is angry and tells them to get on their knees in front

of her. One of them says sorry for touching her and she starts with a kick in his face.

She gives many kicks in their bodies and faces. After the kicks she grabs the first actor and gives him a

neckbreak falling on the floor near the door.She steps over his body and then she goes to the second who

beg her to spare him and also she gives him a neckbreak and falls on the floor.

At last the two men are lying on the floor in a distance. She walks slowly stepping over the 1st actor's body

continues walking taking the money from the floor and step over the 2nd actor's body leaving the house.

** She shouldn't step on the bodies but just step over as she does in the last scene of the movie ''Carly infiltrates

a gangs headquarters to eliminate them all. Part II''  as she leaves the room.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carly kicks the guys who dared to touch her

  • Brand: CARLY
  • Product Length: 11 minutes
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  • $9.99

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