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  • Let’s Finish This. Steve vs Alex

Custom clip request 

I would like to see a fight between two males (Alex and Steve ).

They are mortal enemies who decide to finish their feud. They are both in the room. One of them says, “Let’s finish this once and for all.” And the other responds with, “Fine with me. Only one of us will exit this room alive.”

They remove their t-shirts and begin to circle each other.

The fight will be the usual sort of fight you do with 2 males. The difference will be in how things are filmed.

I would like both actors to keep their eyes open at all times, even at the end.

I really like the slow motion effect you do, so please include some of those. And close ups of both actors during the fight would also be appreciated. Both when they are being assaulted and when they are picking themselves up off the floor or clinging to the wall for support.

Although the fight will be fierce, I would like it to be slow in rhythm, without a lot of punches in quick succession.

Please try to include more filming so that the face of the person being punched is seen, rather than watching him from behind as his head is spun from side to side.

Also include those dizzy portions where one actor has been so severely beaten that he is powerless and can barely stand on his feet. (But his eyes should be open.)

As the fight nears its conclusion, one actor drops to his knees and the other actor goes behind him to snap his neck. The victor pulls back the head of the loser. Please show a close up of this and move in a half circle so that the head and neck are seen from both sides. Then raise the camera so that it is looking down on the loser as he says, “You win. Finish me.”

The victor snaps the loser’s neck. But when the loser falls, there is still motion. I would like to see the loser on his back, mouth slightly open and eyes open. His body will twitch for around 15 seconds. Fast twitches at first which then become slower and slower until the loser’s body is perfectly still. While this is happening, I would like to see the loser’s body being filmed from different angles, ending with a view of the entire body and then zooming in for a close up of the face and neck on screen. The victor turns and begins to exit as the camera fades out.

I would then like the ending filmed again beginning from the part where the loser is beaten to the point where he is dizzy, but with the roles of victor and loser reversed. (What you refer to as an alternate ending.)

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Let’s Finish This. Steve vs Alex

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