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  • Goddess Carly was defeated

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The Idea is simple and from a old TV Show only a little different: Carly  is an evil Goddess and was banished  from her Realm, to the World

of the mortals. Her only way to become immortal and a God again is to train the life essence of young strong People. Over the last 5 Years she has done this many and she is nearly ready to become a God again. She got so strong over the last Year that she didn't even get a hit  and she is getting bored with fights. She finally  wants to go back to her Realm to take revenge, the World of the Mortals annoys her.

This did make her cocky and confident, she already thinks she is invincible. She can take many Hits and only shows a little reaction with moaning

 The Video starts and she enters a Room, with a behave like a Queen, a Guy sees her and is in Fear.

C:" You know who i am?"

G: "Yes, the  Godness what alredy finished hundred of People, to reach your Goal"

C: "Then you know that you are doomend, i don't want to fight anymore. Just give up and i promise to make it quick."

Carly smiles and stands casual. He answers that he will noch give up so easily.

C: "Are you sure? Im mean, you know what i am , and still want to fight me? Seems stupid to me."

G:"As i know, you haven't yet your immortality back. You are still trapped in a human Body."

He goes in fighting position, Carly sighs and says disappointed: "Why they always choose the hard Way..." And the fight beginns.

For ~2 Min she dominats him, she can easily avoid/dodge his attacks and is puching his Head/Belly. He is more and more desperate and tries eveything, but  she is too good for him. At the End he is on the Ground and she is choking him with a Foot. " See? I tould you, you have no chance" But he can free himself and stands up again, Carly tries to attack him with a Fist punch, put similar to the Pic Fistp, he can avoid her attack and gives her surpisingly  one hard punch against her Belly. Carly is surprised and stops attacking him, she says "You really hit me ? What are you ? Crazy ? "He tells her that he now sees through her fighting style. Before she can answer something he is attacking her, he gives her some Belly and Head punches. She is perplexed and just takes all the Hits without resistance, she has not experienced this since one Year, the Guy really punches her! She need some Time to become focused again,  he tries to Hit her Head, but she blocks his punch and is holding his Arm.

She has back her arrogant look "How dare you!?"  and she gives him a hard punch, so that he stumbles back. "Fine, let's play serious now" and she attacks him again.

 Over the next ~2 Min the fight goes on, and he gives Carly more hits (Belly, Head) but she don´t care much about it.  After the ~2 Min she is choking him with one Hand and even lifts him up, she smiles: "How cute, that  you really try to fight me"

He punches the inside of her Elbow, he falls on the Ground, is free and stands up again.

 After this the longest fight goes on, over the next ~4 Min he become better and better to give her more Hits and more Hits, but still: Carly takes them all (Belly&Head again). During this Time he bends her Arm 2 Times, similar the 2 Twist Pics i sendet you and is punching her Rips/Belly what seems better for you.

During the 4 min she says thinks like: "Now the fight really become excited" - "Why are you keep fighting me?" -" " and "Stop, wasting my Time"

(You are free to make some improvements to all Dialogs and english subtiles are enough for me.)

 At the end of the ~4 Min Carly manages to take him in a hold from behind like the Pic. : "You put so much effort in this, but still achieve nothing"

She smiles and is ready to end this fight! He tries to break free but her grip it so strong. Finally he starts punching her Rips over and over again, everytime the same spot. Carly just take the first hits, but over the Time its to much for her and she needs to release him. After this she become furios/angry "I don´t get it, why you dont give up" and she tries really hard to take him out now. She has enough of this Time waste. But he is to good at this Point and keeps punching her.  In the last 2 Min of this Video she finally become affected from all the

Hits against her. He puts her against a Wall, with one Hand he hold her Shoulder against the Wall with the other Hand he is punching her Belly.(like the Pic WallBe) When he finally stops his attack for a second Carly says "Stop it!" but he only answers "You are a God, make me stop" and he give her 3 more Belly punches, then he pushes her away from the Wall. Carly is weak but not defencless, she still tries to attack him. But her attacks are not powerful anymore and he can easily avoid them. Nearly the end she says "No, not this Way..." then its to much for her, she goes down for the only Time, he gives her some final hits, and she is on the floor.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Goddess Carly was defeated

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