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  • Sasha fell into the trap of the villainess

Custom clip request 

The Actress I want to see is Sasha and a Female villainess (whoever is available). I want Sasha to wear the ones she wear in Spy Sasha (black sports tank top and shorts with white shoes) and anything for the villainess will do. 

The Story is Sasha is a detective who will be rescuing a captered victim who is held captive by a notorious villainess in an unknown location. It can start by Sasha entering a room where the villainess is waiting for her only to find out that the hostage is not in the room and was taken someplace else. I want the villainess to be arrogant and cocky saying "I've been waiting for you, if you defeat me I will tell you where the hostage is".

In the first 2 minutes of the fight, I want a fair fight between the two and Sasha seems to have little advantage. As the fight goes on, Sasha is clearly dominating the villainess. Then finally she beats the villainess and ask where the hostage is. Then the villainess showed a photo of what seems to be the hostage with a bomb and threatened Sasha if she does not surrender then she will detonate it.

Then Sasha says "okay you win, i give up". The Villainess laughing and says "that was too easy, now you have to do what I tell you". The Villainess orders Sasha to raise her both arms hands behind her head. Sasha hesitating but complies. Then Villainess lifts Sasha's chin saying face to face" you're mine now, I will make you my punching bag" and started belly punching Sasha. ( It's up to the team how to do this but I want this belly punching scene to be detailed and the villainess is enjoying it while Sasha is in clear agony)

Last part: After the belly punch is done, Sasha still remains on that position (hands behind back of the head) but struggling to stay on her feet then villainess grabs sasha in the hair saying we're not done yet and punches her in the face. Sasha was knocked out to the ground. She woke up her hands and feet are tied up in a Y position struggling to get free.Then the villainess approaches her holding her chin and slaps her over and over and laughing continuosly. Then she grab's Sasha in the side of her hips giving her one belly punch. Sasha coughs in agony and the villain grabs her in the hair saying "it's over" then gave her one last punch in the face. I want to end this up with the villainess leaving Sasha unconcious while tied up.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha fell into the trap of the villainess

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