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Scene 1

Valerie work as an executrix and she only finish her victim by slicing their throat

She entire the execution room and holding a pen and a forum

She interduce her self to the male prisoner and tell him

‘’ my name is Valerie and I’ll be your executrix today’’

 ‘’ the execution method will be by slitting your throat ‘’

She sat near to him and cross her legs - They are sitting on a bench or something 

she then writes something on the forum and then tell him to sign

then she marks his Adam apple with the pen

she asked him,

‘’ do you have any question?’’

He replies

‘’ can you shoot me in the head please?’’

She simply ignored him and takes out the blade – only one blade on her right hand

and say

‘’ okay get up please – I’ll execute in the next room’’

She escorts him to the next room and asked him to kneel 

While doing that she bites her lip’s 

Valerie is an expert -  she finishs with full confidant’s

but Valerie is not savage – she is gentle 

She gently holds him from his chin and raise it till his Adam apple is clear 

We see her licking her lips as it turns her on 

and in this clip, she will slit his throat 4 times then she will keep his chin up and say

‘’ shhhhh – just hold still it’s not over yet’’

She will then again slice him 4 time and will keep her hand study

We see her again lick her hips as it turns her on 

Then she will slice him 4 time – still holding him 

She then cleans the blade on his outfit 

She left her hand he falls out to the ground 

Now he is kicking – but she places her heels over his head ro make him quit 

He still kicking his legs on the air 

As she still placing her heels on his back, she takes her phone and received a call from a friend 

‘’ yes, I finished him but he is still taking his last breath under my heels – I agree is so much fun to watch him struggle like that 

Tomorrow I have 4 men to finish, yes I’m enjoying my job


He stopped breathing- she checks his pulse for heartbeat 

She then write-down something on the forum and sign 

Through the forum on his body and leave 


Scene 2

The man is voluntary coming to Valerie and offer her to be sacrificed 

He knocks her door

Valerie : ( Sitting crossing her leg’s ) come on in here 

Man : He come near to her heel’s 

Valerie : so you want to be finished tonight by me are you sure?

Man : Yes please – I want to be slaughtered by your hand it’s my dream 

Valerie : we agree that you will Pay me 

Man : ( He gave her the money )

Valerie : come on let’s go ( She pull him by his shirt )

Man : Please go easy 

Valerie : ( Take out the blade) pose for me like a lamb 

Man : ( A little scared but he pose like a sheep or a lamb )

Links for throat slit Method below 

Valerie : ( Licking the blade then lean towards him and left his chin place the blade )

She slit his throat like slaughtering a sheep – she slices and still holding his chin as he kicked 

Again, she doesn’t moan or scream – she is confidant and slaughter like expert 

After slicing him and still holding his chin – she watches him kicking and get Turned on by that 

She cleans the blade in his shirt 

She stands up and he still kicking – she places her heels on his back to make him quit 

she said 

‘’ Shhhhh’’ let it go baby you will be finished soon just keep struggling under my heel’s ‘’

She looks at the camara and smile with wink 

He stopped breathing – then she leaves the room in a catwalk 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Executrix Valerie

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