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  • Valerie makes her boyfriend to believe. POV

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Valerie starts out wearing a sundress and thigh high socks. She tells her boyfriend (pov) - "do you believe I can beat you in a fight?" The camera shakes their head, so she demonstrates some high kicks to the camera slowly without making contact for 2-3 minutes. Then she asks again, "do you believe I can beat you?" Shake again, then she says "so feel my kicks then" and she kicks to the camera lightly for 2 mins. "Even if you sweep me off my feet, I can hurt you" she says, and kicks up at the camera while her back is on the ground, with sweeping kicks. 

"Do you still not believe? Then I will tell you a secret" she says, and changes from sundress to leather skirt, takes off socks and puts on black pantyhose. "I am a secret agent. I have defeated many criminals with my legs. Believe me?" Shake head, so she starts kicking the camera hard and aggressively for 3 mins. After hard kicks camera person says "ok I believe now." She says "too late, I want to finish you" and puts on a pair of black boots. She continues kicking, KOs the camera and does stomping kicks, axe kicks, foot holds. (If she is not confident high kicking in heels she can just do the stomping/stepping). One last kick to the face and fade to black. 

Then the camera wakes up with valerie's legs across their lap. 'Sorry for KOing you,' she says. "But now you need to keep my secret. Or else you know what I can do to you". Then one more kick KOing the camera again. 

Remember I like when the actress shouts Haha! Or hiya! When they kick, and I like when they smile, laugh and enjoy themselves.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Valerie makes her boyfriend to believe. POV

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