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Custom clip request 

I was wondering if I can request another custom video. Is there any way we can do a Sasha vs kano part three but this time have kano as the winner? Is there any way Sasha can wear a green bikini for this one? I’ve attached a picture as a reference. A sonya blade with the green colors. Sasha also does not have to wear heels on this one. She can be barefoot. 

I want the fight to be similar like part two. I love how it’s identical to the movie where Shang stung talks to her and tells her he has something for her. The fight I do want

It very similar to the original movie. It can start off the exact same way where kano draws a knife and they start off that way. I want the fight to be similar to the movie as well. The first backhand punch that kano gives Sasha I want her to be on the floor moaning in pain a little bit just like the movie while kano stands over her. Then the the fight can go on as you see best fits. 

Then when it comes to the kick part here’s what I would want. I want that

Part to be just like the movie. Sasha tries to high knee kano and and kano catches her and knocks her down. Then I want kano to try and stomp Sasha but Sasha will roll out of the way. Then for the kick I want kano to kick her just like in the movie but this time I want Sasha to yell in pain and moan really loud. I also want the same movement and camera angle from the movie. I want to see her rise up then kinda hold her stomach then go to the side. In other words this scene exactly like the movie. Same angle and everything. As Sasha is doing that kano will say “does it hurt baby” 

Then when it comes down to the part where Sasha grabs kano by her legs I want her to do that. When they reach the floor part I want kano to free himself from her legs. Then he should punch her legs as he frees himself and then just kick

And stomp Sasha as she’s on the ground. After so much you see Sasha just start to lose and you hear Shang stung say finish her. Kano then kicks her more times until she’s out. The fight ends with kano standing with his foot on sasha’s chest with his arms raised. Then he says “bye bye baby” 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha Blade. The fail

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