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There are actually 3 fights between 2 actors (one for each scene).

Tom tried several times to get his revenge on Rob for knocking him out when he was tricked by villainous Lillian. But Rob left him knocked out every time.

Tom doesn't know how Rob manages to move so fast to punch and kick him, mostly in his balls.


Scene 1 (3 minutes)

Camera fades to Tom and Rob, who are fighting.

Tom is quite groggy, no t-shirt, and prepares to punch Rob.

Rob just says “surrender" and Tom freezes.

Rob, laughing, kicks Tom hard in the balls.

Tom grabs his balls, bending over. Camera shows his pain on his face. After a few moments he falls in a fetal position.

“How are you doing this?... I am invincible!” Tom asks with some difficulty.

After laughing at him, Rob answers.

“You're a simpleton! You still didn't figure it out?” He approaches Tom and bends over Tom and pushes with his index finger Tom's head. “I planted a command into your head and every time you hear it, your mind and body freeze.” Rob straightens and takes two steps back.

“Your mind is so weak…” Rob mocks.

“I'll destroy you for this! Get it out of my head!” Tom threatens and gets up quickly.

“You'll have to make me.” Rob responds mockingly.

Tom, enraged, throws himself towards Rob, preparing a high kick.

“Surrender!” Rob quickly yells and Tom is frozen into position.

Rob applies a powerful punch between Tom’s legs. Tom grabs his balls again and bends over. His face shows the pain and soon falls on the floor, knocked out.

Rob laughs, then leaves. Camera shows Tom, then fades to black.

Scene 2 (7 minutes)

Tom and Rob are again fighting. Both wear their t-shirts. They both have good moves, but Tom quickly starts to dominate (fight takes 2 minutes). Rob use twice the “surrender” keyword to get out of situations and punches/kicks Tom.

At one point Rob is in trouble, so he uses the keyword “surrender" again to freeze Tom. Tom freezes and Rob continues with a knee between Tom legs, lifting him up from the ground. Tom grabs his balls and bends over, then falls on the floor, still holding his balls.

Rob starts to mock him and fails to notice that Tom puts something in his ears (is not needed to be actually something, a mime is preferable).

Tom gets up slowly.

“I'm warning you: get the command out of my head, or I'll break every bone in your body” threatens Tom.

“You didn't learn yet that I'll always win?”

“Never again!” Tom answers and attacks Rob.

The fight continues for another 1 minute. Again, Rob is cornered and uses the keyword, but Tom doesn't freeze and continues to hit Rob until he is groggy. Rob tries in this time several times to use the keyword, without success.

Tom punches Rob, who falls to the ground.

“How are you doing this?” Rob asks completely baffled.

“Smart earphones. The AI system in them learned your keyword and stops me for hearing it.”

Tom continues:

“I'll ask you again: will you get the command out of my head? Or should I start breaking bones?”

Rob quickly agrees.

“How will you do this?” Tom asks.

“You have to be sleeping before I can tap your mind" Rob answers.

“That sounds like a lie.” Tom responds.

“It's the only way. This is how I put the command in your head in the first place – when you were sleeping.” Rob insists.

After a short pause, Tom continues:

“Fine. Let’s do it! But if you lie, I will end your miserable existence. Start hitting me.”

Rob starts kicking and punching Tom. Tom just stands and take it. After 1 minute of kicking and punching Tom, Rob is tired, but Tom is only a bit dazed.

“This doesn't work; it will take forever.” Rob assesses.

“I agree.” Tom utters with some pride in his voice.

And after a short pause, Tom continues:

“Kick my balls!”

Rob is surprised:

“Are you sure?”

“You didn't have any problem kicking my balls before…" Tom answers.

“Fair point." Rob agrees and kicks Tom between the legs. Tom bends over holding his balls. Rob continues to alternate between kicks, knees and punches to Tom balls. Finally, after 5-6 lowblows, Tom is dazed and falls to his knees. Rob holds his head between his hands and brings his knee to Tom's jaw.

Tom is thrown on the floor, knocked out.

“You are so stupid…” Rob mocks Tom.

He kneels and puts two fingers on Tom's forehead.

“Forget the surrender command.” Rob begins, and after a short pause, he continues:

“Whenever someone begs you to spare him or her, you will lose all your powers until you are knocked out. You will announce this by saying “Lowblow for jackpot". You will not remember saying this.”

Rob slaps Tom over the face until he starts coming around.

Tom gets up.

“It's done.” Rob announces.

“You are so stupid!” laughs Tom. “You lost your only mean to defeat me.”

Tom attacks Rob. Before Rob could say anything, Tom kicks him in the balls. Tom continues to kick, punch and lowblow Rob until he is knocked out.

“See you later, looser!” Tom mocks and leaves.

Camera pans over Rob and fades to black.

Scene 3 (15 minutes)

Clark is preparing to leave with a bag of stolen items.

Tom comes from behind and when is at 3-4 meters he speaks:


Clark, surprised, turns around quickly to face Tom.

“Put back what you have stolen and then you'll come with me to the police." continues Tom.

“What makes you think I'm going to do that?” mocks Clark.

“I'll make you.” starts Tom, but Clark drops the bag and attacks with two punches to Tom's midsection. However, the punches have no effect.

Tom shoves Clark back, who falls on his back.

“That's all you've got?” Tom taunts.

Clark gets up quickly and attacks Tom with kicks and punches to his midsection and head. But Tom is not affected by any of it. Tom again shoves Clark on the floor.

“Give up! You have no chance!” taunts Tom.

Clark gets quickly up and takes a fight stance.

“You still want to fight?” asks Tom somewhat surprised, but also delighted he will beat Clark up. Tom gets his t-shirt off.

“Come on! Hit me with all you've got!” Tom continues, offering his midsection for Clark to punch.

Clark approaches and starts punching Tom's midsection. After several punches that didn't affect Tom, Clark punches Tom in the balls.

Tom bends over holding his groin pretending that Clark did some damage.

Clark begins to taunt:

“Weak balls, hey? One punch and you're done!”

Tom stops pretending and mocks Clark.

“You are so naïve! No dirty trick can help you!”

The cheerful attitude of Clark turns to panic. He attacks Tom again. A short fight (1.5 minutes) takes place in which Tom repels all Clark's attacks and slowly and in a controlled way wears him down with punches and kicks.

At one point Tom punches Clark, who falls to his knees. Tom grabs Clark head by the hair and makes Clark to look at him.

“Now I'll put you to sleep and I'll take you to the police." Tom explains and prepares a punch.

“Please spare me! Don't..” Clark started pleading with Tom, but was interrupted by Tom saying:

“Lowblow for jackpot!" Tom doesn’t realize he spoke.

“What?” asks, surprised, Clark.

“What?” continues Tom, lowering his punch.

Clark doesn’t know what to say or do. After a short pause, Tom continues:

“As I was saying: soon you’ll wake in prison.”

“Please, don’t! I’ll do anything!” Clark pleads again.

“Lowblow for jackpot!" Tom utters again without realizing.

“What?” Clark asks again.

“What? Are you damaged?... Now you really piss me off!” Tom answers frustrated and prepares a punch to Clark’s head.

Clark, in panic, punches Tom in the groin.

Tom freezes for a second, then grabs his groin and his face shows the pain he’s in. Camera shows his reaction.

“Fuck!” Tom manages to get out of his mouth.

Clark gets slowly up to his feet, being a bit surprised of his success. After a few moments, when he realizes that Tom is not faking the reaction, he starts mocking Tom.

Tom gathers his strength and attacks Clark. A fight takes place (3 minutes), both Tom and Clark using some lowblows. Tom is more affected by all the hits he gets because of his inability to protect himself effectively.

Towards the end of the fight, Clark is mostly playing with Tom, throwing him around and mocking him.

Finally, Clark uses a combo of punches/kicks and knocks Tom out with a lowblow. Camera shows some reactions to the lowblows during the fight.

Clark taunts and mocks and gets his t-shirt off.

Tom wakes up and starts to move. He slowly comes to his senses and slowly gets up.

“You want more?” Clark taunts. “I have plenty!” he continues.

Clark tries to throw Tom, but he cannot move him. Clark is scared now and starts punching Tom in the midsection and head and even tries to kick him between the legs.

Tom comes fully to his senses and attacks Clark and starts throwing him around. Clark is panicked and tries to avoid Tom’s attacks. After 2 minutes, Tom gets Clark again on his knees and punches/kicks him in the head, knocking him out.

Tom curses him for knocking him out earlier. Tom talks to himself, trying to understand why Clark was able to beat him. He decides to wake him and interrogate him. He brings a short rope, bends it in half, kneels beside Clark and slaps his leg with it to wake him. Clark starts to move slowly. Tom turns Clark on his stomach and prepares his hands to tie them. Clark starts to fret, trying to escape Tom’s grip, but cannot.

“Stay still or I’ll hurt you!” Tom threatens.

“I beg you, leave me be!” Clark pleads.

Again, Tom utters “Lowblow for jackpot”.

Clark stops for a fraction of a second, surprised and then starts to fret even more. Tom cannot hold him anymore and Clark gets quickly up. Tom remains on his knees surprised that Clark escaped.

Clark doesn’t waste time and kicks Tom in the balls. Tom grabs his balls and slowly falls on the floor.

“Who’s in charge now?” taunts Clark.

Tom gets up as quickly as he can and launches himself towards Clark. Clark catches him and throws him on the floor. Tom falls on his back and he’s motionless (Tom fakes a KO).

“Asleep again. Such a princess…” mocks Clark. He goes and takes the rope and returns. Tom raises his head and watches Clark. When Clark turns around, he puts his head down and continues to fake a knock out. Clark prepares the rope while approaching Tom (trying to make a knot or something) and stops such that Tom’s leg is between his. He continues to do something with the rope, but Tom raises his leg and kicks Clark in the balls. Camera shows his reaction.

Clark drops the rope and grabs his groin, stepping away from Tom.

Tom attacks Clark and a fight takes place (3 minutes). At the beginning Tom has the upperhand, but that changes when Clark begins using lowblows. They both use a few (not many) lowblows and the fight is quite balanced.

Tom makes a mistake that allows Clark to apply a lowblow combo that brings Tom to dizziness. (camera shows this for 5-6 seconds).

Clark punches Tom’s head, making him spin and fall to the ground, knocked out.

Clark then turns Tom face-down and ties his hand to his back, then turns him face-up. He then takes a phone and takes a few selfies, posing as winner.

“Who’d believe that a superhero gives instructions on how to beat him…” Clark mocks.

Clark takes his bag of stolen things, mocks again Tom and leaves.

Camera pans over Tom and fades to black.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Useless superhero

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