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Door opens Caleb enters, Ivy is in close pursuit,

Interior wide room with two chairs, a table with 2 weapons laying on top. Nunchaku and a bat;  Mz mystery obviously staged this room for the showdown.   Caleb rushes in and grabs the bat to defend himself.  

Ivy enters, but it’s not exactly Ivy.   The serum has not captured her soul, (like the Dr. Jekyll Hyde job it did on Caleb), but it did alter her carbon. Imbuing her with strength and a new instinct.  In this new cat and mouse game she is a tigress. Her eyes are Filled with primal rage as she stalks in on her prey

Unarmed undeterred, Ivy circles around Caleb. He attempts to dissuade her with words, then with the bat.  Ivy taunts, ducks and dodges his attempts to hit her. The third swing and miss is strike 3 Ivy counter attacks with a chop kick to Caleb’s knee making it collapse. After Caleb drops to one knee.  she kicks the bat out of his hands. 

Ivy decides to switch the sports motiff from American baseball to football.  Declares how great she’d be as a fieldgoal kicker.  Then demonstrates her ability to kick a ball by kicking Caleb’s.  

Following that, Ivy says, alright no more games, it’s time to fight

Ivy resumes combat and dominates with 6 unanswered attacks.Caleb’s in deep trouble, attempts to use his weight and a brute power tactic of attempting to grapple and bring her down. But his basic bear hug attempts are foiled by Ivy’s superior martial arts fighting skills.  Caleb takes a lot of punishment in his attempts to fight back and already he’s in trouble.

Ivy realizes he’s on the ropes, but does not want him to quit yet.  On Caleb’s 6’oclock she grabs his shoulders and aims him to face ahead to the nunchaku. To further emasculate him she kicks him between the legs so hard that his feet lift the ground and Caleb folds over from the waist 90 degrees.  Ivy puts a boot on to Caleb’s butt and shoves him at the table.  

Remarkably, despite his wounded leg and groin Caleb stumbles up to the table, grabs nunchaku turns and swings back blind because he can hear Ivy’s approach from behind.  Alas too early, the nunchaku hits air, his arm swings wide in follow thru, and no he’s standing there wide open, Just as Ivy hoped.  She comes in on a quick sprint goes to the air and

lands a devestating whip so powerful that when his head snaps back,  Caleb’s neck jams making his head up, stuck facing ceiling. 

Stage 1 complete-Defeat and Beginning of the end.

Ivy Side kicks his gut, twice but still he’s locked, standing rigid.  face up.  So ivy decides to go below the belt for the third time and the side kick to Caleb’s crotch unlocks his vertebrae.  He folds again, drops the nunchaku to nurse his groin

Stage 2 “Humiliate”

Ivy actually laughs.  Ivy continues to mock Caleb.  Does the catwoman tic tac toe scene with 2 scratches but kicks on her 3rd strike to put Caleb on his back on table.  

She kicks the chair across the floor to slide up between where his legs hang off the edge of the head of the table.  

Ivy walks to the chair uses it as step stool,  stands with one leg on the chair’s seat, the other on Caleb’s groin.  

In torment Caleb pleads for her to

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Poisoned Ivy

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