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  • Vivien is a bouncer in the gym

Custom clip request 

Viviens outfit: as in "Vivien makes the guy to take her on a ride"

Location: perhaps also the one of that video, but feel free to chang.  Some kind of gym

Two strong guys in gym clothing.  Let me call them Ivan and Bruno, but feel free to use other names: it does not matter.

Props: a baseball bat, some rope, a chair (the one from "Black Canary Lilian part III" would work well.

Summary: Vivien is the security guard in a gym, and has to remove two misbehaving customers.  They don't want to be removed and don't think she can.  So, she first demonstrates her toughness by letting them punch her abs, even beating her abs using a baseball bat, until they are exhausted.  They still don't want to leave.  She gives them another chance, wrestling them, eventually wrestling them with her hands tied behind her back.  They still refuse.  She eventually gets into a real fight with them, beating them up.  After a victory pose, she drags them out of the gym.

Details (feel free to adapt):

Vivien is sitting on the chair, perhaps close to the entrance, waiting.

One guy ( Bruno ) walks into the gym, starting to do some exercise.  Vivien calmly walks towards him.

Vivien: "You have bothered other customers and you have stopped paying your membership fees.  You have to leave."

Bruno: "What?  Who are you?"

Vivien: "I am security.  I am asked to remove you."

Bruno, laughs: "You are the security?  That has to be a joke."

Vivien: "If you don't leave on your own, I will have to make you."

Ivan arrives. "What's going on?"

Bruno: "Hi, Ivan, my friend!  This chick here says she is security and she will make me to leave the gym."

They both laugh.

Vivien to Ivan: "Same goes for you.  You have to leave, for the same reason."

Ivan, laughing: "You want to make us?  That's funny!"

Bruno: "Yeah, why don't we have some fun with you instead!"

Vivien, sighs: "Men.  Always the same.  I am a girl, so they always think they are stronger than me.  And then I always have to prove them wrong.  I always have to fight them and beat them.  Same thing every time. "

Bruno: "You don't really believe any of this, do you?"

Vivien: "I don't want to hurt you.  Just leave, without a fight! I warn you, I am tougher than both of you combined!"

Ivan: "Oh yeah?  Show us!"  They both laugh.

Vivien: "I don't want to hurt you!  But I will if I must!"

Bruno: "This little chick is hilarious!"

Vivien: "Ok, I give you one last deal to convince you to leave on your own, without hurting you.  I will demonstrate to you how tough I am.  One of you holds me, while the other one punches my abs.  Take turns.  If you make me quit, you can stay.  But if you have to quit, you must leave."

Ivan, laughing: "You asked for it!"

Bruno: "Yeah, this is going to be fun!"

They proceed, taking turns.  Vivien has amazing abs!  Obviously, I do not want the actress to get hurt.  But perhaps you can make the punches land a bit more real than usual? 

Anyways, eventually, the guys give up as their hands are hurting.

Vivien: "Aww, are my abs of steel to tough on your hands?"

Ivan: "Come on Bruno, beat her!"

Bruno: "Give me a break, Ivan! My hands are hurting!"

Vivien: "I give you another chance.  Use that baseball bat over there, and keep going!  Hit my abs with it.  See whether you can make me quit that way."

They do, but eventually give up to.

Vivien: "We made a deal.  You have to leave now.  Never come back."

Bruno: "Oh yeah? What if we won't leave?"

Ivan: "Yeah, screw that deal!"

Vivien: "I will beat you up and throw you out, if I have to."

Bruno: "We will beat you up, if you try!"

Vivien: "I am really trying to avoid hurting you here.  I give you another chance.  We wrestle.  If you make me tap out, you can stay.  If I make you tap out, you will leave."

Ivan: "This chick is crazy"

They wrestle, the two against her.  I suggest starting from a standing position, eventually getting to the ground, where they continue.  Perhaps, at the end, she holds one while simultaneously applying an armbar to the other one.  Or something else.  Vivien gets up.

Bruno: "This chick is tough!"

Vivien: "Just admit that I am stronger than you!  I am much stronger than you!"

Ivan: "No way.  You are just a little girl!"

Vivien: "I am sorry, but you really have to leave now."

They get up, ready to fight.

Ivan: "We are done with being nice to you.  Time to beat you up!"

Vivien: "You don't stand a chance!"

Bruno: "Let's clobber this chick".

Vivien: "I warned you!  You will get hurt!"

They fight.  She beats them up. 

Vivien: "So, boys.  Did you have enough?  Or do you want some more?"

Ivan: "This is embarrassing."

Vivien: "Yeah, you got beaten by a girl!  I can even beat you up with my hands tied behind my back. "

They tie her hands behind her back.  She beats them up.  They fall on top of each other.

Vivien, standing: "Wanna get up and fight some more?"

The guys moan.

Vivien unties herself and pulls the chair close.  She sits on the chair backwards, straddling the back of the chair between her legs.  She folds her arms and rests them on the back.

Vivien: "Come on now.  I am waiting!"

The guys moan.

Vivien: "Is that all you got?  Really, this was too easy!"

The guys moan.

Vivien gets up, does a victory pose of two, planting her foot (or both) on the guys.

Vivien, enjoying her victory: "See?  I told you!  I will beat you up, if I have to!  And you got hurt.  Your fault, not mine"

The guys moan.

[ The next portion: not sure, whether Vivien can do that, but it would be cool. ]

Vivien: "Time to take out the garbage."

She pulls one guy, then the next to the entrance, clearing them out of the gym.

The end.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Vivien is a bouncer in the gym

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