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  • 2 guys combined their efforts to overpower Valerie

Custom clip request 

Like Ivy in the other Video she plays a strong and conceited fighter , she can take many

punches and kicks and only reacts a little to it (with moaning) I would like to see Belly and Head punches against her.

One Man (a smaller one) is the Prisone since 1 Month  from Valerie and her punching bag. He sits on the Floor and she enters the Room with a behave like a Queen, she tells

him that she had a bad Day and its time  to cheer her up, by beating him. He don´t want to fight her

and asks for mercy and let him free, but she just smiles and tells him, that he need to be a good Boy or it will be even more worst for him.

He finally goes in fighting position, she stands just casual with a smile on her Face and the fight beginns.

In the next ~2:30 Min, she complitly dominates him and has Fun. He goes down 2 Times, the second Time she even checks her Finger Nails if they are

looking fine! He can give her some hits, but only when she alows it.This motivats him, but she shows him quickly who is the 

Boss in this fight. She is just fooling around with him, she knows that he is to weak for her.

In the End he is on the Ground again, Valerie smiles and says sarkastic: Now i am feeling much better,thank you. 

Bevor she can leave the Room the second (a little bigger) Guy comes in. He is a Officer and was looking for the captuched Guy. He sees him on the Ground

"What is going on here?"

The small Guy tries to warn him about Valerie, and he need to come back with more Men. But he says:

"I finally found you and will not go without you" he goes to him, Valerie is just watching this and says:

"When you want to leave you must go through me"

" I don´t want to fight you"

"There is no other Way an i want some more Fun, maybe you are a better Entertainment for me"

Finally he goes in fighting position, she smiles and tells him to bring it on, and the second fight beginns.

The length is again around 2:30 min and this Guy fights better and can give her some more hits. but she don´t care about it and has Fun. 

Over the Time she gets the upper Hand and controls the fight. At the End he is on the Ground and he starts choking him with a Foot.

"This was exciting and first i was thinking about to  keep you as my punching bag too, but now..."

The small Guy is shocked  about this and begs her to stop, but she doesn't listen to him. Finally he put his courage together, goes next to her and 

starts punching her Ribs. After some punches she finally releases the Guy on the Ground and turns around. "that was very stupid"

He fears her and walks back, she slowly goes after him. He stands against a Wall and she puts a Hand against his throat, with the other Hand she

is punching his Head. Now the big Guy sees this and stands up, he goes to her holds her punching Arm back, and starts punching her Rips.

Again after some punches she finally set the other Guy free.

Officer" We need to fight together, maybe we can defead her!"

" You really think whe have a chance?"

Officer " We need to try it"

Valerie is cocky and tells them, even together they have no chance against her.  The 2 are geeting in fightins Position and she loughs

" Look at you, how cute"  Now her slow downfall beginns, this is the longest Part.

The two Guys are working together, when she focuses on one Guy, the other one jumps in to help him. On this

way she get many Hits, take the Ivy accidentally lost the fight where the 2 Guys worked together as a example for this.

There is some stuff from the Clip "Diana_and_Naomi_punishes_the_weakling" what i would love to see here.

The small Guy always tries to bend her Arms, to make her defencless so the big one can give her Hits. 

Pic1: The small Guy hold her like this, and the big one gives her Head and Belly punches.

Pic2: The small Guy hold her Arms back and presses his Knee against her Spine, the big Guy gives her Belly punches.

Pic4: The small Guy gives her one Punch against her Spine, this makes her press out her Chest. The other One gives her now 3-4 Belly punches.

This attack surprised her and hurts her more as usually, but she only says "Nice one" or "This was a good one" 



Nearly the End of her long downfall for the first Time the Officer is holding her Arms on her Spine, makes her defencless and the smaller one is aproching her.

But Valerie is threatening him, he knows what she can to, and when she is finally has wone this fight she  

will give him the worst beating ever. Valerie still thinks she can win this fight at this Point. The small Guy is in Fear, but the other one motivats him

to attack her. Finally he starts punching her Belly and Head. Over Time he is more and more confident and gives her Body a hard

treatment. He is looking for revenge after all the beatings last Month! At the beginning Valerie just takes them all but finally she starts feeling the Pain.

She loses her superior look and realises that she is in Danger and tries to break free, but the Guy can hold her in Place. She is more affected by the Hits and 

it seems she is a little bit panicking. The small Guy is working over her Belly and Head, and there is nothing what she can do against it. 

 She tries a second Time to break free and she has success, she is punching the Guy behind her with the Elbow

in his Face and he stumbles back. After this she immediately put her Hands on the Throat from the other Guy and pushes him back against a Wall.

She is furious now " Bastard, you will pay for that!"  But he can free himself by punching her Arms down, Valeria attacks him, but he can avoid all of

her attacks and goes for Counter punches. Valeria cannot beleave what happens here, this silly Guy really beats her up. 

The other Guy is just watching this and says "Go, finish her of"  After a good punch Combo against her she falls back some Steps, looks 

hurt and desperate.  She is looking to the Door and tries quickly to leave the Room, but the Officer can hold her back and pushes her back

into the Room, where the small Guy awaits her and he is attacking her. Valerie is defencless and and after some hits she finally falls down on her knees, with one Hand on her Belly.

She is weak and in pain.  

For one moment she looks in the Eyes from the small Guy, she still can´t beleave that she has lost. He gives her some Hits against the Head and finally she falls over and is out.

The 2 are happy that they wone this fight and leaving the Room.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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2 guys combined their efforts to overpower Valerie

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