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  • Bionic Carly shows her supremacy. Part II

Custom clip request 

The clip is a directly continuation to "Bionic Carly shows her supremacy"

main actress: carly

outfit should be the same or similiar

Powers: Telekinetic Power, Suerpstrength, Superspeed, Mind Control, Height Growing

clip name: supremacy Carly taking over business

-the clip starts where the last one left off

- She walks out of the room and thinks that others should obey your will as well

- for that she goes to those people who have earned a lot of money through drugs (gangster)

- She reaches the building and takes care of the guards first

-With her hands on her hips, she walks to the first armed guard

- She orders him to surrender to her and kneel down in front of her

-the guard laughs and insults you

-Carly grins wickedly and lifts her right arm and moves her finger towards him while she says, do you know who you are talking to?

-The man's shooter wanders from his hand and he is pushed back against the wall

-Carly moves your finger and it will be lifted up on the wall

-The guard looks down at the evil grinning Carly

- you can see your feet dangling

-After a successful show of power, Carly makes a breake gesture with her hand and breaks the victim's neck, who falls to the ground

-smiling, she goes to the second guard one floor up

- Again the guard is armed and again Carly says the same as before

-The guard laughs too and insults you

-Carly grins angrily and tells him if he knows who he's talking to

-Carly is now beginning to grow in front of the guard until she is about 2 meters and 70 cm tall

-She looks at the scariest guard behind and he looks up at her

-Camera shot from above on the guard and from the guard up to Carly

-The guard drops the shooter in fear and flees

-2 rooms further Carly suddenly stands in front of him in normal size (super speed) and he bumps you and falls to the ground

-She grins wickedly and the guard slowly withdraws

-She walks slowly towards him with her hands on her hips until his back hits the wall (still lying)

-She smirks down at him and says I should ram you into the ground

-then Carly lifts her right arm and make a gesture with her hand (as in the previous clip)

-The guard is squeezed and lifted off the floor by the wall

-He is hanging on the wall with little air and Carly grins angrily and makes a breaks gestures with her hand by breaking his neck

-The guard falls to the ground and Carly walks on

-In the next scene the three doorman reaches you

-She grins wickedly and holds her hands on her hips

-the bouncers don't understand your situation

-She orders you to kneel and surrender to her

-the bouncers laugh

-She grins angrily and says, then I have to make you

-She looks at the first victim and uses her mind control to make him to get on his knees in front of you

-Now you're making him to get his shooter out of his pocket and shoot himself

-Carly laughs while the other 2 are scared

-the others get the shooter out of their pockets and start shooting Carly

-All bullets ricochet off in front of her and yet she caught a few pieces with her hand

-She shows her hand and starts to blow on it

-the bullets hit a victim and pierce him and he falls to the ground

-Carly laughs while the others look at you in shock

-the last victim runs ahead and tries to hit Carly

-Carly dodges the blows at your super speed

-In the next moment she will be behind him

-The man is shocked about it

- She now walks dominantly towards him with her hands on her hips and the attacker backwards until he reaches the wall

-The last thing he tries is to hit you, but the hit ricochets off Carly's body

-She grins angrily and says time to fly

-Carly grabs the victim and lifts him and walks with him through the room and throws him through the window

-In the last part, she finally arrives at the leaders

-She goes in and locks the door so no one can escape

-She grins wickedly and holds her hands on her hips

-the 2 business man do not understand your predicament

-She orders to surrender to her, to kneel down, to give all that money and your business to her

-the owners laugh and ask her who she is

-Carly slowly does a double biceps pose

-she tells the men with high eyebrows because that she is a powerhouse and a goddess

-the two victims look puzzled

-Carly is now walking slowly to her next victim, hands on hips

-She grabs the first victim by the shoulder and slowly lifts him up

-She looks up at him and says what do you think about depending on something

-She walks slowly with the lifted man through the room (you can dangle his feet while walking, possibly with a doll) and pins him on the wall on the hook

- grinning she looks up to him

-the last one try to flee but quickly realize that the door is locked

-Carly grins and looks over at the final attack with her hands on her hips

-the attacker kneels in front of her and begs for mercy

-Carly grins and asks where the money is

-The man doesn't want to tell her

- She grabs his neck with her right arm and lifts him off the ground

-She asks clearly where the money is

-The man finally tells her and she breaks his neck

- Carly smiles and finds the money in the room

-the guy hanging on the wall looks down at you and you decide he's your slave from now on

-She lets down again and orders to kneel in front of her

- Carly smiles happily

-The End-

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Bionic Carly shows her supremacy. Part II

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