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  • Lillian shows her absolute supremacy to 10 guys

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Lillian - super high school girl.

The plot for the proposed short video (30mins) Centres around Lillian who seems like any other high school girl, cute, innocent and carefree, but she is fact the most powerful person in the world, with the strength of 100 men in just her little finger, she goes to gym after school and 10 of the strongest, toughest meanest men are in the gym bragging about how strong they are. Lillian challenges the men to strength contests and beats them with easy, using one finger at times to underline her super strength over these arrogant men. 

For the video there should be 10 men (actors) who are the strongest muscled men you have, dressed for the gym. With the actress Lillian dresses as high school girl, dressed in a short skirt (red tartan) with white panties, tight white top, pig tails and knee-high black boots.

Scene 1. (approx. 10mins)

Lillian goes to the gym after school, when she arrives there are 10 of the biggest muscled bound men in the gym lifting the weights, arm-wrestling, doing tug of war, push ruby, boxing etc. The Men laugh at Lillian because she is a weak, slim looking schoolgirl who they believe should not be in the gym with big strong men. Lillian tells the men she could beat them all just using her little finger, the men laughing, so Lillian challenges the men to tests of strength

The biggest and strongest looking man (Rob) who is lifting the biggest weight comes over to Lillian and shows off his big muscles and how strong he is. Lillian simply lifts this man and the big weight off the ground with her little finger under his chin, he is struggling to understand how this can be, (we see his feet dangling), he shouts for 4 of his friends to help him, asking them to stop Lillian lifting him up, then 4 of the men stand in front of Lillian as if to threaten her, she simply slaps the 4 men on the face several times, bringing them to dizziness, she then flicks each man on the forehead using her little finger. The 4 men go flying away from the sheer strength of Lillian they land in a heap, finally she puts the big man down takes the big weight off him and with a flick of her little finger on the big man’s forehead sends him flying away, he lands on top of the other 4 men. 

Scene 2. (approx. 10mins)

The remaining 5 men challenge Lillian to an arm-wrestling contest, she easily beats all the men individually and then offers to take on all 5 using her little finger which she does again with ease all 5 men are straining to move her little finger, but they cannot, she laughs and taunts them as weaklings not being able to beat a little schoolgirl. After she puts all men’s arms down with her little finger, she grabs each of them and with one finger flicks each man against the wall, with each man in single file she then crushes them all against the wall with her little finger, all to emphasize her strength. With all the men crushed until they all fall down. Lillian just laughs and taunts them. 

Scene 3. (approx. 10mins)

All the 10 men wake up and try to make out that Lillian has tricked them somehow, they do not believe a little schoolgirl could beat them all with just her little finger. Lillian offers them all to a tug of war with her using just her little finger, while all the men pull with all their might but cannot move her, finally she just flick the rope her little finger and all 10 men come flying towards her. They get up and surround her and try to fight her, using just one hand then her little finger, she punches, speedbag etc, all the men until they are beating up all laying on top of each other in a big heap in the middle of the gym. Lillian leaves the gym laughing at how weak men are and stupid not to believe a schoolgirl can be so strong and beat up all up. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian shows her absolute supremacy to 10 guys

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