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  • The training of super agent Naomi

Custom clip request 

Could I please request another 15 minute custom video, one female actress and one male actress. I would prefer naomi for this one, but if lillian is more available she would also be good. 

I would like the actress to wear a leather skirt and white panties, like in the Secret Agent series. Starting off with no shoes, please demonstrate kicks to the camera for 1 min as if training, then put on a pair of black pantyhose and kick towards camera again for 1 min. Then, put on a pair of long boots and kick towards camera for 1 more min. Naomi does really good combination kicks and spin kicks in her videos, if she could demonstrate that here that would be amazing. Please let the actress wear their hair down, untied. 

Then a male actor arrives to the scene. The actress says, "now I will show you how we take out our enemies" and kicks the male in the face a few times, and then does a boot hold against the wall. The male falls to the ground and the actress should take him out with a variety of grappling moves, headscissor, armbar, etc. (Whichever the actresses are comfortable with doing). After 1-2 minutes of this, actress takes off her boots and puts her feet on his face for a few seconds until male is KOed. 

Then actress says, "now that you know, I must take you out too." And she does pov high kicks for next 3 minutes with sound effects. If possible, please also do a pov foot hold against a wall. Then, the pov falls down and the actress puts her feet onto the face/camera for a few seconds until the end. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The training of super agent Naomi

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