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  • Fight dance of Melanie. Part II

Custom clip request  

Clothes: Melanie exactly like the previous clip

 He: bare back or tank top, black belt tied at the waist

 Important: compared to the dance of figth 1melanie hits less when he is on the ground, melanie walks on top of him or taunts him with her feet. The boy gets up faster in the first two songs. Victory poses at the end of the song must last longer and must always be at the end of the song. When he walks on top of him, he has to put his foot on his chest or back slowly, in a sexy way

 Plot: initial dialogue, he enters the room and says he is there to avenge the friend he defeated last time. She replies: your masked friend? I only remember his head under my feet ... Him: you won't have a chance with me, I'm black belt. She: laughs, and replies that it will end the same way, you will ask for mercy while I dance above you .. She says: our meeting will take place on the notes of 3 songs, who at the end of the song is standing in the victory poses wins the round, who wins the most rounds wins the game. Start: first song, the attack begins but she is too fast and acrobatic for him, uses only kicks, hits him with all kinds of kicks while dancing, hits him with a wheel and other acrobatic moves, handstand, jumping kicks etc. The boy is more resistant, he does not fall immediately, in the middle of the song after a flying kick the boy goes ko, she walks on him passing slowly and sensually over his body, he immediately gets up angry and tries to hit without success, she continues with face kicks and acrobatic moves as before. At the end of the song she raises one leg with a split and hits him with an ax kick, falls KO. Melanie walks on top of him to keep him from getting up, then puts her toe on his head, the song ends in a sexy pose with one foot on his head says: The first win of the song is mine, you end up as your friend under the feet of a dancer. The second song starts, she immediately starts with a series of kicks, he tries to react but she is more athletic, she kicks him again moving in a sexy way to the rhythm of the music, he falls to the ground and she walks on him, then dances for a few seconds near his head, touches his face with her toe, asks him if he's already tired and invites him to submit, he gets up and tries to hit but fails, she hits him with high kicks, takes a rotation and hits him with his feet, the boy leans against the wall, melanie slowly raises her leg and puts her foot arched over her face, pressing it against the wall as if to stretch, in the meantime she takes off her belt, melanie puts her foot arched right on top mouth and says kiss his foot, the boy does not kiss him, she takes her foot off his face, he staggers, she hits him with two slaps with her foot, he falls first on his knees then on the mat with his face on the ground, Melanie puts her foot on the boy's head zo in a sexy pose of victory, so song ends. Melanie says: the second win is mine and your black belt too, she laughs while holding the belt. Third song: she laughs and dances, he gets up, she kicks him, always sexy in the movements and acrobatic in the kicks, after a while the boy ends up on his knees, then on the ground face down, melanie continues to walk dancing on he, with his feet occasionally brushes his head laughing, the boy tries to get up, she blocks him face down with her foot on his head. Melanie sits on the boy's back, with Nelson completely locked the boy's arms between his legs, his feet are crossed over the boy's head, Melanie ties the boy's hands with the black belt, he is tied to the ground exhausted. Melanie gets up and spins him with her foot, climbs on his chest, dances on him pressing her big toe in his face, he begs to stop, begs for mercy, she laughs and tells him to kiss her foot if he doesn't want to kiss his feet, Melanie keeps dancing on him until the song ends, the song ends and she poses sexy on him with one foot on his face, he begs for mercy, she says: the third song victory is my new. Melanie takes the chair, sits down and puts her feet on the boy's head, she gets her feet kissed. She says: you ended up worse than your friend, you will remember my legs for a long time, of this you have been subdued and humiliated by me under my feet. He with a suffering voice repeats the phrase

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Fight dance of Melanie. Part II

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