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  • Naomi shows her trademarked kick to Ivy and Melanie

Custom clip request for Naomi, Ivy and Melanie.

Naomi - hair same way from “Naomi and Carly demonstrate kicks” and outfit same as “karate girl naomi” does not need to be exact shorts, just black shorts with one addition red socks.

Melanie - hair in tails and leggings (something different from the other videos and not black or gray) with black socks.

Ivy - athletic wear (again different from before) and black socks.


Ivy stretching in a split. N walks in to confront her. Ivy gets up and is talking to Naomi and Melanie walks in from behind. Ivy senses her behind her and does a kick over her shoulder to hit Melanie.  As she brings the kick down she kicks Naomi.

Ivy says she will show them she is the best. Both N and M kick high and Ivy does a split between them punches them. While Ivy still in split N and M stumble back and meet in front of her. They say the only way to beat her is to work together.  M does a cartwheel forward to Ivy who is now standing and does a high side kick to her head. Ivy catch it and says this is the best you got? As she is speaking, Namoi rolls forward and from her knee kicks Ivy in the stomach. Ivy let’s go M foot and stumbles back. Naomi (still holding the kick) says this is going to be fun.

Ivy now angry moves towards N, but M from the side throws a kick high at her head but stops before connecting. Ivy looks at M ( foot still in air) and M says “ where do you think your going?” M does a quick kick that stuns Ivy and then without putting foot down puts her leg over ivy’s head and from the back of ivy’s head pushes her down and Ivy is now bending over with M foot on her neck. N (now standing) does an jump kick to the bent over Ivy that knocks Ivy flat on her back. When Naomi does the kick, she should follow through with it and leg should be as high as possible.

M picks Ivy up and now with Namoi standing on left side Ivy in the middle and M on the right side, M says race you to the top and Naomi says your on. At this point N and M do side kicks to Ivy at the same time. They start with both kicking her knees, pulls leg back, then go to waist, pull leg back and finish off with neck. So N just does left side and M does right. When done Ivy falls to knees. At this point N does a cartwheel or two forward to get in front of Ivy. M does a cartwheel in front of Ivy, but stops into a handstand. She does a split in the air and N who is now standing behind her says “hi” and does a high kick to Ivy over Doing a split (if this needs to be flipped for N to do the split In the air and M doing the kick ok)

Ivy falls back again. N picks her up this time. And says “you ok? Cause your not going to be soon”.  She does a kick to Ivy head that spins her around to M and M catches her with another high kick and spins her back to Naomi (this a series of 3 each). On the second Naomi kick, right before she kicks Ivy she says “am getting bored” and after she kicks Ivy turns her back. M does another kick that sends Ivy back to Naomi. Ivy falls onto Namoi back her head lands on her shoulder. Naomi “fine I guess I will keep going” does a kick over her shoulder to Ivy head. Ivy spins around towards M who catches her and does 3 high scorpion kicks. After the third scorpion kick as she brings her leg down she should push Ivy a little bit forward and bring her leg that she used to kick straight through to the front into a split a punch Ivy (this should be alone motion). Ivy is bent over and Naomi should be in position on the side holding her leg in the air. Once Ivy is bent over she let’s go and kicks Ivy in the back of the head and drives her into the ground.

N then takes her foot and places it under Ivy chin and picks her up and pushed her towards a wall. M kicks and puts her foot on her throat while N does a split in between and punches her (couple punches).

N gets up and they throw a couple more kicks (both should do jump kick). Ivy (off the wall) standing there and M says “what to do cartwheel kicks and N says great idea!” They do three cartwheel kicks each to Ivy. Ivy falls after this. Then N gets on side and M gets on the other. They each grab an arm and put there foot both sides of Ivy’s neck and slowly each so a split pushing on the neck and pulling the arm. Once they are both down they hold it for a minute or 2 with Ivy in pain.

N tells M to finish this and walks away. M goes to pick Ivy up and says “it will all be over soon” and steps back to do a high kick, but Ivy does a split and punches her. Ivy gets up and starts to fight back and does a few kicks to M and then drops her with a jump kick. She then turns and runs towards N and as she gets closer N does a split. Ivy stops right in front of her and says “predictable” and goes to kick her. N catches her foot and swings her leg infront and now Ivy is in a split next to N. Naomi says, “but did you see this coming?” And M drops an ax kick on Ivy head. N now sitting, but is holding her leg high (like the stretching scene in the first video you did) and let’s it go and hits Ivy (still in splits) between the eyes.

N picks her up by foot and stands her up. M grabs both Ivy arms and then kicks her up throw the out stretched arms to head and places legs on shoulder and says “you should not of turned your back on me” and then let’s go of her towards N, and as Ivy is turning around towards her Is already doing a jump spin kick to her head breaking her neck and she falls to the ground. M says nice kick and N says the key to make sure they are KOed before they hit the ground.

And M says you mean like this and tried to give a knockout kick to N, but she dodges it and hits her with a quick jump kick and cool gymnastic type kick of her choice knocking M to the ground. Standing over M she says close but not exactly. She then does and split and stretches as it ends.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi shows her trademarked kick to Ivy and Melanie

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