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  • New girl in the block. Part II

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Scene 1

Lillian dressed in the same bikini and red sandals (in all the clip) walks around her victim with a pliers in her hands.

The prisoner lies on the floor. He has one eye covered. In a  transparent glass cup is the eye that Lillian has taken out.

Lillian (puting a feet on his head) –ready best!!

The prisoner groans and cries in pain all the time. He can’t barely speak.

Prisoner -Please miss, finish me now. No one can bear so much pain.

Lillian -You must be more of a man. We are just going for the fifth day. There are still ten more days of pain for you.

She bends down and starts pulling out his teeth one by one with the pliers. As she takes them out, she puts them in a glass container (different from the one that contains the eye). We see red liquid coming out the prisioners mouth.

Prisoner (he speaks badly and crying)- enough I can't take it anymore.

She removes a few more teeth and then nails that she also places in the glass container.

She sits on his head.

Lillian grabs the glass container with the eye she has taken from the prisoner.

We can se her thong around her lips in sadistic mood.

Lillian -my new collection: parts of this human trash. I’ve taken you eye…What can I get out of it now? I know: an ear.

She gets up and goes to get a knife. She cuts the prisioner body and then one of his ears and puts it into the glass container.

We can se her thong around her lips in sadistic mood.

Lillian –how fun I get with my job. I LOVE IT. And it is so exciting!!!

She jumps with joy like a Young girls she is.


Scene 2

The prisoner lies on the floor next to the bed where Lillian sleeps, moaning and crying.  The prisoner has one eye and one ear bandaged.

She wakes up and puts on her red sandals.

Walk around the prisoner who won't stop crying.

Lillian -the sound of pain is the best music a girl can hear.

We can se her thong around her lips in sadistic mood.

She grabs her phone and takes several photos of the prisoner. She puts a feet on the prisioners chest. She sits in differents pasts of the body of the prisioner and takes potos.

Lillian - I'm going to send these photos to the girls at the school of executioners.

She poses for photos by putting a foot on the prisoner's body and nailing her heels into different parts of his body.

Lillian -greet the girls.

The prisoner tries to say hello but he cannot: his bones are broken.

Lillian laughs and kicks him.


The prisioner can’t and she whips himwith the chain until he barely can.

Lillian –good boy.


Scene 3

Lillian is sitting in a chair having coffee. She has one foot resting on the head of the prisoner who is crying and groaning non-stop.

We can se her thong around her lips in sadistic mood.

Lillian -what beautiful background music: pain !!

Prisoner - please miss I can't take it anymore.

Lillian –why? I’am having a lot of fun with you.

The prisoner struggles to his knees and prays.

Lillian walks around him.

Lillian - very good. You have been a great friend in the past. 

Prisoner -thank you thank you miss

She stands aggressively with her legs apart and aims the prisoner at the head.

Lillian - your suffering is over.

Suddenly Lillian's phone rings. She talks to the boss.

Lillian - my dear, boss has granted you forgiveness. 

The prisoner falls and she goes to find a blanket to cover him.

Lillian -I'm going to take care of you.

Prisoner (can barely speak) -I am no longer human. Miss: you have gouged out an eye, an ear, cut off one of my testicles. There is no dignity left. 

Lillian (kicks him several times) -You must be a man. I'm going to rehabilitate you.


 Scene 4

The prisoner tries to walk with great difficulty. Lillian hits him with a belt.

Lillian -Come on you can.

When the prisoner falls she kicks his head. The prisoner gets up and tries to walk in circles. She beats him repeatedly with the belt until the prisoner no longer falls.

Lillian walks over and hugs him.

Lillian - You have managed to do a complete turn without falling. I’am going to give you a gift: we can sleep together in my bed, but be carefull: you need to control yourself. We are going to sleep together like friends. Understand?

Prisioner –yes miss.

Scene 5

They sleep together in the same bed. She moves and takes different positions on the prisoner body as in the photos above. The prisoner is awake. Scared he tries to contain his excitement. Asleep she moves and changes position.

She wakes up and adopt this position:

Lillian -take it. We are going to the cell of the new convict. But first help me to dress.

The prisioner puts the red sandals on her feets.

Lillian puts the collar around his neck. He walks limply.

Lilian takes him to the second prisoner's cell.

They walk for the prisión corridor always with Lillian Adjusting the loop and pulling. The prisoner can barely walk. Every so often he has to stop and she kicks him to keep him going.

The prisoner stops again. She grabs him by the testicles and makes him to keep walking. She takes him 30 seconds pulling him by the testicles. The prisoner carries the kit, taking care not to throw it away.

They arrive to the other prisioner cell.

The other prisoner is standing against the Wall of his cell. Lillian enters, carrying her pet prisioner by the testicles who brings her the kit.

The pet prisoner opens the kit and present it to Lillian.

Second prisioner –mercy please. Do it quickly.

Lillian –how can I start?

The pet prsioner gives her a chain.

Lillian –very good pet- And start hiting the second prisioner with the chain.

We can se her thong around her lips in sadistic mood.

She walks over to the pet prisoner and starts stroking him on the chest and head.

Lillian - and now?

The pet prisoner gives him the electric prod.

Lillian -wow !! Good idea pet.

She gives the condemned man many electric shocks.

She  approaches the pet prisoner and caresses him. She subtly caresses his private parts.

Lillian -this is  the best. Guaranteed fun. And now?

The pet prisoner gives him a knife.

Lillian -good idea pet. To fillet a human body !!!

We see her tongue around her lips in sadistic mood.

She cuts off the body of the condemned: his chest, neck, eye, leg, arm until the condemned man is left groaning in agony

Lillian -Now we go pet, let him suffer all night. Tomorrow we will finish the job

She takes the pet for the neck leaving the second prisioner crying in the floor.

They come back to Lillians home. 1 min walking


Scene 6

They are both in the sofa. She plays with her heels on the private parts of the pet prisoner.

She digs a heel in the prisioners parts and we can se her thong around her lips in sadistic mood. 

The prisoner begs on his knees. She walks around him.

Lillian - Your pleas are useless. 

She kicks him, electrocutes him, burns with cigarettes, breaks his knees, hits his head on the floor.

Lillian - no dear, this is only the first day. I still have 15 days of fun ahead of me.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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New girl in the block. Part II

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