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  • Alone and Defeated. Naomi's failure

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Naomi Outfit: Naomi in a red school girl skirt, a white blouse, glasses, white knee high socks and her tallest high heels.

Naomi walks into her apartment and finds The Boss is sitting on a chair with his thug at his side.

“Welcome, Naomi,” The Boss says. “I have waited a long time for this.”

“What are you doing in my apartment?” Naomi asked the man.

“Do you think you can hurt my boys and get away with it?” the Boss says. “I will destroy you for your aggression.”

Naomi is angry and advances, putting herself in a fighting stance. The Boss sends his thug to fight. Thug 1 approaches Naomi and fires a right and a left-hand punch only for Naomi to block.

Naomi punches and kicks the henchman back, giving her room to make her signature move. She does the cartwheel kick to the right, hitting the bad guy in the face. She then performs the same action to the left, connecting with the bad guy again. She than does the splits and punches him between the legs. The thug crumples down on his knees. Naomi punches him in the face half a dozen times while the thug in on his knees and she is still doing the splits. Naomi confidently stands in front of him. “Is this your best?” she asks The Boss. She then kicks the thug in the face half a dozen times without letting her leg down (Kicking him with the heels on). The bad guy falls. “Good thing you’re wearing ski masks,”.  When she says this, she models her heels.

Naomi shrugs, “I doubt it,” she says overconfident. She then proceeds to punch him left and right, left and right. She finishes her combo with a direct kick to the stomach knocking the wind out of him. The bad guy doesn’t go down, but he is hurt. Naomi tries to kick the bad guy in the face… but the bad guy catches her leg. She realizes her high kick is caught. The bad guy punches her with an uppercut under the chin that staggers her. But he doesn’t release her leg. He then punches her leg three times, incapacitating it. He releases her and proceeds to beat her left and right. Left and right. Left and right on her face. Each punch makes her one step back. Her glasses are still on.

Naomi is dizzy because of the punishment. The bad guy advances, firing a punch. Naomi blocks and counters with a succession of hits to his stomach. The bad guy grunts. Naomi fires punches to his face. Right punch and left punch. Right punch and left punch. Each time she connects, the bad guy takes a step back. She finishes him with a kick between the legs. The guy crumples down.

Naomi turns toward The Boss, who stands up and cracks his fists, putting himself in a fighting stance. “It seems I have to get involved now,” The Boss says, and he attacks. He is quick, and Naomi blocks getting a little worried, but the bad guy fails to connect. He fires a kick, which Naomi grabs. With his leg in her power, she smiles and smashes her fist into his thigh three times. The bad guy screams in pain as his leg is disabled. Naomi releases his leg and starts punching him left and right across the face until his back is against a wall. The bad guy is dizzy but does not go down. Naomi then fast punches him in the stomach with connecting successive blows. “You will lose,” the Boss manages to say. Naomi is angered by this and fires an uppercut bringing him down to his knees.

Thug 1 has recovered and grabs Naomi by the back, pinning her arms. “I got her Boss,” Thug 1 says. “Get her.”

Naomi struggles trying to free herself, but she can’t. The Boss recuperates and punches Naomi in the stomach. Naomi screams in pain. She can’t defend herself as the Boss connects left and right left and right left and right across Naomi’s face. Naomi screams in pain as the Boss does damage. He finally fires an uppercut making Naomi spit water and bringing her down. Thug 1 releases her, and Naomi hits the floor.

“You can no longer kick,” The Boss says,” And you can’t fight without glasses.” The bad guys kick Naomi in the face. Glasses fall of as Naomi is dazed. “You’re no threat.”

Naomi shakes the cobwebs feeling dizzy. She gets up, but as she stands up, she is dazed. The room doesn’t stop spinning. Thug 1fires a kick to Naomi’s midsection making her scream in pain as she staggers towards the boss. The Boss uppercuts her causing her to scream in pain as she staggers towards the thug. The thug fires a kick to her face making her spin. The room doesn’t stop spinning. Naomi is dazed and stumbling in her heels moving from left to right

Thug 1 approaches her, but she can’t do anything. Thug 1 pins Naomi’s arms behind her back again. “Are you really a black belt?” Thug 1 asks. Naomi is scared now as The Boss starts fast punching her stomach with left and right punches. Naomi grunts in pain in response to the punishment. The Boss than starts hitting her face. Naomi can’t defend herself. Thug 1 releases Naomi only to turn her around. She is dizzy and can’t protect herself. Thug 1 does Naomi’s signature move on her, and cartwheel kicks her in the face. He then repeats the action two more times. Naomi screams in pain as she falls on her knees.

The BOSS laughs. “How does it feel to be hit with your own signature move? I counted three times. Are we better than you?”

Naomi gets to her knees only for The Boss to kick her in the face half a dozen times like she kicked Thug 1 earlier. After the six kick on the face, Naomi falls on her hands and knees. She looks up at her opponents. Thug 1 then puts his foot under Naomi’s chin and lifts her than pins her against a wall chocking her with his foot on her throat. He then kicks her in the face. 

Thug 1 laughs at Naomi. "Come on! Do that split move you do." Naomi is weak and slow. She does the splits and tries to punch the bad guys, but he blocks the punch. He than knees Naomi in the face while she is in the splits position three times while still holding Naomi’s hand. Naomi screams in pain. The bad guys kicks her in the face taking Naomi down. Naomi screams and falls flat on her face. "That is not a special move."

Naomi does a hand stand and wraps her legs around Thug 1’s neck. The thug grabs her legs and tries to pry them off but can’t. The Boss seeing this kicks Naomi on the stomach while she is upside down. Naomi screams in pain releasing her leg hold but Thug 1 still has her upside down. The Boss kicks Naomi three more times on the stomach while Thug 1 has her upside down causing the girl to scream in pain.

“Your fancy moves are no match for me,” The Boss says. He than kicks Naomi three times in the face while she’s upside down. Thug 1 than smashes Naomi against the side of the wall dropping her on the floor.

Naomi is badly hurt. She tries to get up, but she is to weak and has difficulty getting up. Onece she is up, Naomi fires a punch, but the BOSS catches and starts crushing Naomi’s fist. Naomi screams as her hand is being destroyed. She tries to escape, but the BOSS brings Naomi to her knees. The BOSS releases the heroine’s hand and spins kicks her in the face. 

Thug 1 grabs Naomi by the hair and stands her up. “Stop!” she says weakly, visibly defeated. The Boss punches her stomach, then her face, then her stomach then her face again. Naomi screams as the Boss continues to beat her. “You win,” Naomi says weakly

"I don't win until I destroy you," The Boss says. Thug 1 releases her. Naomi is dazed. The Boss punches her across the face sending her toward the thug. Thug 1 punches her in the stomach than punches her in the face sending her back to the Boss. The Boss roundhouse kicks her back to the thug, who receives her with a kick to the face and an uppercut. He punches her, sending her back to the Boss. They are playing ping pong with her sending her back and forth

The Boss stops her and clears the hair from her face. He then delivers a devastating punch to Naomi's face as she falls to the ground.

Thug 1 grabs her chin and makes her lookup. He punches her face one more time. 

Naomi manages to stand up and put herself in a fight stance, but she feels weak. She is wobbly on her heels and dizzy, but she wants to keep fighting as she stumbles. Naomi fires a left and right punch to the Boss, but her attacks are slow and weak. The BOSS easily blocks them. She tries to punch his chest and stomach, but she misses her target badly. "You were looking for me!" the Boss says. He blocks the next attack and delivers a devastating ear clap attack over both of Naomi's ears. She screams in pain and is instantly stunned, grabbing her ears. He delivers an uppercut that leaves her more dazed. He then fires eight rapid-fire punches to her face. Naomi grunts as her face takes the punishment. He then fires punches left and right punch to the stomach very fast, hitting her ten times. But Naomi remains up. The final punch is an uppercut. Naomi starts to fall, but the Boss catches her. He lifts her up across his arms. "I told you I would break you," The Boss says. He brings Naomi down across his knee breaking her back. Naomi screams in pain as her back is broken, completely destroyed. The Boss drops Naomi on the ground as she cries in agony. One leg extended with the other bent upward with her knee up.

The Boss walks up to Naomi and pulls her hair while thug 1 removes one of her shoes. Naomi groans as she looks at The Boss in the eye. "This is you being beaten and destroyed," He says. "Don't mess with me ever again!"

Naomi groans as she looks at The Boss in the eye while Thug 1 gives her shoe to the boss. 

“This will teach you not to mess with us.” He then strikes Naomi’s face with the back of her shoe three times. He then leaves her groaning and in pain. Alone and Defeated as both bad guys walk away.

There is a final shot of Naomi defeated on the ground. You pan from her feet to her face as she struggles to get up but can't because of the pain. "My back!" Naomi says. "I can't get up!"

The camera pans out and fades into black.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Alone and Defeated. Naomi's failure

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