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  • Ivy. The secretary of the gym

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Ivy is the secretary of the best gym in the city.

It's time to close the gym but three men are still in the gym and it seems that they don't want to go out.

The three men are black belts, one III, one V dan and one VII dan while Ivy is only a secretary who frequents a karate class by 6 months.

Ivy enters in the dojo and ask to the men to go out because she must close the gym but the men don't stop because they want to train more. The problem is that they aren't polite with her so she insists. They are arrogant and they pretend to have what they want but Ivy doesn't accept the arrogance, so she advices them to go away. The men watch at her with curiosity and joke to the fact that she advised them to go out. They ask to her what she thinks to do if they don't go out and she quietly reply that if they don't go out spontaneously, she will make them to do it. They laugh at her; they ask if she thinks to call her boyfriend or an army to beat them. Ivy gives them the last possibility …. They think it's ridiculous they are three skilled black belt and she is only a tiny secretary so they say that they want to continue the training.

At this point Ivy throws a bet, if she beats one of the them, they will go out to the gym. They think it's impossible and stupid and they don't want accept because it's ridiculous.

Do you really believe you can beat anyone of us??? It's impossible, a woman can’t beat any man of our level and certainly you can't do it.

And who says it?? Anyone of you want to try???

Ahahah this is ridiculous, we don't want to hurt you.

Ahahaha you do not want to hurt me, ahaha, I think you're afraid!!!

She insists and they accept.

One of the men comes on the tatami and says her: you wanted this!!

Ivy take off the shoes and enters on the tatami.

Both of the challengers are very confident and the challenge begins. The other two joke with them and say to their friend to not hurt the girl too much heavily but the match is by the start a one-sided match in favour of Ivy. In fact, Ivy is faster, more skill, more precise and perhaps even stronger. The man isn't passive and tries to attack but his attacks are either dodged or blocked and the reactions are always punctual and peremptory. After some minutes, the man is increasingly in trouble and he's struggling more and more to restart the fight because he doesn't want to give up. Ivy is in total control and takes on him a humiliating tap out. After this she ask him if he gives up. He’s tired but he doesn’t want to give up in front of a secretary so he wants to continue and he still threats her convinced to give her finally a lesson. Ivy advises him to give up or she will have to hurt him hardly. He continues so Ivy hitting him without breath till his KO. The men who was looking during the match they encourages his friend: he can't lose by a woman, she is only a skinny secretary, he can't lose by her.

When the man is KO Ivy helps him to get up and orders them that now it’s time to go out but the others men don’t have the same idea, they can’t lose by a woman so a second man enters in the tatami to challenge her. He is a V dan black belt man and he’s sure he can destroy a secretary. Ivy isn’t so happy they don’t respect the agree but now she has to fight. She asks him if he’s sure to challenge her after he saw what it succeeded to his friend but he’s sure to win, he feels stronger and more skill than his friend and his opponent is a woman, he can’t lose.

The man threatening her and saying she has had lucky with his friends but with him she hasn't any chance!!! He says: I am much stronger than him and I will give you the lesson you deserve. I am a black belt man fifth dan and you are only a weak secretary. I ask you if are you sure you want to challenge me??

Come on big man let me see what you are able to do. You are the stronger sex, you can’t beat a little girl??

The challenge begins and like in the first match Ivy is totally superior. The man tries to hit her but Ivy either stop or dodges the hits. Ivy varies her hits using above all kicks of all kind (high kicks, lateral kicks, round kicks, etc) some judo projections, punches and some holds. Her superiority is almost overflowing and as before she makes the man to a desperate tap out (1 or maximum 2). Her kicks are precise and gradually more powerful. The man can’t believe he can’t win with her, he thinks it’s impossible and the same for the two men who are watching.

Come on, I can’t believe you can’t do more, you are a fifth dan black belt man and I’m only a secretary, Ivy sometimes provokes or jokes with him. The two men understand very quick that he can’t beat Ivy, she is too much skill and fast but when they understand he’s losing his energy one of the other two give him a bat. Come on, destroy her with it.

Ivy smiles: oh the big man need a bat to fight a skinny secretary. Come on let me see what you can do with it. Now there aren't any rules in the combat, the only aim for the men is to see the woman succumb.

Now the man must use the last energies invigorated by the presence of the bat.

Ivy smiles, she loves when she reads the fear of losing in the eyes of the man. She lets him attack, stops the attack, disarms him and knocks down him. Then she lets him retrieve the weapon and she repeat the knockdown again. This time it is Ivy who takes the weapon and then give it to the man urging him to do more, the man tries again but this time she disarms him and then with a great series of precise and powerful kicks puts him KO. The man is almost out but can’t get up!!

The third man doesn’t hesitate and it’s immediately ready on the tatami. Ivy knows that she needs fight also the third man. The fight starts but Ivy is too much skill also for the VII dan black belt man. When the man understand that he can’t do nothing against her he asks to his friends to help him. They want in any way give a lesson to the woman. They can’t accept the lost.

The men start to attack hardly but Ivy can control their fury and she knocks down them repetitively, sometimes they try to use the bat but it's all useless, or they try to attack together (2 together and at last all the three), now they are almost afraid and disoriented, Ivy lets them approach and hits them with a series of roundhouse kicks hitting repetitively and simultaneously all the three. During the 3 vs 1 at one point one of the three men is in the position of the photo trying to stand up. Ivy jokes with them and use this man like a sit … Then she kicks a pairs of time the other two men who tries to attacks.

During the fight Ivy jokes about the stronger sex and the enormous male’s ego.

The men are now on the floor and Ivy decides to knock out definitively them in various humiliating ways (you can decide what is more humiliating for you). Before to knock out them she makes one of them to kiss her feet as an acknowledgement of her superiority, she takes away the black belt to the VII dan and she lifts the third man with her leg and she knock out the man pushing on his neck (the man try to be free)

Then she wears her shoes and she go away leaving the two men on the ground. I advise you to order everything in this room and to go out. If I try something not perfect tomorrow, I'll give you the worst lesson of your life.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy. The secretary of the gym

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