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  • Super agents Carly and Naomi interrogate each other
Custom clip request 
I was wondering if I could order a custom with Carly and Naomi.  Carly wearing the same clothes as "Secret Undercover Agent Carly"  and Naomi wearing black bra and black underwear with black heels.  Both have there hair pulled back into a pony tail.
The first 5 minutes Carly is tied hands together overhead.  Naomi comes along and demands information from the agent.  Carly refuses.  Naomi grabs the rope and stretches Carly and gives her belly punches.  After 5 minutes Carly escapes, knockouts Naomi and then has her tied hands together overhead. Carly then stretches and belly punches Naomi for information for 5 minutes.  
Most important for me is the hands tied together stretching torture by pulling on the rope.  
Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Super agents Carly and Naomi interrogate each other

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  • Product Length: 14 minutes
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