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  • Lillian's weakness is found

Custom clip request 

Here's a revised script:

Actress: Lillian

2 x man : thugs


[Lilian finishes 2 thugs with her bare hands] - tight jeans, hair, boots

[Lillian is beaten by 2 thugs] - blouse


Lillian is a police woman, sent to the hideout of some thugs to apprehend their leader.

Lillian walks in to a room. There were 2 thugs waiting there and starts to attack her.

A short fight occurs. Lillian trade blows with the thugs, and she appears to be the stronger one. Though the thugs manages to land kicks and punches to her face and stomach, she recovers fast and hits them back with much heavier punches and kicks. Even 2 against 1, she pulls it off. Both thugs are writhing on the ground, Lillian staggers a bit but is clearly the winner.

Lillian picks up one thug and stands him agains the wall. She raises her leg and presses against his throat, choking him. The thug holds on to her feet trying to move it away, but was not strong enough. He calls the other for help. “Hit her, hit her, Get her off”

The other thug sees Lillian with legs stretched apart on his accomplice. He looks at her outstretched legs and goes for a hard kick to her now exposed and vulnerable crotch area. 

The kick to her crotch caught Lillian by surprise. She lets out a small scream, staggers back, releasing the neck pushing on the thug and holds on to her crotch in pain. [repeat with slow motion on Lillian’s reaction on the cuntbust] Her reaction is that of surprise, pain. She remains standing, but bends over slightly and holding on to her groin.

The two thugs recovers, looks at Lillian’s reactions. “I think you’ve weakened her!” 

Both thugs walks over to Lilian and starts and start another fight. They trade blows again, and this time round, Lillian seems to be weaker and takes punches and kicks with more serious effects. She staggers back more and more from the hits and retaliations back are weaker. 

Lillian decides to end the fight quick. She takes a risk and rushes at both thugs with each hand grabbing on to each thug’s throat, and pushes them against the wall again. Both thugs rain punches to Lilian’s stomach. Lillian moans in pain but endures it, still attempting to resist the thugs and end the fight quick.

The thug remembers earlier Lillian had a much bigger reaction when receiving low-blows. He tells the other thug to hit lower and aim at her groin area. The thugs began to rain the punches at Lillian’s lower stomach and groin area. 

Lillian lets up a small scream, as they started hitting lower. It seems she is much weaker there, and starts to loosen her grip on their throats. Once freed sufficiently, a thug gives a hard kick to Lillian’s crotch. [another repeat on the reaction in slow motion] Once again, Lillian screams and staggers back holding on to her crotch in pain.

The thugs move in and start to kick and punch at Lillian’s head and stomach. This time, she is too weakened to fight back and can only try to block and defend. She remains defiant and does not fall. 

One thug then grabs some powdery substance and flings it at Lillians eyes! She is momentarily blinded, and is not able to see the incoming attacks. All hits by the thugs connect, and finally after some beatings, Lillian falls to the ground.

The 2 thugs laughs and circles her while Lillian lays on the ground in pain. They signal each other and started to plummet Lillian again. She tries to block and protect herself, but 2 against 1 in such a position is certainly not working out for Lillian. After a short while Lillian cries “I give up! I give up! Please stop hitting me.” 

The thugs stopped their beatings. They pulled Lillian up into a standing position and pulls off her blouse. Whenever Lillian tries to resist, she gets a few beatings to soften her up again. Next the thug starts to unbuckle and unzip Lillian’s jeans. Lillian starts resisting and gets some punishment again. As the thugs attempt to pull off her jeans, Lillian lunges back strongly and focuses are attack only on one thug, while enduring the beatings from the other. She wrestles the thug down onto the floor and uses her thighs to push the thug's neck. 

Both thugs pry out her legs apart and stretches them wide apart. Each thugs hols on to one leg and pulls them outwards, beyond Lillian’s limits. Lillian’s arms are not able to reach the thugs, as her legs are stretched out. She came only hold her thighs in pain, and calls out “Please stop! I give up! Please stop!” 

The thugs stopped the pulling and stands her up. Letting her stagger back. “Spread your legs!” They demanded of Lillian. 

Lillian slowly opens up her legs apart. “Please, no more. It’ll break. I’ll let you do what you want.”

“Too late for that!” Shouts a thug as he gives Lillian a super hard low-blow kick into her crotch. 

[a few repeat on Slow-motion on Lillian’s reaction on this cunt bust] Lillian lets out a scream, eyes popped out, some water leaks out from her mouth. She holds onto her crotch for a while, with mouth opened, and then falls onto the ground, in an awkward position. 

The thugs circles and laughs at her. [camera angle zooms in to Lillian’s face, and awkward position, still holding her crotch] Thugs then kicks her so that she lies flat on the ground, with hands and legs all spread out. [camera zooms in again on Lillian]


Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian's weakness is found

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