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  • Vivien and Naomi mock the courier

Custom clip request 

I would like to order a 10 Min Clip with 2 girls and one male.

Girls I would like to see are Naomi and Vivien. About the guy I don't really have an opinion. If possible please choose the weakest and smallest man you can find. 

It would be great if both girls wouldn't wear any jewellery (no bracelets, necklaces etc) and both girls should act sleeveless.

Here's my script:

Naomi opens the door when a delivery man arrives. Before he can leave Naomi asks him in, she wants his opinion on something. The guy comes in and now realize that Naomi is not alone, another girl (Vivien) is with her. She goes to Vivien and asked him "who do you think is stronger"? She flexes her biceps and allows him to touch it. Then it's Vivien's turn. (while bicep flexing please use the front angle. You can zoom pretty close, but not too close. I still would like to see the faces of the girls while flexing). He picks Vivien and Vivien challenges him to an armwrestling match. Meanwhile Naomi goes to the door and locks it. Vivien beats him easily and mocks him about his weakness. When he gets up and wants to leave he realize, that the door is locked. Naomi tells him that they let him go when he can beat her, the weaker girl, in an armwrestling match. He's very confident because Naomi doesn't look that strong, but she beats him as easily as Vivien. She's pretty bored about his struggling and checks her fingernails on the other hand during the match. When he is beaten, he quickly stands up and tries to escape, but Vivien calmly steps towards him, pushes him and starts to beat him up. Stomach and face punches until the goes down. Then he gets behind him and puts him in a sleeper hold. Now she tells Naomi that she always wanted her to teach this. She explains what she's doing and during the explanation he is out. She says something like "oops, this was fast" and wakes him up. Now it's Naomis turn. She pushes him towards Naomi and she fights him down until he's on his knees. She gets behind him and tries the sleeper hold. Vivien says to the guy "tap or take a nap" and he starts panicly to tap. But Naomi just smiles, tightens the hold and KOs him again. They still want to have a little fun and they wake him up again. Now they try different holds, headlocks, guillotine and other holds and grabs with arms. Because they are tired of his struggling they break his arms. One after another, one through Vivien and one through Naomi. Vivien says, that the sleeper is her favourite and she puts him again in this hold. This time when he taps, she let loose. Then Naomi enthusiasticly says "now let me again" and she gets him again in the sleeper hold. This time she squeezes too hard and you hear his neck break. Vivien now is really disappointed that the fun is over and a little angry with Naomi. She tells Naomi that she ruined the fun and orders her to get rid of him. She just shrunks with her shoulders and says "seems like in the end I am the stronger girl".

When performing the sleeper please use the front angle as well. You can zoom pretty close but here I also would like to see the girls faces while performing the hold.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Vivien and Naomi mock the courier

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