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  • New Girl in the Block. Executrix Lillian

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Scene 1

Sasha and Lillian enter. Lillian is dressed like in "Guinea pig". She is the new prison guard.

Sasha -welcome to your new job. This will be your new home in the prision. We have assigned you a well-behaved prisoner to work as a domestic servant. He can take care of cleaning the house, cooking for you, washing your clothes. Everything. During the night you must chain him and punish him for the slightest disobedience.

Lillian - Thanks boss.

Sasha - (speaks to the prisoner) Lillian is the new executrix of the prison. She is very young and inexperienced. You will be her servant but also her master.

Prisoner- yes Mrs.

Lillian - (jumping for joy) I'm going to have a lot of fun with my new job.

Lillian walks over to the prisoner and strokes his head.

Lillian -we can be really good friends. You have a lot to teach me

Prisoner- yes miss. It will be an honor for me.

Lillian- now I want a total cleaning of my new home. Get to work. Tomorrow we will talk about executions.

Prisoner- yes miss.


Scene 2

The prisoner is mopping the floor. Enter Lillian. She already has trust with her servant. She is dressed in underwear (NOT BIKINI). It is not necessary that it be a thong, but the smallest underwear that can be possible. She wears sexy sandals.

Lillian- hello pet. Time to learn a few things. Sit on the couch. The prisoner sits obeying and she sits on his lap like good friends. As she talks, she changes positions little by little (as in the photos above). THE PRISONER NEVER TOUCHES HER. HE IS VERY RESPECTFUL.

Lillian -I have an execution tomorrow. My first case. How should I do it?

Prisoner - miss I can prepare you a kit and teach you how to use them. 

Lillian: Thank you my dear friend. I will be loving to reward you. Boss told me that you know how to respect a girl. I am only 19 years old and I am still a virgin. Only my executrix work excites me. (She continues to change position, stroking the prisoner's legs with her tail, giving her another kiss). She really is fond of the prisoner. (see photos above)


Scene 3

Lillian dressed in the black clothes as in "Lillian has a new job". The miniskirt reveals JUST A LITTLE of her underwear. As small as possible. She wears a revolver on her waist. The slave has a bag with all the instruments of punishment.

Lillian - this will be my executrix uniform. I am still very young and I must always look pretty.

Prisoner -yes miss. You must enjoy your work to do it well.

Lillian - (caresses him) thank you my dear servant. We are more and more friends every day. But no boyfriends. Do not get confused.

Prisoner - yes miss. I fully understand my position. I am submissive to all your wishes. I only live for your happiness.

She walks around. We JUST, SUBTLELY see her underwear. When she walks we hear the noise of her heels ..

Lillian - now let's go to work ...


Scene 4.

Lillian dressed the same as in scene 2.

They are sitting on the couch. She has her feet on the private parts of the prisoner and plays mischievously. (see photos) He never touches her but we see him a little disturbed. Fighting the excitement. She is an innocent girl, she knows nothing about men.

Prisoner - you were very cruel to the condemned

Lillian - yes it was a lot of fun, the best thing was to leave him with a little life. Let her suffer all night. Tomorrow I'll finish him.

Prisoner- You really like your work

Lillian - I always knew that I wanted to be an executrix. Since I was a girl.

Prisoner - has a natural talent for sadism. I hope I'm never be your victim.

Lillian - not my dear. You are the best friend a girl could wish for. Today I'm going to let you sleep without chains at the foot of my bed.


Scene 5

Lillian in bed. The prisoner sleeps on the floor. She wakes up, stretches and wakes him up gently stroking him with her feet.

Lillian - upstairs, after helping me to dress and do my breakfast we will go to finish the job.

 He helps her put on her black clothes and black shoes. When they finish she looks in the mirror.

Lillian- It's really hot today. Better go lighter clothes.

The prisoner helps her take off her black clothes. She remains in her underwear (like scene2). The prisoner brings her the sandals. He puts it on her feets.

Lillian- So much better. Now my weapon.

The prisoner treats her belt with the shooter and helps her put it on. She walks around appreciating his figure.

Lillian- I guess my boss won't be offended that I dress like this.

Prisoner- all the other prisoners will go crazy when they see you go through the corridors of the prison like this.

Lillian- Let them suffer a little haha. Iam a young girl and I want to se me beautifull alwals.

She puts a collar on him. They take a few turns and leave the scene.


Scene 6

Lillian dressed as in scene 2 sexy posing on the sofa as in the photo. The prisoner kneeling on the floor looks at her in confusion. Mastering her arousal. 2 min. She moves sexy. Enjoying the memories of the execution of the condemned man.

Lillian- Although I don't know anything about men or how they work. Could you show me something. After all, you are my best friend.

Prisoner -yes miss. What you order.

She stands up and puts him against the wall. 

Lillian -is growing up !!

She knees him.

Lillian -is enough. Excuse me, but you must control yourself remember.

She returns to the couch and sits with her legs spread. Always with sandals on.

Lillian - my dear friend, I have bad news for you. My boss ordered me to finish you.

Prisoner - (crying) no miss, I have been your most faithful slave.

Lillian - it's very hard for me to finish you, I’ve feelings for you. But it's orders.

Prisoner -no mercy. I can be your slave forever.

Lillian- since you are my friend and I love you, I'm going to finish you quickly. Which do you prefer: a headshot or behead with a blade like a lamb?

She stands up and strokes his head. She grabs him by the leash and walks him around the room.

Lillian- What do you prefer?

Prisoner- Can you give me 15 days of grace?

Lillian - Are you sure?

Prisoner - yes miss please.

Lillian - very good, but then it will be a standard run. With a lot of pain.

Prisoner- no please !!!.

She punches him in the testicles until the prisoner falls. Then he kicks his testicles 10 times with his foot. Then she grabs an electric prod and punishes him with electricity. Then she burns him with a cigarette.

Lillian - and this is just the beginning. You have 15 days of maximum suffering left.

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New Girl in the Block. Executrix Lillian

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