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Rob and Erick are cops/army and are just passing time while guarding a perimeter. They see Clark passing and recognizes him as a wanted person for a small theft.


Erick approaches Clark and Rob just goes behind him, at some distance, to cut him off in case he tries to flee.

Erick asks for the id. Clark seems to search for his papers, but suddenly kicks Erick between the legs. Erick bends over holding his groin. Camera shows his reaction. Clark turns to run away, but he bumps into Rob who punches him, making him back away.

A fight ensues between Rob and Clark (3-4 minutes). During this fight, Rob gets his vest off (if any) and his baton. Both have good moves and fight clean, but Rob is stronger, so after he weakens Clark, he just plays with him.

Meanwhile, Erick recovers from the lowblow and watches the fight.

At one point, Rob punches Clark over the head making him dizzy and soon falls to the ground.

Erick wants some action, so he goes to get Clark up, but Rob doesn’t let him. He reproaches Erik for getting himself lowblowed and for letting Clark run. A very short verbal fight takes place between the two and ends with Rob sending Erick to their car to bring the cuffs.

Erick leaves still muttering swear words for Rob. Rob taunts Erick, until he is out of the picture, without noticing that Clark has recovered and is coming slowly behind him with his baton in hand. Clark swiftly uses the baton to lowblow hard Rob from behind. Rob bends over holding his groin. Clark starts punching and kicking him. Everytime Rob seems to regain control the fight, Clark lowblows him. Atfer a short fight (2-2.5 minutes), Clark lowblows Rob, who fells to his knees. Clark locks Rob in a full nelson and sleepers Rob.

During this, Erick returns. Rob asks for his help, but Erick just laughs and tells him to get himself out of the situation. Rob curses him. Erick gets his vest (if any) off and just watches.

Clark continues to tighten the lock, until Rob is knocked out and lets him fall to the floor.

Erick then acts and jumps Clark. A fight ensues between the two (3 minutes). The fight is balanced and clean.


Towards the end, Clark tries to lowblow Erick, but Erick counters and lowblows Clark. Clark bends over and the camera shows his reaction. Erick gains the upper hand, so Clark begins to lose ground. After a punch to the head, Clark falls apparently knocked out. Erick seems very happy with himself and goes slowly to wake up Rob while mocking him, even if Rob was KOed.

He bends over to slap Rob’s face, but from behind he receives a baton in his balls from Clark, who only faked being knocked out. Erick fells to his knees holding his groin. Clark continues with a baton to Erick head, knocking him out.

Clark takes a few moments to take in the view of the two knocked out. He then searches the pockets of Erick and steals his wallet. Then goes to Rob and does the same. Rob begins to wake and grabs Clark’s foot. Clark reaches for the baton and hits Rob in the balls hard with it, KO-ing him again.

Clark takes one of the vests (if any) and puts it on and leaves.

Camera shows the two knocked out, then fades to black.

Alternative ending – continues from (*)

Towards the end, Clark lowblows Erick.

Erick bends over and the camera shows his reaction. Clark gains the upper hand, so Erick begins to lose ground. After a punch to the head, Erick falls knocked out.

Clark is very happy with himself and mocks Erick. But from behind Rob gets up and hits with both hands Clark in the middle of his back, making him fall to the ground. A short fight takes place between Rob and Clark, but Rob dominates, even if Clark manages to lowblow Rob once.

Rob gets Clark in a full nelson and starts to sleeper him. Clark begs him to let him go.

Rob proposes a deal: he will let him go if he helps him beat up Erick. Clark immediately agrees.

Rob tells Clark to get Erick up and hold him from behind. Clark does it.

Rob then starts punching and kicking Erick. Erick begins to struggle but cannot escape Clark.

Finally, Rob launches a kick to Erick balls. Erick tries to bend over but cannot. He then replies “That’s all you’ve got?”. Rob laughs and launches another kick to Erick balls. Erick quickly takes a step forward dragging Clark with him and Rob’s kick catches both Erick and Clark in the balls.

Both bend over, Clark releasing Erick. Rob approaches Erick to punch him in the head, but Erick lowblows him, making Rob grab his groin.

Erick attacks fast and knocks Rob out with a kick to his head.

Erick then turns to Clark. After a very short struggle, Erick brings Clark to dizziness (camera shows this), then takes the baton and hits Clark in the balls, who falls to his knees, then knocked out on the floor.

Erick takes his vests (if any) and puts it on and on his way out, hits with the baton Rob in the balls, who started to move, KO-ing him.

Camera shows the two knocked out, then fades to black

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Triked cops

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