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Tom is a superhero whose superpowers are a strong body and strength, so attacks doesn't usually inflict pain on him. He can only be defeated by wearing him down and immobilize him. However, no villain has been able to defeat him. Because of this, his fight style is more focused on attacks and less on defense.

Guy is also a superhero. His superpowers are strength and mind control. He can withstand pain better than an ordinary person and can control weakened opponents; the weaker the opponent, the longer the control can be maintained. He is better than Tom at defending himself, but his attacks are weaker. He also never got beaten.

Tom and Guy know each other. Tom thinks that Guy is useless, and Guy thinks that Tom is just arrogant.

Lillian is a newly arrived villain in town and wants to take over the city. After a few acts of violence and robberies, both Tom and Guy are searching for the culprit. However, they don't know anything about her.

Lillian can steal the superpowers of male opponents and after that she can inhibit them in her opponents, rendering them powerless. However, she must be physically close to her opponent to do it; the closer and longer she is, the faster she can steal his superpower. By touch, the transfer is fastest. However, she cannot steal the powers of more than an opponent at one time, even if she can weaken them.


Scene 1:

Lillian is going back to her layer with some tech she stole from a laboratory.

She is met by Guy, who tells her to give him what she stole.

She doesn't want to do it, so Guy comes closer, grabs her wrist and takes the piece of tech from her. She pretends her wrist hurts from Guy grabbing her.

Guy doesn't let go:

“Why did you steal it. Who are you working for?” says Guy menacing.

“It looked important. I thought maybe I'll get some cash for it.” she lies, looking a bit scared.

“Who are you working for?” Guy asks again.

“I don’t work for anybody. I’m a nobody. You are hurting me.” Lillian responds.

Guy releases her. While massaging her wrist, she starts to flirt with Guy.

“You are so strong!”, she begins and gets a bit closer to Guy.

Taken aback a little, he answers without much thought:

“Well… I am.”

Lillian gets even closer and while lowly running her index finger from Guy's chest to his navel and back, she pleads:

“Will you turn me in to the police?” she asks softly.

Guy enjoys the flirt and answers, not very sure of what he is saying:

“Well... You did steal…and you should be punished… according to the law…”

Lillian continues pleading and runs gently her hands on Guy's chest.

“Please let me go this time. I'll take it back and I promise not to steal anything again.”

Guy is unsure on how to react. He likes Lillian's touches.

“Well…if you promise…”

“I promise!” says quickly Lillian.

Guy hands back the piece of tech to Lillian:

“We'll go together to return it to its rightful owner" says Guy.

“What’s your name?” Lillian asks friendly, but also flirty.

“I’m MindBender” Guy responds.

“Oh! Are you a superhero?” Lillian fakes her surprise.

“Yes, I am” Guy confirms, and his ego takes over. He takes a superhero pose, with his hands to his waist, with the legs slightly apart and looking in the distance.

Lillian brings her foot between Guy's legs.

Guy gasps for air and brings his legs together, bends over and grabs his groin. Camera shows his reaction.

“Fuck!” he utters.

“You're even more stupid than I thought" Lillian laughs.

“You all superheroes are the same: full of yourselves and easy to fool" she continues.

Guy attacks her and a fight takes place (3-4 minutes). The fight is balanced; Lillian uses a few lowblows (kicks, punches, uppercuts or knees) to get out of dangerous situations. The camera catches his reaction. Every lowblow weakens Guy, who needs more time to recover. Lillian takes care to mockly flirt with him during these times taking care to touch him.

At one point Guy immobilizes Lillian on the floor by mounting her belly.

“We've played enough. It’s daydream time!” says Guy fully confident he will control Lillian soon.

He puts his index and middle finger on Lillian’s forehead and orders:


Lillian starts to laugh.

Guy retreats his hand, confused.

“What's happening?” Guy tries again, but Lillian just laughs.

“It's my turn!” Lillian continues and before Guy can react, she brings her fingers to Guy's forehead and orders:


Guy immediately falls over Lillian, asleep.

Lillian pushes him off her and gets up.

After a few moments she kicks Guy’s leg to wake him up.

Guy wakes but he is very groggy. He slowly gets up. Lillian puts again her fingers on Guy’s forehead.

“From now on you will obey all my commands.”

“I will obey your commands" Guy responds with an expressionless face.

“Very well then. Flex for me!”

Guy obeys.

“You made me dirty my clothes. You must receive a punishment" Lillian continues.

She starts punching and kicking Guy, including 3 low blows, until Guy is on the floor, motionless.

Camera fades to black.

Scene 2:

Lillian is sitting on the floor and has her hands tied behind her back. Guy is guarding her.

Tom enters the room.

“Help me! I was stolen!” Lillian pleads.

“So, you were the villain in the shadows all along. And I thought we were friends…” says Tom, thinking that Guy is really the illusive villain.

Without responding Guy attacks. A fight ensues (3-4 minutes).

The fight balance tips slowly but surely towards Tom. He is less affected by Guy's attacks. Guy manages to block some of Tom's attacks, but the successful attacks weakens him. Guy kicks and punches Tom in the balls a few times during the fight (to gain the upper hand), but the reaction is weak (even if Guy is very strong, Tom’s body is stronger, even the balls).

Tom feels a bit of pain, but he is barely slowed down.

After a kick to his nuts from Guy, Tom retaliates with two kicks to Guy's balls. Guy grabs his groin with both hands and tries to remain standing, but he soon fells to the ground in a fetal position.

“I'll take care of you in a few minutes" Tom mocks Guy, then goes to Lillian to free her. He releases her and helps her get up. She seems to lose her balance because an injured leg and hugs Tom not to fall.

“Thank you! I was so scared! You're my hero!”

Tom is taken by surprise and just freezes for a few moments, with Lillian hugging him.

“Are you okay?” he asks, not knowing what else to say.

Lillian straightens, but fakes a light lost so she holds Tom’s arm while telling a story of how she was captured by Guy when she was walking in the park; she ran but she hurt her leg and Guy caught her. Tom just eyes her body. She stops and yells, faking panic:

“He's getting up!” pointing to Guy who is on his all fours, trying to get up. Lillian gets behind Tom, pretending she is afraid of Guy.

“Stay calm. I’ll take care of this idiot"

Tom goes to Guy and kicks him in the head, making him fall to the floor, motionless.

“Wow, I actually felt that kick", Tom exclaims, surprised that he actually felt pain in his leg when he kicked Guy. “You have a thick skull" he mocks Guy and returns to Lillian.

“You are so brave!” Lillian praises.

“I am a superhero, after all!” Tom responds delighted.

“Are you really?” Lillian continues excitedly.

“I'm Diamond. I’m sure you've herd of me. The papers call me Diamond the invincible.” Tom answers proudly and a bit flirty.

“I can't believe it! I was saved by The Diamond!” Lillian exclaims.

Lillian starts flirting with Tom, so he starts flirting back. Lillian convinces Tom to take off his t-shirt and flex while she touches him gentle (or something on this line). Tom becomes very involved, and at one point he turns his back to Lillian and flex to show his back.

During this Guy starts to move and slowly gets up. At the moment Tom turns his back to Lillian his manages to get up and is positioned behind Lillian.

After a few careful touches, Lillian takes a step back and brings her foot between Tom legs. Guy sees this and approaches to stop Lillian, but he is slow and a bit dazed. Lillian just steps to the side, so Guy is now behind Tom.

Tom immediately bends over holding his balls. Camera shows his reaction.

“Damn!" he exclaims not believing the pain, but he straightens quickly, even if he is still in pain. “Why did you do that for?” and turns towards what he thought was Lillian, but finds Guy.

“It wasn’t me!” says Lillian.

“Don't worry, I am invincible. He cannot hurt me for real. And he will pay.” Tom boasts.

Guy just stays there, being still dazed and not paying much attention to Tom.

“Come on, we will beat him together" Tom continues and goes to Guy.

“Let's teach you how to fight" Tom proposes.

Tom locks Guy's arms from behind and tells Lillian to hit Guy. After faking that she is afraid of hitting Guy, she lets herself be convinced by Tom to hit Guy.

In the meantime, Guy starts to clear his head and understands what is happening and starts pleading with Tom to let him go, because he is not the villain. However, Tom does not believe him and tells Lillian to hit Guy.

Lillian starts with weak punches to Guy's belly and chest, but encouraged and guided by Tom she starts punching harder and starts using kicks.

Tom cheers Lillian on good hits to Guy.

Guy is struggling to escape Tom's hold, but cannot.

Lillian tells Tom that she cannot defeat guys with the moves he told her to do because she is a girl an she is not that strong. She wants to try more effective moves.

Tom then tells she can hit the neck of an attacker or the attacker's balls. Then he tells her to try kicking Guy in the balls. Guy struggles when he heard that, so Tom gets closer to Guy and he also spread his legs a bit, to control better Guy.

Lillian sees the opportunity and brings her leg hard between Guy's legs, but in such a way that she gets Tom also in the balls.

Both gasp and bend over holding their groin.

Guy falls to his knees after a few moments, holding his groin.

Lillian goes to Tom and fakes regret: “I’m sorry! Are you ok?”

“I'll be fine in a minute" Tom answers trying to sound manly even if he cannot stand upright yet.

“I'm not doing things right" Lillian continues almost crying. “Now I've hurt you…”

Tom manages to stand up and tells Lillian:

“Don’t worry. I told you, I am invincible. Come on, let’s try again.” trying to avoid her crying.

Tom gets Guy up and locks his arms again.

“Try again!” Tom continues.

“Please, don't…” Guy pleads.

“Shut up!” Tom responds. “Go on!” Tom encourages Lillian.

Lillian again takes a step back and kicks Guy in the balls. He fells to the floor in a fetal position, grabbing his groin.

“Well done!” says Tom and goes to hug Lillian.

But right before reaching Lillian, she grabs his balls. Tom stops, shocked, and gets his hand to his groin, on Lillian’s grabbing hand.

“We've played enough. I have work to do now.” Lillian says coldly.

“What?” Tom asks beginning to understand Lillian’s deception.

Lillian squeezes Tom’s balls and drags Tom closer to her. She releases Tom's groin and brings her knee into Tom’s balls twice. Tom falls to his knees dazed, still holding his groin. Camera shows this for 6 seconds.

“Ok Diamond, the Idiot, let's send you to dream land" and Lillian kicks Tom in the jaw making him fall on his back, knocked out.

"Until next time!” Lillian says laughing and leaves.

Tom is motionless on the floor.

Guy gets up slowly. He sees Tom and wants revenge.

“Diamond, the Invincible…more like The Stupid. I think is time for a lesson in mind bending” says Guy. He puts his index and middle finger on Tom’s forehead and tells him that every time he will hear the word “surrender”, he will freeze until touched.

He gets Tom to his feet and leans him against a wall. Tom comes to his senses, but he is weak.

“It's payback time!” Guys says and starts applying punches and kicks to Tom.

Tom tries to protest but Guy doesn’t listen to him. At first Guy throws around Tom quite easy but soon Tom starts to regain his strength, so the fight becomes balanced. Guy uses a few punches and kicks to his balls to gain control and weaken Tom.

When Tom starts to dominate Guy, Guy uses several time the keyword “surrender” and makes Tom freeze into position (different positions) and kicks/punches/uppercuts him in the balls. Camera shows the reactions.

Finally, Guy uses the keyword and kicks hard Tom in the balls from behind and continues with a combo of punches and kicks until Tom fells to the floor.

“Now I can beat you whenever I want!” boasts Guy and leaves.

Camera shows Tom knocked out.

Fade to black.

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Illusive villain Lillian

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