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  • The biggest challenge for Lillian

Custom clip request 

My request as follows:

Lillian in 2 oufits as follows:

1) Same outfit as in my previous request. Black Canary leotard, thigh high black stockings and black high heels. No visor.

2) Black underwear with no stockings and her heels. I would like her bra to be more revealing. (A suggestion: the black and white bra Lillian wore in Lillian is beaten by 2thugs. If the bra can be the size of the white portion only without the black trim, that would be ideal).  Her panties in the previous videos are perfect.

The boss from the previous request and 3 men.

Scene 1:

One week has past as Lillian enters the boss's  lair. The boss is standing at his desk as he organizes papers for Lillian to review. She saunters over to his desk as she shows little interest in what he says about dismantling his criminal empire. She's more interested in what he has planned for her, though she says nothing about it. He knows what's on her mind and decides to prolong her anticipation by not bringing up her challenge. She notices the visor on his desk and picks it up saying, "what is it with you wanting me to wear this?"  He smiles as he gently urges her to walk to the mirror on the wall. Standing behind her, he places the visor on her forehead as he tells her, "it pleases me that you wear this, but it excites me if you choose not to. The choice is yours,"  Looking at his reflection in the mirror and with an expressionless face slowly removes the visor and let's it fall to the floor. Still standing behind her, he gently runs his hands thru the length of her ponytail while whispering, "I'm glad you didn't  put your hair up in a bun". Still staring at his reflection, she tells him to pull it. Her head remains unmoved as he gently tugs at her ponytail. She tells him to pull harder. Still unable to pull her head back, she tells him to pull as hard as he can. Her head tilts back slightly as she closes her eyes as a low growl escapes her lips. When she pulls her head back up, her eyes are ablaze with fire as she stares at his reflection. She can't contain herself anymore as she demands to know what he has planned for her. He slowly brings his hands to take hold of her wrists. She doesn't  resist when he slowly pulls her hands behind her back up to her shoulder blades. He leans forward as he presses their hands into her upper back causing her chest to thrust outward. He whispers in her ear as they stare at their reflection in the mirror, "how is it that a pretty girl like you can possess such enormous strength?" Not waiting for an answer, he drops down to one knee as he stares at her legs. She looks over her shoulder at him as he uses 2 fingers of one hand to press her calf causing him to comement, "how is it that your legs are made of steel?" She remains silent as she turns to face him. Still kneeling, his face is inches from her bare thighs and panties. His intention is clear as he reaches with 2 fingers to probe her bare thigh above her stockings. Before he can touch her, she grabs hold of his fingers and effortlessly twist them so that he ends up sitting on the floor. Holding his fingers, he looks up at her with adulation as she says, "you forget who you're dealing with. Are you going to tell me what trap you've set for me or do you need for me to remind you of what I can do to you?" Still cradling his fingers, he stands up and walks to the couch and invites her to sit down. Frustration is evident on her face as she saunters over to him. Still standing with her legs apart, she again takes hold of his hand, saying "I've just about had enough of this, tell me now or this time I'll break your fingers." She let's him fall to the floor, but to her surprise he drives his knee onto her toes causing her to yelp. Before she can react, he drives his fist onto the toes of her other foot causing her to groan. Closing her eyes, she doesn't see him stand up. He grabs her hips and drives his knee into her groin causing her to rise up on her sore toes. (If possible, I'd like angle view of this from the side).  He asks her how she feels. With her eyes still closed she responds, "weak, I feel weak all over." He guides her  to sit down on the couch as her strength starts to returns. While she's  still in a daze, he tells her what to expect as she unwittingly  allows him to remove one shoe so that he can rub her toes thru her stockings. He tells her that these are dangerous men from a rival gang that just came into the city. If they capture her, they would make her tell them who gave her the location of their lair. Then they would come after him.

 (Of course, what the boss is telling her is all lies. The men work for him. They are very skilled fighters, but he has instructed them not to use their skills and to fight her one at a time so that she can easily overpower them. He's counting on her being frustrated that the challenge was so easy that she can't  resist the urge to give them concessions. He's also curious that if she is captured, would she rat him out or protect him.)

He proceeds to put her high heel back on, but when he removes her other shoe, she gives a quick kick to his chest that sends him backwards on his ass. Her strength has returned and she's no longer in a daze. Standing up, she steps into her high heels and glares at him. Placing her hands on her hips, she states, "you assume to place your hands on me when I haven't given you permission. Should I remind you how dangerous that can be for you"?  Still sitting on the floor, he looks up at her in adulation and says, "that won't be necessary. I know what you're  capable of doing."

He hands her a device to place in her ear so that they can communicate with each other. He admits to her that he's had a camera secretly placed so that he can watch everything. She looks at him and says, "why do you like seeing me get beaten up?" He thinks long and hard before responding, "I don't know. I always wanted to see a strong girl give one concession after another to the point where she might lose. But, I never want to see you lose." Having said that, he shows her a tiny key, saying "I want you to take this, you might need it".  She scoffs at him, " I don't need help from any man, especially you". He replies, "be that as it may, use it or don't use, the choice is yours". He asks for permission to take her hand. When she doesn't object, he places the key on the inside of her wrist under her leotard. She doesn't remove the key as she walks to the door, turning back slightly so to see him out of the corner of her eye, she's satisfied that he continues to stare  at her ass before heading out the door.

Lillian pauses at the door to the rival gang's lair. She takes a deep breath as she steels herself for the challenge that awaits her.....something that she's been waiting for; for a long week. She slowly enters the room and notices 3 men sitting at a table counting money. They're  surprised by her as she saunters to the center of the room. They're  furious that she's in their lair and demand that she leaves before she gets hurt. She responds, "I heard that you have superior fighting skills. I want to see what you can do before I turn you over to the police". Just as their boss requested, they attack her, one at a time. As instructed, they are inept as Lillian easily KOs them with no more than 2 punches and kicks. She's furious as she turns to the camera (I would like the camera angle to be an extreme closeup of Lillian's face) and says, "these men have no fighting skills. There worst than the 4 idiots you had from last week". Her reaction is just what the boss has hoped for. She's  waited all week in anticipation of facing a dangerous trap, and she got this instead. He starts his plan by telling her that his sources told him that these men were very dangerous. But since she's already here, why waste a good opportunity to have some fun with them and take some chances. She arches an eyebrow as she turns her head slightly sideways.  She's hooked, just like he thought she'd be. She can't help herself, "what risks are in your evil, little mind that you want me to take?" He suggests that her hands be tied behind her back. She gives him that knowing look and says, "and......?"  I want the camera to pan away from her face as she walks to one of the men whose laying on his side. She shoves him with her foot as he rolls onto his back. She says, "look at them. I didn't even hit them that hard". He tells her that she could let them rough her up for a few minutes. The camera returns to a close up of her face as he adds, "where would you let them hit you"? Her eyes are wide as she says, "anywhere they can. My legs, my abs, my throat and my face". He asks her if she'll allow them to pull her ponytail. She turns her head sideways and gives him that knowing look again and says "yes".  He tells her to wake them up and give them the good news and he adds "I want you to taunt them by telling them that they're a bunch of wimps.

She does as she's instructed as she nudges the men with her feet. She saunters thru them as she insults them over and over. Unknown to Lillian is that the boss can communicate with his men as he tells them to be patient as everything is going as planned.  Lillian allows the men to tie her hands as they grab her roughly. One man has her in a headlock, bending her at the waist as he proceeds to punch her face. The second man is driving  two fisted blows to her upper back. The 3rd man is gripping her leg with one hand as punches the back of her thigh with his other hand. She feels no pain and after a minute of not resisting, she shakes herself free of them and says, "is that the best you can do?"  She allows them to surround her as one  man pummels her abs while the 2nd man pulls on her ponytail. When they realize they can't  pull her head back,  the 3rd man grabs her ponytail  as well. Between the 2 of them, they succeed in pulling her head back. One man places the cloth over her nose and mouth. Her eyes grow wide as she takes in a breath. After that, she holds her breath as she struggles to break free. The men now use their superior skills to hold her in place. She quickly slips out of the knot binding her hands and pulls the cloth from her face. The men were expecting that as the man punching her abs times his next punch just as she's taking a deep breath. Her stomach is relaxed as his fist penetrates  her abs. Though  she's still holding the cloth away from her face, the other man pulling on her ponytail has a cloth soaked in medicine as well. Just as she's trying to steel her abs and take a deep breath, he places the cloth over her nose and lips. Her eyes grow wide again as she let's go of one hand and grabs the other hand in attempt to remove the cloth from her face. The men are always a step ahead of her as she's able to remove the cloth from her face only to have the other man puting to sleep her while the 1st man continues to time his punches at the same time she tries to breathe in clean air. She slowly starts to sag to the floor as the men lay her on her back. Just when they think she's out, they pull the cloth away only to have her scramble in a desperate attempt to get away. They use their combined weight  to hold her down as one straddles  her hips as he pummels her belly. The other 2 men each kneel on her outstretched arms while one man presses the cloth to her nose and mouth. The 3rd man has a hold of ponytail  to keep her from shaking her head from side to side. She furiously kicks her legs as she tries to knock the man off her hips. The man punching her abs with his right hand reaches back with his left arm and hooks her flailing right leg to his side, keeping it immobile. Her left leg gets weaker as she breathes in more of the medicine. Her left leg finally lays flat on the floor. He releases her right leg and it too, falls to the floor. They remove the cloth from her face and stand over her. 

I want to see Lillian shackled to a wall with her arms and legs spreadeagled. There should be no play in the cuffs binding her wrists and ankles. The men wait patiently for Lillian to wake up as the boss has already instructed them as to what to do next. She slowly begins to wake up, still in a daze from the effects of the medicine. She slowly realizes she's bound as she stares at the handcuffs binding her wrists and ankles. The boss asks her if she can break free. She whispers, "no, I can't". He tells her that the key he gave her can undo the cuffs. She shakes her vehemently and whispers fiercely, "I don't need your help". He responds, "if they don't get what they want from you, they will hurt you badly, maybe injure you for life". (Of course, he's not instructed his men to do that. He just wants them to beat her up...to see how much punishment she can take).

One man approaches and says, "who told you about where to find us?" She just smirks at him and looks away. He tells her to look at him when he's talking to her. She slowly looks back at him and spits in his face. He smiles at her and tells her, "I was hoping you'd do that. Let's see if the rumors are true.....that you can take a beating, then ask for more. The 3 men proceed to pummel her face abs and legs. The smile never leaves her face as she absorbs their punches. They eventually stop with one man saying, "she is a tough bitch. Let's see how strong she is without her costume." She tells him there is no need to tear her leotard. She is more than willing to undress for them. They laugh at that thinking that once she's free, she will fight them. The boss tells his guy, "make her give her word that she will undress and she will not resist when they tie her up again."  The 1st man asks  her if it's  true that Black Canary  keeps her word if she promises something? She nods, "yes". Then give us your word that after you remove your costume, you will allow us to bind you again. She agrees. As they are undoing the cuffs, she whispers to the boss, "why do men want to see me in my underwear"?  

(I would like to see the men remove her leotard and stockings. If this is not acceptable, then I would like Lillian  to undress in front of them. If this is also not acceptable, then she will go to another room)

If she's  undressed in front of them, I want her to conceal the key in the back of her panties. I want to see this, whether she's in front of them or in the other room.

After putting her costume and stockings on a chair, she removes one heel, as she smirks at the camera to the boss, "I assume you'd like me to be in one heel only" The boss responds, "you're magnificent." She saunters over to the men and places her hands on her hips.As in the previous video, ì would like to see a close up of Lillian's lower legs and feet as she walks across the room as she compensates for wearing one heel.  She tells them, " you guys are wasting your time trying to beat the name of the guy who told me where I could find you out of me. But, if you beat me in a fair fight, then I will give up his name and you can do whatever you want with me. I'll even throw in a concession or two." The men huddle as if they are conferring when it's really the boss telling them what to say. They approach her and tell her, " we want your hands tied behind your back". This is too easy for her as she says, "and...?" "We will wear gloves to protect our knuckles while we soften you up for 5 minutes". She can't help herself because she still thinks it's too easy by saying again, "and...?" "The 3 of us fight you at the same time,"

She's overconfident as she readily agrees. When she places her hands behind her back, her confidence is shaken when they slap on steel cuffs. She thought they would tie her wrists with rope. The boss whispers, "can you break out of those cuffs?" She responds bleakly, "no". He tells her that's what the key is for. Determination sweeps over her face as she says, "I will never take your help". He responds, "I wouldn't be too sure about that. The gloves those men are using are special. I was able to steal a pair from them.  They have bits of steel embedded in the leather. Nasty business.  I don't know how long your abs and legs can hold out....that you can even withstand 5 minutes. Also, my intelligence is not wrong. These men do have superior fighting skills. I'm sure they were pretending that they didn't know how to fight when you first fought them."

A look of concern washes over her face as the men openly laugh at her when they put on the gloves. (I would like the gloves to have no fingers and that they are very thin.)

The men surround her as one man says, " we even set up a timer for you to see how long the 5 minutes will last." She's defiant as she stands tall and thrust her chest out, "I don't need a timer, beat me until I can't stand up any more. You'll need more than 5 minutes to that. Then we'll have a fair fight." With that, the men start to beat her.  She stands tall taking their punches to her back, belly and legs. After the first few punches, the boss asks her, "does it hurt." She hisses, "yes". After a few minutes, her resolve starts to crumble as she withers under the blows to her belly, back and legs. They finally drop her to her knees. The men high five each other as they lift her up by her arms. She's in such a daze that the men think that just one of them will finish her off. She's barely able to stand as one man attacks her with punishing blows to her belly. She staggers backwards as she tries to clear her head. The fight is one sided with the man having the upper hand while Lillian is able to deliver an occasional kick. But with her recuperative powers she's  able to deliver more kicks. The fight starts to even out with the 2 of them trading blows. Gradually, Lillian starts to get the upper hand causing the man to backup defensively. Seeing the fight turning in Lillian's favor, the 2nd man sneaks up behind her and pulls on her ponytail while punching her back. The 1st man moves in close and punches her face and belly. Having lost the upper hand, she staggers away from them. The 2 men stalk her as they approach her from opposite sides. They coordinate their attack with one man lunging at her drawing her attention only to pull  back while the 2nd man pounces on her. The 1st man then attacks her causing Lillian to wither under their assault. I want the men to use this strategy after Lillian manages to break free. However, with Lillian's strength slowly returning, she's  able to anticipate their moves as she starts to deliver punishing kicks.  Again, the fight starts to even out with the 3 of them trading blows. As Lillian starts to get the upper hand, the 3rd man sneaks up behind her. I would like to see Lillian deliver side kicks to 2 men simultaneously as the 3rd man comes up behind her and pulls her ponytail as he drops to his knees causing her head to be pulled back. While on his knees, he delivers punches to the back of Lillian's leg. Taken by surprise, she is unable to kick the other 2 men. One man will grab her leg and punch her thigh while the other man pummels her belly. Their strategy is to knock her off her feet. She knows that if they succeed, she'll lose the fight. Again, with great effort, she's able to break free. The men stalk her as she staggers to stay away from them. They coordinate their attack with one man drawing her attention while the other two are able to hit her. She's able to kick one man away, but the other two continue to deliver punishing blows. They're able ro maintain there advantage for a while but Lillian starts to show signs of getting stronger. The advantage starts to shift to her advantage even though they continue to hit her. Eventually, she's able to knock 2 men down as they roll around on the floor in pain. She's determined to finish off the last man as she stalks him. 

At this point, the boss tells the man to keep his distance and maneuver her to follow him so that she's standing between the 2 men on the floor. He tells them of her weakness and how to take advantage of her. Quickly, the 2 men grab her ankles with one hand and drive their fists onto her bare toes of one foot and thru her high heels of her other foot. She yelps out in pain as they continue to punch her toes. I would to see a close up of bare toes being punched. The 2 men rise up to a kneeling position and press their knee onto her toes causing her to yelp again.  Their hands are now free to punch her weakened legs. The 3rd man stands in front of her and grabs her hips. She knows what's coming as she tries to swivel her hips. His first 2 attempts glance off her thighs, but his 3rd attempt drives his knee deep into her groin. She groans as she rises up further on her toes. The 2 men are no longer kneeling on toes with one man yanking off her high heels. They both reach up and grab her ponytail. With her back arched, the 3rd man delivers a 2 fisted blow to her upper chest between her breasts. She slowly drops to her knees. I would like Lillian  to press her toes to the floor as she has done in my previous video request. The men continue to pull her ponytail pulling her head closer to the floor. The 3rd man delivers another 2 fisted blow to her chest. Her knees are splayed outward as he places his hands on her hips preparing to drive his knee into her groin.

The boss tells her what the man is going to do.  He asks her how much she can take? She just groans in pain. He tells her she has has no chance in freeing herself unless she accepts his help. She refuses by saying the cost of using the key is too high. He tells her it's not as high as she thinks. Once these men get your surrender, who knows what they'll do to you. He tells he doesn't want to see her lose. He tells her to use the key. The cost of using it is not what she thinks. 

The 2 man holding her ponytail with one hand use their other hand to punch her exposed tummy.  The 3rd man drives his knee into groin causing her to wail in pain. She knows another blow will finish her.  She finally gives in and  retrieves the key from her panties. She quickly opens the cuffs and with her dwindling strength shoves the men away from her. She's very weak as she stands up. As with the previous fight sequences, feel free to improvise a severely weakened Black Canary continue to be beaten as she very slowly gains the upper hand.

When  the last man finally falls to the floor, she drops to the floor on her hands and knees. When she looks up, the boss is standing over her holding her leotard , stockings and heels. He helps her to her feet as she looks up at him and says, "these men work for you, yes"? He admits that they do. He tells her that her life and her virtue were never in danger. He just wanted her to think  that.

 She asked what he plans to do with these men. He tells her that he's already contacted the police. He's stored enough stolen goods for the police to find that will send these men to prison for a long time. He also left a Black Canary calling card that will let the police know that she caught them. She smiles at that. He tells her we have to leave quickly as the police are on the way. Fatigue sweeps over her as she sags against him. He scoops her up in his arms as they leave the lair.

The next scene finds the boss laying a sleeping Lillian down on the couch. He leaves the room and comes back with a blanket only to find her sitting up. Since she took his help, she wants to know what the cost of using the key will be. He goes down on one knee in front of her and tells her that on the days that she accepts his challenges, he wants to pamper her and see to her needs after the challenge is done. She's skeptical as she processes what he said. Standing up before him, she stretches her arms above her head, while arching her back and pulling in her tummy. Her legs are parted as she stands on her tip toes   Looking down at him, she not surprised that his eyes are riveted to her exposed ribs. She asks him where is her clothing. He snaps out of staring at her and promptly gets her leotard, stockings and heels. (If helping her get dressed and/or dressing in front of him is not acceptable, then she will go to another room to get dressed. However, regardless of how she gets dressed, I want him to help her put on her heels by kneeling at her feet)

She saunters to the door and turns her head to look back at him. As usual, he's staring at her ass, which pleases her. She tells him she'll be back in 2 days. If the next  challenge is more dangerous than the one today, she'll think of something to reward him with.  She holds that pose for a long moment before she opens the door and exits.

The final scene is again with Lillian leaning against the door rubbing her sore, bare thighs. I want the camera angle have a closeup of her face as she talks to the camera saying, "what he's giving me is like a drug, and I can't get enough of it. Waiting a week is too long. I don't think I can last 2 days without a new fix".


Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The biggest challenge for Lillian

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