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  • Lillian knees guy to the stomach groin and head

Custom clip request 

I will like to make a custom video . The length of the clip will be around 10-15 minutes . Two person one is the actress and the other one will be the guy .

The actress I wan will be lillian. The custom will be in general knees to the stomach groin and head . Knees to the stomach and groin , after a knee keep the knee thr for a few seconds sort of like doing a knee hold to itensify the pain. Knee to the head will be the male actor kneeling down , Lillian proceeds to knee him . I will like to see knees in different angle and in slow motion . You are the professional , I like you to take those angles for me and hopefully I can get a good surprise . Secondly will be Lillian stepping and grinding the balls of the male actor with no mercy . In general the whole storyline will be like Lillian torturing a prisoner to get the “master behind the whole event”  after all the knees and stepping of the balls Lillian will interrogate the guy and the guy finally spills out the master mind which is me . Lillian proceeds to finish off the guy , multiple knees rapidly to the stomach then 3 knees to the balls , the final knee hold it thr while the male actor slowly falls to the ground Lillian then proceeds to step on his balls and grind as hard as she can and finally a solid knee straight to the guy to finish him off . Will like to include slow motion in the finishing off the guy as well. This is the part between Lillian and the male actor 


Lillian will come and find me . Will be Lillian against me the camera. She seduce me pushes me up against a wall . She gives me a knee off guard , and I bend down in pain she whispers are you ready for ur punishment ? I’m going to have a whole lot of fun toturing u after which she proceeds to knee stomach groin head strikes . During this takes I hope to be able to capture Lillian expression before she does the action of kneeing and capture her legs doing the knees . After kneeing me down to the floor with my legs spread open , Lillian proceeds to stomp and grind my balls smiling when she is enjoying seeing me in pain . After that will be the finishing . She will drag me up give me a couple of knees to my stomach three knees to my groin , the last one she will hold it there as I slowly fall to the ground . Then she proceeds to step and grind on my balls for a few seconds . After which she ends with a knee to the head and says goodbye when I fall on the floor with her doing a victory pose on me .

Scene 1 approximately 7-8 minutes 

Scene 2 approximately 7-8 minutes of pov action 

Attire will be as attached below . Black skirt for the one against the male actor and blue skirt white top against me . Lillian will be barefooted .

* have Lillian wear a shorter skirt similar to this two skirts  , show her legs more . 

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Lillian knees guy to the stomach groin and head

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