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  • Linda is karate warden

Custom clip request 

Here is the custom with Linda (guarding the mental hospital).

Her hair hanging straight or perm (not ponytail)

Linda is in charge of guarding a mental illness hospital patient, controlling and containing them with karate. She is wearing pantyhose/ turtleneck leotard and a white doctor jacket or similar over it, she also wears hi heels open toes shoes so the reinforce toes can be seen sticking out of the shoes (she takes out the shoes later on in the script). Her jacket buttons are open so her attire can be seen under it. One man can play the role of the two in the script.

She is walking in the lobby or in the area back and forth guarding the area (hospital) and doing karate poses, ready for controlling the mental patient, her attire can be seen under the doctor jacket. She now hears the noise and says sounds like troubled mentally ill patient, she opens the door walks into the area very carefully, mental man in head band or ninja mask starts shooting at her, she ducks in and goes zig zags miss the few shots and start shooting at him few times finishes him instantly (as he is getting shot, steps back and back but still shooting at her but his bullets is all over the place not hitting her). He falls on the floor hard, she puts her shoes front of his face checks his pulse on the neck, his eyes wide open looking at her toes (can be seen from the open toes hi heel shoes). 

She goes back outside the area again, guard the area walks back and forth and do karate poses again, throws some hi kicks too. She now hears lots of screaming from one of the unruley patient. She walks in to control him, he is punching hard on the wall, screaming like mental people shaking the whole area, she put her hands under the jacket on her waist, legs spread apart says calm down or I will use karate to contain you.

They stare at each other again, she gives him a very mean short smile and says “karate seems to be the only solution here”.  She now takes off her shoes and jacket, they bow way down to her toes few times, please show very big reinforce toes, he stares at it with a sick look. They then exchange few hi kicks at each other, He decides to escape to the balcony and finishes her up there. She chases him up the stairways and throws her off the balcony just like in Klara custom says “haaaaaa “ (really loved those throw, please repeat it with following extras to that):

- show pic.2 from downstairs too, her back facing the camera. 

- when he kicks at him on the stairway, she bends way down, her head almost touching the stairs misses his kicks (I like that kind of a bend).

After he falls down to the same location as klara custom, she put toes front of his eye, hands over waist, look up the stairs where he fell from, then looks down stares at him says “there was no solution for this patient but karate”.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Linda is karate warden

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