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  • Wonder Ivy in Zombie Apocalypse

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Scene one ( about 2 min in length)

This scene would be in a office or home setting with Wonder Ivy as her alter ego Linda Carter dressed casually for an office environment. 

Linda was working away from her computer going over intelligence briefings about the location of Professor Vlad, CIA intelligence had reported he was building a biological weapon. 

Linda phone rang, it was her boss, he informed her that 2 agents had gone missing. He informed her that they had possibly found the location of Dr Vlad hideout.   He emailed her the location,  Linda asked who the agents were that were missing,  she didn't recognize the first one but than he mentioned Steve Trevor,  her boyfriend. Linda became concerned and informed her boss that she would inform Wonder Ivy as soon as possible,  she hung up the phone  and glanced over her computer and stood up, placed her hands on her hips and started her spine that transformed her into Wonder Ivy. 

Scene 2 the battle (about 5-8 minutes) this scene could be in a laboratory, basement, or an office type setting.

Wonder Ivy arrived at her coordinates,  she looked around,  all looked normal,  she thought to herself now to put a stop to Professor Vlad as she kicked the door in announcing herself. 

She looked around, and there she saw 2 individuals laying on the floor with there face down,  the one she recognized immediately it was Steve,  she ran over to try and help him.

WI: Steve are you okay, its okay I'm here to help you, you are safe now.

Steve didn't respond, he started to groan and slowly get up, just than he slapped Wonder Ivy knocking her back, shocked by his strength Wonder Ivy looked at him, he had no life in him, as he began to approach her again. Again he took a swing at her but she stepped out of the way easily. 

Wi: Steve I'm here to help you please stop I don't want to hurt you.

Wonder Ivy dodged 2 more punches from him, she grabbed her magic lasso and wrapped him in it.

WI: Steve please stop I'm your friend, you are a good person,  I COMMAND YOU TO STOP AND HELP ME!

The magic lasso had no effect on him as he tried to free himself,  Wonder Ivy pleaded with him but failed to to notice the second person coming alive.  The 2nd zombie walked up behind her and placed her into a bear hug. She dropped her magic lasso freeing Steve, his strength was incredible as she was lifted off the ground, she fought with all her might as she finally broke free of his grip, now she was squaring off with the 2.  Each time they approached her she fought them off.  The second zombie approached Wonder Ivy and threw a punch at her, she caught it, than with his free arm he threw another punch and caught it. They struggled back and forth with Wonder Ivy hanging on to his wrist.  As the two struggled the other zombie that use to be Steve walked up behind Wonder Ivy pulling her magic power belt off.  Instantly Wonder Ivy super powers left her, the other zombie easily broke free from Wonder Ivy restraining her arms.


Scene 3 The imprisonment  (2-min) this scene would be Wonder Ivy being carried into Professor Vlad layer and chained up,  (would like WonderIvy chained up in a spreadeagle position either on the ground or against a wall what ever easiest for you when filming. 

Wonder Ivy fought with all her might, trying to free herself from the zombie grip, the other zombie grabbed Wonder Ivy by the legs lifting her up.  The 2 zombies proceeded to carry her to Professor Vlad chamber. 

WI: Steve please stop you don't know what you are doing!

But without her belt she was helpless to do anything. 

They arrived in the chamber, there the one zombie shackled Wonder Ivy wrist into place and the other restrained her legs to the wall.

Wonder Ivy looked over her restraints hoping to find some way of escape.   The two zombies just stood on each side of her and seemed to go into a deep hibernation. 

Scene 4 the meeting,  thinking 3 min

The situation looked dire for Wonder Ivy.  Just than a man who a white lab coat entered the room. 

Professor Vlad: Ahh Wonder Ivy you have arrived,  I have been waiting for you. 

WI: UNHAND ME PROFESSOR,  its not too late, what is the meaning of all this, as she pulled on her restraints.

Professor Vlad:  Ah soon you shall see, with you out of the picture I shall rule the world and all off humanity once my zombie virus goes world wide.


Professor Vlad: Not at all Wonder Ivy,  I'm just wanting revenge,  soon my virus will be delivered to the different water treatment plants all over the world. 

Wonder Ivy tried to break free after hearing his plan,  but the chains would not budge.

Professor Vlad: ahh Wonder Ivy this was all part of the plan,  I studied up on you, I created my zombies and brain washed them.   I knew how reliant you were with your belt, my plan worked perfectly,  now you can stand back and watch everything come together. 

Wi: no you are mad, you won't get away with this. 

Professor Vlad: you don't seem to be in a position to do anything about it,  enjoy your stay  as he left the room

Scene 5,  break out, thinking 2min

All looked hopeless for our heroine as she tried to brake free of her bonds. The 2 zombies still at her side.

WI: Steve if you can hear me please I need your help. But nothing. 

But than a miracle in a grogly voice Steve started asking what happened,  he saw Wonder Ivy imprisoned to his surprise but than the virus kicked in again. 

WI: Steve you can break free i know you can, I need my belt get me my magic belt, for the sake of humanity please find it.

Steve fought against the virus,  he slowly retrieved Wonder Ivy belt from the other room.

Steve was going mad trying to fight against the virus but he managed to place the belt in Wonder Ivy hand just as the virustook full control.

Wonder Ivy powers returned, she simply pulled free of her restraints freeing herself. 

Scene 6 victory,  thinking around 5 minutes or so, with the main fight being a free for all and Wonder Ivy breaking free from all sorts of different  wrestling moves from the zombies.

Just as Wonder Ivy freed herself Professor Vlad came back in and too his surprise Wonder Ivy was free.

WI: give it up Vlad your plan has been foiled. 

Professor Vlad: not so fast Wonder Ivy, first you must deal with my zombies.

Just than the one zombie wrapped himself around Wonder Ivy legs trying to hold her in place the other grabbed her wrist.  Wonder Ivy kicked the one zombie away from her than thru the other out of the way, a battle ensued that went back and forth,  this was clearly one of the toughest fights Wonder Ivy had ever encountered.

Finally the one zombie ran out of energy and collapsed,  it couldn't take the fight any longer.  The zombie that was Steve started to charge Wonder Ivy,  she quickly grabbed her lasso and ensnared him.

WI: Steve please stop, you are under the control of a virus,  please just stop, I ORDER YOU TO STOP.

the power of the lasso took hold as the zombie stopped in his tracks.

Wonder Ivy turned her attention to Professor Vlad  as she lassoed him up.

WI:  Professor you are under the control of my lasso,  you can not lie, tell me is there a cure.

Professor Vlad: yes, the virus was inhaled, every 24 hours they must inhale the virus in order to be under my control,  if not they will return to normal after 48 hours.

WI: the CIA will be on its way soon,  I order you to stay until they arrive and provide all the information they require. 

Professor Vlad: I must obey you.

Wonder Ivy found a phone a reported were to send the CIA team,  she informed them how to treat the 2 zombies, and before the authorities arrived she raced out of the lab. 

The end.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Wonder Ivy in Zombie Apocalypse

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