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  • Tom and Erick arranged the friendly competition

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Here is the script I came up with:

Tom: tight plain black t-shirt, jeans

Erick: tight plain white t-shirts, jeans

Tom and Erick are best friends who are each very capable fighters. The two decide to have a friendly competition to determine which of them is the better fighter. They decide on a 3-round fight, with the winner of each round determined by knocking out his opponent until only one man is left standing at the end.

Note: Plenty of gutpunches, as well as other body and face punches/kicks during each fight. Please include a few ballbusts here and there as well. Also, if possible, please have the camera zoom in on the guy’s abs during some gutpunch scenes as well as showing their reactions to hard hits. Include some slow motion on heavier hits, but mostly with the final blow. When each guy loses and is KO'd, please have their eyes closed afterward. Total length should be 15-20 minutes.


Fight 1: Erick Wins

Tom and Erick meet up at their fight location eager to test out their skills. Both guys happily give each other a hug before getting ready to fight. The two start off fairly evenly matched with the fight going back and forth until Erick eventually manages to back Tom against a wall. Tom does his best to block his opponent's punches, but quickly gets worn down with multiple punches to his stomach. Erick delivers one last powerful punch and keeps it pressed into Tom's stomach. Tom reacts with shock, gasping for breath initially until Erick removes his fist. Tom is dazed and unsteady on his feet for a few seconds as he takes a few wobbly steps forward before eventually rolling his eyes and collapsing flat on his back KO'd. Erick flexes his biceps in victory before the camera zooms in on the KO'd Tim for several seconds before fading out.


Fight 2: Tom Wins 

After Tom wakes, Erick helps him get back to his feet. Tom compliments his best friend on his first win, and Erick tells Tom that he fought hard as well. The two both remove their shirts and toss them aside before preparing for their next round. The fight is another close back-and-forth at first, until Tom starts taking control. Erick takes several powerful hits that leave him dazed throughout the fight. Eventually Tom delivers a stunning uppercut (slow motion) that leaves Erick dizzy on his feet for ten seconds afterward. Erick collapses flat on his back with a weak moan as he struggles to remain conscious. Tom stands near his best friend and lifts his leg briefly before bringing it down in a stomp onto Erick's stomach. Erick briefly lurches upward from the impact, grunting and groaning in pain but quickly rolls his eyes with a moan. Tom flexes his biceps in victory before walking away as the camera zooms in on the defeated Erick for several seconds before fading to black.


Fight 3: Tom Wins

Erick slowly wakes, and Tom makes sure to help him to his feet. Erick congratulates Tom on his win, "Dude, you got me good in that last fight." Tom laughs and tells him, "It was payback for the beatdown you gave me during that first fight." With both guys tied, Erick says, "Just one more to go to see who's the ultimate winner here. May the best man win." The two shake hands before preparing to fight. The two fight their hardest during this last fight, each one working his hardest to claim victory. The two easily wear each other out over the course of the fight becoming more tired by the end. Eventually Tom sees an opening and delivers a heavy punch to Erick's stomach and keeps it pressed in while holding him steady with his other hand. Erick reacts with shock at first and gasps for breath a few times while rapidly losing consciousness. He gives Tom a weak tap on the shoulder and says, "You win, bro… you're stronger… Now just finish me off." He slumps forward and Tom catches him in a brief hug before holding him upright and steady and delivering a final uppercut (slow motion) that drops Erick flat on his back. Tom flexes his biceps in victory and then says, "It was a close one for sure, man." He leans down and gives his best friend a friendly pat on the shoulder, "For now though, get some rest. You've earned it." Tom walks away and lastly the camera zooms in on the KO'd Erick for ten seconds before fading out.


Alternate Ending: Erick Wins 

Near the point where Tom won the last fight, this time Erick sees an opening. While Tom has his stomach well protected, Erick instead delivers a painful kick to Tom's groin. Tom doubles over and drops to his knees in pain. Before Tom can fully recover, Erick delivers a knee strike to Tom's chin knocking him flat on his back. Tom is dazed and barely conscious as Erick drops to straddle his waist. He grabs his best friend by the shoulder and pulls him upright so the two are eye-to-eye. Tom struggles to stay awake but lightly taps Erick on the shoulder and says, "Good job, man… I knew you were the best… Go ahead and knock me out." Erick gives Tom a quick hug before returning to holding him upright with a hand on his shoulder. He then delivers a final punch to Tom's stomach and keeps it pressed in. Tom groans and gasps for breath at first before eventually rolling his eyes. Erick lets go and the KO'd Tom slumps down flat on his back. Erick gives Tom a playful pat to the stomach, "You did good, buddy. Sleep well for now so we can hang out some more later." Erick gets to his feet and flexes his biceps in victory before walking away. Lastly, the camera zooms in on the KO'd Tom for ten seconds before fading to black. END.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tom and Erick arranged the friendly competition

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