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Hi. I would like a video where Melanie defeats a man much bigger than her. The video should be 10 to 12 minutes long. He is wearing a dark collant leotard. Plot: Melanie is doing dance rehearsals in the gym, he enters and wants the gym for himself, a challenge begins between the two: Melanie proposes the dance of the fight , 3 pieces of music (of your choice) that mark the turns, which at the end of the song is under the feet of the rival. The music begins, Melanie begins to dance and with spectacular and acrobatic kicks she beats the male. He bigger and stronger suffers and tries to react, but she is too fast, she kicks him and moves in a sexy way, she also uses splits and acrobatics to hit him with her feet, when she falls she walks on him and invites him to get up, until the end of the song when she knocks him out and steps on him with her foot on his chest or head

This for three songs, he beats him while dancing. She teases him and invites him to surrender when he falls and walks on him or invites him to kiss his feet. He ends up KO for the first two songs but doesn't declare himself submissive. At the last song he is more tired and staggers, she always hits him with high kicks, acrobatics, handstand, wheel and scorpion kick, she can also knock him to the ground with scissor grabs. She falls several times in this lap and is trampled several times, but she always gets up, until the end, ends up on her knees in front of her. Melanie pushes him to the ground in a sexy way by slowly pushing his foot against his face, then walks on his body until the end of the song. She stands on top of him, tells him to submit completely, he admits he's submissive and begs for mercy, she gets off his body and forces him to kiss her feet if he doesn't want her to keep beating him. He kisses your feet.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Figth dance from Melanie

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