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  • Lillian puts 2 guys on their shoulder blades. Part II

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(everybody is wearing the same outfits as last time)
Lilian is stretching, warming up.

Rob and Erick come in.

Erick says to Lillian, “We have been training! And we want to fight you again.” and flexes his muscles

Lillian says to Rob “What about you? Do you want to get beat up again too?”

Rob answers, “We will win this time!” and flexes his muscles,

Lillian says to both men "Alright boys, have it your way. But remember, you asked for this."

Points at Rob: "Let's start with you. Go ahead and try to hit me"

Rob takes a strong swing, misses, Lillian punches him with a hook in return. Rob swings and misses, Lillian punches him in return.

Rob swings and misses once, Lillian punches him twice. Rob swings again, Lillian punches him twice. Rob is getting weaker.

Rob swings and misses once, not quite as strong anymore, Lillian punches him three times, swing and miss, punch three times.

Rob is getting tired, his punches are getting wimpy. He barely raises his fists to swing and miss, Lillian punches him four times; swing and miss, she punches him four times, then he throws one last punch, which she ducks, punches him in the balls, his arms still up, then she throws an uppercut, which makes him drop his arms and stand dazed.

Lillian walks over to Erick now. “Let’s see if you can do any better, wimp”

Erick throws one punch at a time, and every time he misses, Lillian punches him two or three times instead. Sometimes in the face, sometimes in the belly. This goes on for maybe five or six punches that Erick misses, and his punches get slower every time.

Erick stops throwing punches.

His arms still up, Lillian punches Erick in the sides of his belly two or three times, until he drops his elbows to his sides to protect himself. Then she punches him in the head two or three times, making him raise his fists to protect himself. Then she punches him in the sides again, he drops his elbows but he is getting very weak, then she punches him in the face again with left and right hooks, but this time, his arms fall lower and lower until they are hanging at his sides.

Erick, with his hands lowered, says “I give up. You win the fight again. I am no match for you. Please, don’t hurt me too badly.”

Lillian says "good boy. I will knock you out, but first I want to play with you. Lift your fists, and turn your head to the right” and he does, with his fists still raised, then she punches him with a right hook.

Lillian says "now, turn your head to the left" and he does, so she punches him with a left hook.

"Now, tip your chin up" and he does, so she punches him with an uppercut.

Lillian walks around Erick, examining him.
His arms still raised, Lillian starts throwing faster right and left hooks, and Erick’s arms start falling lower and lower until they are finally hanging at his sides.
A punch to his balls, and he cradles himself for a few moments, then an uppercut makes him release his balls and his arms hang at his sides, dizzy.

Since both men are now dizzy, Lillian goes back to Rob, who is standing with his feet wide apart. Lillian slaps his face back and forth, saying “wake up, wimp” until he lifts his fists.

Lillian punches Rob with quick jabs.

Then she punches him in the balls, bending him over with his fists still raised. Then she throws right and left hooks until his arms fall to his sides again.

A big uppercut drops Rob to his knees.

Lillian takes dizzy Erick by the hand and walks him over to stand in front of where Rob is kneeling, so that Erick is facing Rob.

Lillian puts her leg over Rob’s shoulders, getting him in a standing headscissors, facing Erick (Rob can hold her legs if she needs support standing up).

Lillian starts throwing left and right hooks at dizzy Erick.

Raising her fists, Lillian switches to jabs at Erick.

Lillian places her left fist under Erick’s chin to hold him steady, uppercuts him with her right fist, then holds her left fist up again. After every time she punches him, Erick’s head ends up back on top of her fist. Three or four times.

Holding his dizzy head to steady him, Lillian then speedbags Erick while she still has Rob in the headscissors.

Climbing off Rob, Lillian leads Erick to stand beside where Rob is kneeling, and punches him in the balls to drop him to his knees.

Now that both men are kneeling, Lillian throws a few punches at Rob, then moves over to Erick and throws some punches at him while he’s kneeling too.

She grabs both men by the jaw and lifts them to make them stand.

Lillian then starts punching both men at once. Each time she punches them in the balls, they cover up, then she uppercuts them and their arms fall again. Balls, then uppercut, then balls, uppercut, five times, finishing with an uppercut leaving them dazed.

Lillian pulls Rob into the middle of the room, so that he’s facing Erick. Six right and left hooks, then a balls punch drops him to his knees.

Lillian walks back to Erick, six belly punches, then a balls punch drops him to his knees.

Lillian motions for Rob to stand up, and he stands. Lillian raises her fists, throws jabs - two left jabs then a right, two lefts then a right, two lefts then a right, then a balls punch drops him to his knees, then he drops down to his hands and knees.

Lillian motions for Erick to stand. She turns to face sideways to him. Flexing her muscle with the arm away from him and looking at her flexed arm, she punches him with the arm closest to him with five or six jabs. Then she turns to face him, punches him in the balls, then she uppercuts him and leaves him dazed.

Lillian motions for Rob to stand, and he tries, but he’s too weak. He drops back down to his hands and knees, then looks up at Lillian. She cups him under his jaw, and helps him stand.

A big kick to his balls bends Rob over. While Rob is holding his balls, Lillian jabs him until he releases his balls and his arms are hanging and his head drops to his chest. Then she tips up his chin with her finger setting it in place, and holds his chin up with her finger for a few moments until he can hold it up by himself. Then she winds up an uppercut, and knocks him out.

Lillian takes a moment to put her foot on the downed Rob.

Lillian walks back over to dizzy Erick,

"Your turn to get knocked out, big guy" she says to dizzy Erick. She takes him by the chin and walks him over so that his back is now facing Rob who lays on the floor.

“Did you learn your lesson now? Are you ready for me to knock you out?” she asks Erick.

“We were wrong to challenge you. Yes please, finish me off” Erick says.

Right and left hooks make Erick bend more and more forward, until his arms are hanging heavy in front of him and his chin is sticking out facing Lillian.

Five punches to his balls, and Erick's mouth falls open.

Lillian pulls Erick’s head forward a little, his arms hanging in front of him, and sets his chin right where she wants it, his mouth still hanging open, and he holds steady for her.

Lillian carefully reaches back and practices her uppercut on Erick’s chin three or four times, then reaches back, holds her fist in place for a few moments, then knocks him out with an uppercut to land hear Rob.

Three or four different foot poses on top of the downed Erick, not flexing, just posing.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian puts 2 guys on their shoulder blades. Part II

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