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  • The whirlwind of hits from Melanie

Custom clip request 

I would like one with Melanie wearing the catsuit, but with no mask and her hair in a ponytail. (this will be a test video to see how fast Melanie can kick). She will be wearing flats and takes them off before the kicking (closeup of her soles). 

8 min long Video

Scene 1 (4 mins)

Melanie walks upstairs with a guy guarding a door. Without saying anything, she starts doing hurricane punches followed  by a LOT of kicking (fast repeat kicks). He will be standing when she starts the repeat kicks, and he will slowly slide down the wall during the combo (she follows his face with the repeat kicks). When he is halfway to the ground, she puts her foot on his throat and lifts him back up into the standing position (all done quickly so she can resume the beating). She continues doing more fast repeat kicks while he slowly slides down the wall again. She continues the repeat kicks untill he hits the ground.

She gets the passcode from the guy and walks into the room to get the intel. 

Scene 2 (4 mins)

(guy is on his knees)

She walks out of the room and says "I have a surpise for you". 

She grabs his head,and just before she breaks his neck........he calls her a bitch.

She lets go of his head and says"lets see how many kicks it will take to break your neck"

She then does a really really fast and really really long repeat kick combo on his face. I want her to kick as fast as she can (I sent a test video i made with an added sound effect......would be awesome if she could  kick faster) After the combo is done, you hear his neck break and she walks away with him left on his knees and head moving all around. Camera points at the guy as she leaves the scene and his head is is still moving around like crazy

(Last scene done with multiple angles)

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The whirlwind of hits from Melanie

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