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  • Naomi is taking the spy exam

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Here is my final script for real!

my idea would be that a super pretty girl, a cheerleader girl and a strong man, the football captain do an entrance exam as a spy. It is their dream job but only one of them can get it. A big strong man who works for the spy company welcomes them both. He tells them that they have to do 4 tests. While he is talking you can see the football captain is warming up and concentrated while the cheerleader girl is watching her nails.

The first test is a strength test. The big strong man from the company is sitting on a table ready to arm wrestle. He says that he has never lost a single match and its true. The football captain does the arm wrestling test first and loses miserably, he has no chance! The big man from the spy company plays with the poor boy captain. He doesn’t take him serious. He even let him use both arms but he still loses terribly. The football captain almost starts to cry because of the pain in his arms.

After the football captain loses to the strong man, the girl sits in the chair. She takes his arm.

"Big guy, why don't you go ahead and start?" The girl tells cutely.

"Oh, little girl, no. I will break your arm. You start?"

"Are you sure?"

He smirks.

"Ok, your wish. You ready?"

He nods. With one movement, she wins and breaks his arm. The man screams and starts crying and she laughs. He cries, catches his hand and runs outside.

Again the same man comes inside but as a different person. "Who beat my partner, No one in the past 10 years have gotten past him" He goes near the football captain and growls. "now you will meet your end, I‘m 10 times stronger than the guy before." The male contestant is afraid. But the girl sitting in the chair clears her throat.

"Uhm, excuse me. I did it to him, why don't you leave that guy and come face me?" She puts her arm on the table.

Then its the girl’s turn. But as they start to armwrestle, he can‘t move her arm. It is as if he is pushing against a brick wall or tries to move a mountain. She asks „have you already started?“ He tries with everything but has no chance to move her arm. Its unbelievable the big strong man form the company who just dominated the football captain gets dominated by a pretty girl. she toys with him!! She yawns, looks at her nails and plays as if she has fallen asleep while the big man cannot move her arm a millimeter. She wins with ease.

The big man from the company wants a revenge and she laughs and says „yes but can you please use both arms? Otherwise its just a bit boring.“ He says yes and uses both hands. But again he has no chance. He pushes so hard but he still has no chance while she is on her phone and after that she plays with her hair. you can see that she is very bored but enjoys it a lot. She keeps teasing the big man with humiliating quotes. The football captain can’t believe his eyes. He thinks that the big strong man from the company is corupt and that he loses intentionally to the pretty girl. „how can you lose to a small girl?“ So the football captain sits down next to the spy man and starts to arm wrestle her as well on her other hand. But of course he can’t move her arm. He is pushing, screaming and grunting but no chance. She smiles cute at him „aww you are so cute when you are trying that hard. keep trying boy!“ He uses two hands as well but no difference. Then she beats him easily. while she is taking the football captains arms down to the table she says „don’t worry I’m taking it easy on you. I don’t wanna hurt you“ Thats so bad for him, if she wins against the big man from the spy company she might get the job so he tries to help the big strong man who is still trying! they both press against her one arm but it doesn't make any difference. She smiles and defeats the men again.

But there is a third round, but this time she just holds out her pinky. „You don't have to get my arm on the table to win, you just have to move my arm and you win. Can you manage that big boy?“ he says of course yes and starts pushing. but it's the same game again. The big man from the company pushes and tears at her little finger but nothing moves. He even tries to push in the other direction but nothing. And then again, the football captain tries to help him. After a while he just tries to move her somehow. He takes her upper arm and tears and pushes. he even tries to push her off the chair but she is just too strong. She is just bored reading a book now. A cut and she is done with the whole book. She now supports her head with her free hand and defeats the big man with her pinky. the first test is over, the girl wins.

The second test is an endurance test. Both have to curl a weight and whoever can curl their weight longer and do more reps wins. The pretty girl takes a lot heavier weight than him. A weight which he tries to lift at the beginning but can’t even move. And he had a baby weight but still she wins easily. At first he can keep up with her but then after a cut he can’t lift it anymore even with both arms while he counts 204...205 he is finished, while she's fresh and cute curling the much heavier weight and counts „30400, 30401...“ after the football captain let go of his weight and falls to the floor, the big strong man from the spy company takes the baby weight and continues for him. But after a cut. He falls to the floor while she is still fresh and cute curling the weight. she humiliates them so badly and wins.

Then the third test is a toughness test. They sit on a table and both drink a poison. The football captain and the pretty girl take a small sip from a glas. The football captain falls down, it's too much for him, while she drinks a whole glass with ease and says that it tastes good and that she drank much worse things in her life. She even refills her glass and drinks another glass and another! „well you aren’t girl enough.“ she giggles. Trough the whole time in the thougness test the big strong man from the company armwrestles her and tries to win while she does the thougness test but she doesn’t even noticed it. Just at the end she sees him trying and says „Oh I didn’t even know we were armwrestling hihi“ then she beats him.

Then the last test. the intelligence test. the football captain and the pretty girl play chess and again, the big strong man form the company armwrestles her the whole time again. He just can’t belive it. He cheats with everything, his elbows doesn’t touch the table anymore. but she doesn’t even care and doesn‘t even notices it. She plays the chess game and wins easily with just a few moves. The girl wins again. She gets the job! The football captain is desperate and shocked. he lost in every test. he just tries to win in something and asks if she would make scissors rock paper. she says yes and beats him a couple of times. he wants thumb wrestling she says yes and defeats him easy without trying. But her thumb is so strong she hurts him. All that while the company man still tries to win in an another armwrestling match. She looks at him and this time she beats him so hard in the armwrestle that he is knocked out. She rolls her eyes „boys never learn.“ They stand up and The football captain gets so angry he hits her many times in the stomach and he hurts himself. She just laughs and with a small flick sents him flying and knocks him down as well. „looks like I have the job“ she smiles and walks away.

The end.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi is taking the spy exam

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