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Scene 1

The slave is standing against a wall (a big man without a shirt, barefoot and in his underwear). Lillian confronts him. Dressed as in "Little sister" (short, top and red heels). She has a sheet of paper in her hand.

As she speaks she walks in circles.

Lillian- You are now my property. You were sentenced to death and I bought you from prison. Therefore I own you. Understand slave.

Slave - Yes miss.

Lillian- very good. You will live in my house according to my rules. Every night you will sleep in the basement. You will eat water and rice every day. I don’t want to spend much money in scumb.

Slave- yes miss.

Lillian- every morning you will report for your daily punishment. I'll focus on your testicles day after day until I break them, but not quite. I must not lose your point of maximum pain.

She walks around.

Lillian-and you should never get turned on. If I perceive your erection, the punishment will be castration. You must learn to control yourself. I am not your girlfriend but your mistress. She punches him in the balls with kicks, knees, and punches.

Scene 2

Lillian dressed the same as in scene 1

The slave is lying on the floor and she walks with her heels over his body. Especially in their private parts. (see picture above)

Slave- Please miss. Every day you punish my whole body. I have three broken ribs.

Lillian- really? let's see.

She steps on the slave's ribs. Broken bone noises are heard.

Lillian- it's true ha ha. Let's see to break one more just for my pleasure.

She breaks another rib. The slave groans in pain

Lillian- Now standing slave.

The slave stands up. She carries him against the wall.

Lillian- Life is very expensive and a young girl must pay for her studies. I've got a new job: sexy dancer with slave. Many rich men will pay a fortune to see a young woman mistreat and torture her slave. We already have shows all over the world. I will earn a lot of money with you as a slave, you only have endless suffering waiting for you.

The slave cries.

Lillian- I’ve to train you. You must learn to bear pain. We have a lot of shows on our tour, so from now on I must train you: double torture session every day.

Slave- No, miss, have mercy on me…

Lillian- but it's my new job. I must earn money and you are my tool. I must train you.

Slave- please miss one day a week free of torture.

Lillian- okay. After all I am a good girl.

She continues trampling the testicles of the slave 1 min

The slave cries, screams and writhes in pain.

She laughs. Then she brings a pair of pliers and pulls out one or two nails.

Lillia- you must learn to endure the worst pain for my business to prosper.

Scene 3 (10 min)

Lillian is wearing the "Litlle sister" bikini and red shoes. She is in front of a mirror. The slave is kneeling beside her. He has a photo camera. There is a couch on stage

Lillian- Iam very sexy now. Ive a new job. You will help me to make my presentation magazine. You will take pictures of me.

Lillian starts doing sexy poses (see photos above). She remains posing until the slave takes the photos. Every so often she looks at the photos and punishes him a Little because she doesn't like them.

Lillian- remember that you must control your erection or the punishment will be tremendous.

She touches his privates parts to see if the slave is excited and continues with the poses. 

After doing several more poses, she returns to touching the slave's intimate parts.

Lillian- garbage, you have a penis erection. That is unforgivable.

Slave- sorry miss, I couldn't help it. After all I am a man.

Lillian- you are not a man but a slave. I will teach you to control yourself.

She takes a chain and starts hitting him. The slave moans and cries desperately. Scream in pain. She kicks it until the slave drops all bloody.

Lillian- now that I've punished you, let's continues with the photo shoot.

She makes more sexy poses, the slave, who can barely stand, takes photos.

She approaches the slave and caresses his private parts.

Lillian- again an erection. YOU MUST LEARN SELF-CONTROL. I will show you...

Slave- no miss, mercy. I'm just a man IT IS A NATURAL REACTION. YOU ARE VERY SEXY. PLEASE

She brings a spoon and puts the slave against the wall and gouges out one eye.

Lillian- I hope you now understand your place in the world.

Scene 4

Lillian dressed in a very short black miniskirt (we can see her underwear, not bikini please), wears black stilleto shoes and a black top.

The slave has an eye patch.

Lillian-Today we have a special show. The client wants me to film a very sexy torture session to death. He has paid me a lot of money so after killing you and throwing away the corpse I can buy a new slave.

Slave-no please. I DO NOT WANT TO DIE

Lillian- Why? Your life is miserable, death will be a relief to you.

A sexy torture session begins for the camera. Improvise all means of torture (kicks, chains, knife, etc) until the slave falls  in agony. She always make sexy postures to the camera.

Lillian- bye trash.

She murders him slowly.

Lillian- this is the best part: when I feel life coming out of his body ...

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian has got a new job

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