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  • Linda fails testing her new strength

This Video is like the other Videos, where a incredibly powerful Woman loses a fight against a weak Guy. Look at "Ivy accidentally lost the fight" or "Naomi loses the fight" for examples,  and you know what i am looking for.

Linda: Is is possible to get her with the sexy black long Dress? With open Hairs ans some Make up.

She thinks she is invincible  and very cocky and conceited. She can take many hits befor she become weaker and even more befor she goes down.I would to see Head and Belly punches against her. She has a strong Body, but she still moans and react a little bit from the Hits! After all she is just a Human and no Robot!

The reaction of the Girl is very important: As an example: In  Klara should have taken Naomi seriously  Klara reacts to little and almost no moaning. In "Mona loses the fight to the weaker opponen, she reacts to much.  Even when she sould be strong , she bows down really hard.

I am only interested in fighting, so i donĀ“t have much of a Story. I got a Idea from the old Movie Drive (1997) In this Movie they used bio-tech to makePeople stronger, faster and so on.  In this Video Linda is a Prototype with this new Technology implanted in her. This is why she is so strong andcan take many Hits.

She is sitting on a Chair like a Queen and the Guy comes in. He tells her that she got the last improvments to her Body

 and they are working fine, she is now stronger than 5 Men and a unstoppable machine. Ready for her first Job.

Linda smiles "Good... but first i want to test my Power" she stands up and goes to the Guy. She starts choking him with one Hand and even lifts him easy up.

"What are you doing?!"

Linda:" you have invested so much in me, but I never wanted to work for you! With that Power i can do everything.

Finally she releases him and he falls on the Ground

Linda:  But first i would like to have some Fun with you, i need to test my improvements!" she smiles.

The Guy goes up again and is in figthing position, she just stands casual and is waiting for him.

(English subtitles are completely fine)

Now the fight beginns, Linda hits really hard and controls the fight. She has fun beating him up, he goes down 2 Times. And everytime

she just wait for him to get up again. Once the tries to hold a Punch from her and twist her Arm, to make her defencless so he can go for a Counter attack.

But she is to strong and gets easly free and only loughs.  This Part with the Smalltalk at the beginning is around 2:30 Min.

After this there is the longest fight , around 6 Min. As i said Linda hits really hard, but she is a slow fighter. The Guy tries more do avoid/dodge

her Attacks and on this Way he can give her Hits. So now he starts punching her Head and Belly, over the Time he become better and better and he gives Lindas Body hard treatment. But for now her Bio Tech are still working fine. At the start of this fight she still enjoys the fight, but over the time she fourios boring, because she get more and more Hits. She say something like " Why are you keep withing me? You  must know that you have now chance!"In the End of this, he controlls the fight and only she get hits.

Now for the Rest of the Time: She tries to hit him and again the tries to Twist her Arm to make her defencless, and this Time he has s uccess!This shows that Linda finally become weaker and he can push the attack against her.

At the End she stands against a Wall and he is punching her Belly with quick punches. Linda is in Pain and with broken Voice she says " This shouldbe impossible" After this she finally goes down and doesn't move.

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Linda fails testing her new strength

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