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  • Vivien Black OPS

Language: Russian with English subtitles

Here is my idea. Vivian goes through a building taking bad guys and rescuing a hostage. Minimum duration or the length needed to cover everything. Everyone speaks russian with english subtitles. This is not like my other customs. Vivian acts like an action hero in the movies. 

So it’s Vivian, a male cop(hostage), 2 or 3 bad guys and one bad guy leader. If possible the bad guys are smaller than Vivian. The leader is same size and height as she is. All bad guys are wearing masks.

Vivian and cop wear a hoody with a t shirt underneath, jeans and sneakers or skates. Vivians outfit looks cooler because she’s the hero. Her hair is tied back. Her jeans are snug fit and cover her ankles. The hoody has a zipper. Is a neutral colour. She’s wearing a watch. See pics. 

Bad guys wear casual outfits. 


-Bad guys have taken over a building. The cop is hiding and calls for backup on his phone.

Cop: Yeah. It’s me. I’m in “name of building”. Bad guys have taken over. I need backup.

Phone: (female voice. Calm and lacking empathy) there is no backup right now. Your orders are to do whatever it takes to 

neutralise the threat.

Cop: What?! No! I can’t do this alone.

Phone: (voice sounds the same)Whatever it takes. That’s an order

-He hangs up.

Cop: Damn!

He tries to take on the first bad guy.

Cop: Freeze! Police

Bad guy runs out of sight. Cop looks in every direction. Bad guy appears out of nowhere and beats him up. Then he aims his weapon at the cop and tells him to walk with his hands up. 

Vivian is walking by and sees what’s happening. She calls the police

Vivian: yes. There are bad guys in my hotel. Please help.

Phone: Yes. We have an officer on site right now. Please remain calm and we’ll resolve the situation.

Vivian hangs up and says “bullshit”.

She pulls up her sleeves to just below the elbow.

She sneaks up on the first bad guy and beats him up in just a few moves. Her final move is a side kick to the face. Bit of slo motion during the kick. Not too slow. 

She takes his pistol. Then proceeds to take out the other ones. Combination of shooting and punches and kicks. Mild slo mo at different moments.

She finds the machine g and a tactical vest. Or something she wears over her body that makes her look tougher. She takes off her hoody and puts the vest on. 

She’s uses the machine g to shoot 3 bad guys one after the other in one scene. Roughly 2 minutes. She gets injured during this scene. Red marks on her face and arms. And maybe on her clothes. Whatever looks cool.

Then she meets the leader. She points her g at him. He holds up his fists and beckons her to come at him. She puts down the g and they fight. About one minute into the fight she takes off the vest. 2 or 3 minutes for whole fight. Punching, kicking, blocking and evading. She wins.

At the end she finds the cop. They leave together

Cop: Are you a cop?

Vivian: Black ops


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Vivien Black OPS

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