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  • 3 ways Linda escaped the traps

Actress: Linda 

1 male (very big, kind of militar look) 

She is trapped in the 3 scenarios. In the 3 scenarios she looks very sexy so the guard is getting hot, he approaches her and she takes the opportunity to beat him and escape. 


1. Linda handcuffed in the back. The guard behind her. He has a shooter and is speaking by phone with his boss. "Yes, I caught the spy and i have the secret files with me" Boss: ok we will be there in 1 hour" "be careful, she is very dangerous" guard: "haha, dont worry" 

Guard: "go up, now i have time to enjoy" 

Linda: "where are we going?" 

They start climbing stairs, close looks of linda's legs, hands... 

Guard:"soo you wanted this" and show her the USB while climbing the stairs. He keeps some distance (not too much), Linda is not climbing fast so sometimes he takes her arm very angry and keep distance after. He is getting hot looking at her climbing so is getting  closer little by little. From the beggining, sometimes she look back. She looks sexy but in reality, is looking for the righ moment. 

Linda notices he is very close and she smiles, he is almost touching her, he has already holstered the shooter and is about to touch her ass. She looks sideways and notices he is off guard, is the moment. 

From now it could start with a hit with the ass and a quick kick back (you know where), she kicks him in many different ways and dodge the blows when he tries to fight back. First more dodging, then more kicking. The clip finish in the ground, she is scissoring him very hard while she takes the keys to the handcuffes from one of the pockets (maybe in his trouser). He faints and she gets free (and take the USB lol). END. 

- he is a tough guy, try to fight back, doesnt look "silly". 

- they never stop while climbing the stairs they are always climbing (not too fast).

-she looks very sexy climbing the stairs, looks from behind and front. Close views of legs. 

Outfit: obviously something that show her legs lol. Outfits in her first mission (very nice moves there) or rescues the president are ok, something similar. Would be nice if she doesnt wear bra, just the shirt or whatever she wears in the top.

She wear heels but no very high, i dont like very high heels. Free hair.


2. Linda is standing with her hands tied over her head. Close looks of legs, back... the guard is talking by phone with his boss... "yes i know...dont worry, this time everything is under control". 

Guard: "my boss have great plans for you" you will pay for everything you did"

He is keeping distance, maybe moving around her or near her.

Guard: "Last time you were my prisoner, you were lucky"

Linda: "sorry i dont remember being your prisoner,  i got caught only to take the secret code, it was so easy". You could add more sentences , she is playing with him. She moves and looks very sexy, close looks. 

He is getting angry and hot again and starts to get closer.

He is behind her and grab her thigh, ass (short time)... she looks sideway but he is still too far to attack.

Linda "thats all? Im disappointed" "come here and enjoy"

Guard: shut up and stay quiet!" He is in front of her.

Linda "haha, you were so cute when you faunted"

Guard: ok my turn!

He tries to hit her in the face but she easily dodge it. He tries, again, she dodges it and kick him between the legs. 

If she had a vertical post near her she could use to move around in a sexy way to avoid hits and kick him. Now he is mad and is the moment to take opportunity. He tries to grab her and she kicks him with her knee between the legs again (close view). He is in great pain, she again kicks him in the face, first with knee, then feet, he is a little crouched maybe over his knees so she could scissor him (very hard). She moves legs around his neck, now her legs are over his shoulders in sexy postures. He is realizing he lost control too late. He is very strong so he stands up but she still scissoring very hard (close view of her back/ass over his shoulders).He stands and she is over him (thats what she wanted) so know is very easy for her to loose the ties because she is very high now thank you to him.

She gets free and jumps. Last kicks and punchs, finishim with her feet in his neck, he is with his back against the wall and he colapses, fainting again, falls to the ground. END

- outfit. Again she shows her legs lol, tight clothes, maybe látex or something very thin.

Heels but not very high.

Hair tied like Linda's first mission.

- he is tough guy, very strong.

- lots of close views of legs from different perspectives (sometimes like it were his view).3! 


3. Linda is in the bed, lying down, handcuffed in the back. Feet tied too. The guard is in the room, sit in a chair looking the mobile. She plays asleep, moving sexy, flexing legs slowly (close views).

He starts playing attention and getting hot. Now he is looking at her back (maybe before, she slighty moved the leotard with her hands so she shows a bit more of the ass).

He stands up and go to the bed (she smiles, still playing asleep). He sits in the bed near her and touch her thigh very gentle. Now she "wakes up" look at him and seduce him smiling "hey sexy, lets enjoy" he gets close like going to kiss her so now they are in a position she can move her hands to the pocket he should have the keys. She tries but the keys are not there.

Then he laughs, stand up and take the keys from other place (pocket) "haha are you looking for this?" "You are not cheating me again". Suddenly he receives a call, he takes the mobile and answer "hi boss, yes she is here waiting for you" "everything is under c..."

Suddenly she trap the arm or the shoulder (that has the key) with her legs, interlocking the legs in his arm-shoulder (very hard) and pulling his arm so he falls over her (in great pain).

- he could still have the arm raised like showing her the key so its easyer for her.

Now they are in a position where her hands and his hand with the key are together. She grabs his hand with one hand and take the key with the other. Then kicks him and they start fighting, he stands and look the way to recover the key, she is in defensive position in the bed using legs and feet rejecting the attack (kind of playfully). Her feet are being untied little by little because the fight. Finally her feet are untied (would be nice if it is in the action, trapping his hands so he actually "helps" her.

-his mobile could fall in the bed when she traps him so she in the fight could speak to the phone "dont worry, we are just playing haha" and he gets more mad.

Now it starts a fight in the room, she dodges his hits and kicks him in many ways, the key still in her hand and he trying to grab her and recover the key (she dodging him in sexy ways). He is very big and strong, even receiving many kicks he is fighting back. Finally he grabs her in the front but she hit him with the knee between legs (very hard). Close view. Kick in the face and he falls to the ground. She now gets free using the key, he stands up and short fight finishing with a karate hit in her neck and he falling for the last time.

She takes the phone "hi, your guy is so cute... next time try by yourself".

She walks over him and leaves. END

Outfit. Leotard (stockings optional). Free hair.

Close looks of legs.

In the move she trap his arm with her legs (could be difficult), just put him in the position its easyer for her, he stands near the bed with arm raised, sit in the bed or whatever, i think the close view of hands will help for filming.

You could be creative if you (or Linda) want to add something, change conversation etc

Language: Russian with English subtitles


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3 ways Linda escaped the traps

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