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  • Sasha and the burglar

Custom clip request 

For this request, I'd like Sasha to come home from the gym in workout clothing. Preferably a sports bra and short shorts. A mostly feet related video. bare/ not painted nails. 

There is a burglar in her home going through her things that she catches. He's cowardly so he tries to run away but she grabs him by the back of his shirt while he is facing away from her. 

Sasha- "Where do you think you're going?"

She then kicks him in the balls from behind and he drops to his knees first, then immediately he lays his face on the ground. his butt in the air and knees still on the ground holding his balls. As he is moaning in pain, Sasha takes off her shoes and walks around in front of him. a POV shot of Sasha's bare feet is shown. 

Sasha- "I'm going to enjoy this" she says with a smile

She reaches down and grabs him by the collar of his shirt and lifts him up. she then begins to deliver a few brutal punches to his face with one hand while still holding his collar with the other hand. she then pushes hi, against the wall and does a kick to his face that knocks him to the ground. He lays on his back and moans and she walks over and stands with his head between her feet. she lifts a foot up and begins to stomp his face with hard hits. 5 hits are shown from a normal shot. then the burglar speaks out

Burglar- "Please......im sorry"

Sasha- " I like it when you beg. beg more" 

The next shot continues with face stomps but from a pov angle. where Sasha's foot is hovering over the camera and then comes down hard and back up and repeats 5 or so times.  she then stops and the burglar crawls away a little before sitting up with his back against the wall.

Burglar- "Please. no more. Someone help me"

Sasha laughs at him before kicking him in the balls. she then drags him off the wall and lifts her foot up to begin kicking his face side to side. before it starts thers a POV shot of the bottom of her foot. she then starts kicking his face side to side repeatedly. After a lot of kicks she delivers a power kick that rolls him onto his back. she walks to the side of his head. the burglar weeps in pain. 

Shasha- "Now i will break you"

She steps on his hand slowly, and slowly crushes it. Then she takes her foot and kicks his head back and forth from the side of his head while he is still laying on his back.  after many kics she sits on his chest and grabs his collar and starts punching his face to a pulp. 

Shasha- "now i will finish you off"

she stands again with his head between her feet and begins to stop his face again. a few from a normal angle then some from the POV angle. the clip end with her lifting her sole in the POV shot from below and lowering her foot slowly one last time as it covers the screen to black

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Sasha and the burglar

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