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  • Lillian puts 2 guys on their shoulder blades

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Rob and Erick are fighting, punching each other. After a few seconds, Erick punches Rob in the balls, Rob can still keep his fists up, but Erick is punching him with right and left hooks.

Lillian walks wearing the same outfit from "Naomi passes the levels" and interrupts their fight. 

Rob stays where he is, with his fists still raised, dizzy. Erick is angry and tries to take a big swing at Lillian which he misses, then follows with two or three more punches standing in place, but he misses every punch. He takes one more big swing, Lillian ducks under and punches him in the belly, stunning him. He is still able to keep his fists up, while she punches him in the belly five or six more times, then she punches him with left and right hooks for about 10-20 seconds that make his arms slowly fall lower and lower until they are hanging at his sides while she is punching him, and then she finishes with an uppercut, dizzying him.

Rob wakes up a little, shakes his head, and walks slowly to stand sideways to Erick with his fists still raised, a few feet apart from him, and just stands there with his fists up. Lillian saunters over to stand in front of Rob. Seeing her, Rob tries to hit her three or four times, but he is tired, so he misses every punch until he gets so weak his arms are hanging. She punches him in the balls to bend him over, then uppercut, dizzying him.

The guys are now side by side but standing a few feet apart, dizzy, arms hanging.

Lillian walks around the two guys in a circle, laughing at them. 

She walks to Erick, punches him in the balls, then left and right hooks for 10 seconds, then uppercut, leaving him still dizzy.

She walks to Rob, five or six left and right punches to his belly, left and right hooks, uppercut, still dizzy.

Back to Erick, five or six big punches to his belly, then a big punch to his balls to bend him over, then a big uppercut knocks him out. A foot on his chest, she flexes and poses.

Lillian walks around Rob, looking him over. She raises her fists, and throws multiple jabs with both fists in one and two punch combinations. Not like a speed bag, just like she is training on the punching bag. 

Meanwhile, while she is working over Rob, Erick starts to wake up, and gets to his knees, now facing Lillian and Rob.

Once he is on his knees, Lillian looks over to Erick, says "oh good, you're awake again!" and then finishes Rob with a punch in the balls to bend him over, and an uppercut that knocks him out.

Lillian walks over to Erick, and gives him an uppercut to make him stand and he is dizzy. 

Clenching her first under his chin, she flexes her other arm and admires her muscle, then she removes her fist, and throws right and left hooks for about 10 seconds, while Rob is waking up and getting to his feet, now facing Lillian and Erick.

Lillian looks over to Rob, now standing and tired, and says "perfect! You're both awake for more punishment!" The two men are now facing each other with Lillian in the middle. 

Leaving Erick dizzy, she turns to Rob, who is tired. He's not dizzy, just tired, so he leans his chin towards Lillian. She punches his head back and forth with right and left hooks five or six times, then clenches her fist under his chin and flexes again, admiring her muscle. Then an uppercut leaves Rob dizzy. 

Lillian then leads Erick over towards the wall, leaving Rob standing there dizzy. She then works over Erick, alternating between two or three punches to the belly, then an uppercut, then a punch to his balls, then an uppercut, then back to his belly, uppercut, balls, uppercut.

Leaving Erick against the wall dizzy, Lillian walks around Rob a couple times, looking him over. Taking him by the chin, she turns his head back and forth, examining his face for injuries. Then grabbing him by the balls, she leads him to stand up against the front of Erick, like Anna did in "Anna brought Erick and Drago to dizziness"

Just like in that clip, every time Lillian punches Rob, Erick feels the punch too. Five belly punches, five uppercuts, pause to walk around a little. Five punches to the balls, then left and right hooks. 

To separate the men, Lillian punches Rob with a belly punch, then an uppercut, then a right hook that spins him to the side. Then she punches Erick with a balls punch, and an uppercut, then a hook to make him stand beside Rob.

Now that they are standing together, Lillian walks around a bit, stretching, showing off her body for the men and the camera. 

Then she steps in front of the men facing them, halfway in between the two of them, and starts hitting them each in turn, with a right hook to the guy on her left, then a left hook to the guy on her right, back and forth for about 10 seconds.

Then she switches to belly punches, right fist to the guy on her right, left fist to the guy on the left, back and forth for 10 seconds. 

Then she switches to uppercuts, right fist to the guy on the right, left fist on the left, back and forth for 10 seconds. 

Then she starts hitting them both at the same time. A double punch to the balls, then an uppercut. Belly, uppercut, balls, uppercut, balls, uppercut.

Then, one final punch where she leaves her fists in their balls for a few seconds, drops both men to their knees. Backing up a step, Lillian balances on one leg and slaps their faces back and forth with her foot several times.

Then, one by one, she uppercuts the men to make them stand, dizzy. 

And now, she cradles Rob by the balls, and brings him back to the middle of the room for the big finish. Four big punches to his belly, then a big punch to the balls that leaves him bent forward, with his arms hanging, and his head down. Lillian tips up his head with a hand under his chin, and holds him there until he quits wobbling around, so he's facing straight ahead, with his head steady, and his mouth open. She then reaches back, and sends him flying with a huge KO uppercut.

Lillian rests her foot on the KO'd Rob, and smiles and flexes for the camera.

She now smiles at Erick, walks seductively over to him, takes him by the balls, and walks him over to Rob, with his back to Rob so when he gets knocked out he will land on him in a pile.

Lillian starts slapping Erick in the face, back and forth, and in response, he starts lifting his fists into a weak fighting stance while she's slapping him.

Lillian laughs, and asks him, "big strong man, do you really want to fight me?"

He slowly shakes his head no.

"Do you want me to knock you out now?

He slowly shakes his head yes.

"Then, lower your arms and show me your chin." 

Erick lets his arms fall to his sides, leans forward with his arms hanging, and presents his chin for her.

Flexing one arm for the camera, Lillian says "good boy".

And then she gets into her fighting stance. For a few seconds, she speedbags his head, then she punches his belly a few times, then right and left hooks, then a big punch to his balls that leaves him bent over with his arms hanging and his head down. She again tips up his chin and sets his head where she wants it with both hands, and his mouth is open. She reaches back, and sends him flying with a KO uppercut to land on top of Rob. 

Then she poses with her foot on top of both of them!

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian puts 2 guys on their shoulder blades

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