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  • Wonder Ivy vs Zombies

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scenario: 1 duration: 10 minutes

Ivy Wonder walks into a room and searches for a chemical that turns men into zombies

4 zombies enter the room (two zombies crawl on the ground and two zombies walk upright)

the two zombies crawl on the ground and stop in the middle of the room. the two walking zombies

approach to ivy.

ivy turns around and starts the fight with the two zombies (I leave the choice to you)

during the fight ivy do not pay attention to the two zombies on the ground who approach ivy

the two zombies one after the other grabs the legs of ivy several times during the fight like photo 1

after 8 minutes ivy gets caught like pic 2 and lying on the ground like pic 3

arms and legs outfit

ivy arrives and escapes and leaves the room but wonder ivy could not find the product.

scenario: 2 duration: 15 minutes

wonder ivy comes into another room with a desk and a bed

ivy goes to search the desk and finds the product in the desk drawer but ivy isn't paying attention

the four zombies enter quietly two zombies crawl on the ground and hide under the bed

(ivy doesn't see them) the other two zombies advance towards ivy.

ivy hears noise behind her and turns around, ivy walks towards the two zombies and the fight begins

ivy and very strong and can easily fight against the two zombies after 5 minutes

the two zombie lures ivy near the bed during the fight ivy backs up to the bed but don't know

that two zombies are hidden under the bed.

one of the two zombies pushes ivy towards the bed and two grabs ivy's ankle.

ivy tries to get free but her hands hold ivy's ankle well while waiting for the two zombies

starts hitting ivy and wonder ivy starts getting tired but pushed the two zombies away

the other two hands grab the second ankle, ivy is afraid she knows its gonna be hard to

escaped the two zombie again hit ivy.

ivy is having a hard time typing the zombies after 7 minutes a zombie is typing ivy in the face

ivy falls on the bed a zombie holds her arms while the other two zombies under the bed

hold his ankles (the two zombies must remain under the bed).

ivy tries to get free but the zombies hold her tight the second zombie punches her

in the stomach ivy tries to kick but she cant free those legs

ivy is really exhausted

the zombie puts a handkerchief on his mouth (a special product to put superheroine to sleep)

ivy struggles a lot with all these strength but the zombies yours ivy falls asleep

the zombies have won and walk away with the end zombie product

outfit: Wonder Ivy struggles to free herself

lots of shooting on ivy's legs

zombie: a little makeup

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Wonder Ivy vs Zombies

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