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  • Lillian the chameleon. Scene14. THE BIG BAD WOLF

Explanation: A funny sequence, a nod to the legendary fable of the fountain. No dramatization. Lillian is 18 years old, her clothes, a skirt, a t-shirt and rubber boots. (the skirt and the T-shirt are part of the clothes I buy but I did not 

find the rubber boots, if you have them, it is good or if you know the place where you bought them, tell me.)

it could be the fable of little red riding hood of "the fountain" but a more modern version. Lillian is not dressed as a red riding hood, she is a country girl, she has a little blouse, shorts and rubber boots, she has a basket, these are

provisions for her grandmother who lives in a isolated house.

Lillian walks in a small forest, a man appears, he is hidden behind a tree. Lillian walks past him, without seeing him.

The man is a serial bandit and Lillian is her new prey.The bandit follows Lillian then he approaches.

THE bandit

Hey, where are you going all alone in this forest?

French subtitle : Hé, où vas-tu toute seule dans cette forêt?


I'm going to bring supplies to my sick grandmother.

French subtitle : Je vais apporter des provisions à ma grandmère malade.

THE bandit

And aren't you afraid of the big bad wolf?

French subtitle : Et tu n'as pas peur du grand méchant loup?


People say it is a legend for to keep tourists away.

French subtitle : Les gens disent que c'est une légende pour éloigner les touristes.

THE bandit

Really, they say that?

French subtitle : Vraiment, ils disent ça?


Yes and they say that in these woods, there can only be tramps who have erection problems.

French subtitle : Oui et ils disent que dans ces bois, il ne peut y avoir que des clochards qui ont des problèmes d'érection.

The bandit's face darkens.

THE bandit

you make fun of me.

French subtitle : tu te moques de moi;

lillian laughs.


Yes a bit.

French subtitle : Oui un peu.

THE bandit

And if it is me, the bandit, you, all alone, a poor young girl from the countryside, what will you do?

French subtitle : Et si c'est moi, le violeur, toi, toute seule, une pauvre jeune fille de la campagne, que vas-tu faire?



I you break the face.

French subtitle : Je vous casse le visage.

The bandit looks at her surprised.

THE bandit

And if I have a weapon, I can make you do what I want.

French subtitle : Et si j'ai un couteau, je peux te forcer à faire ce que je veux.


Even if you have a submachine, I will defeat you.

French subtitle : Même si vous avez une mitraillette, je vous assomme.

THE bandit


You're still making fun of me.

French subtitle : Tu te moques encore de moi.

Lillian laughs.


Yes a bit

French subtitle : Oui un peu.

THE bandit

Now you go will understand that it is not prudent to make fun of a stranger.

French subtitle : Maintenant tu vas comprendre qu'il n'est pas prudent de se moquer d'un étranger.

THE bandit

So, are you no longer laughing?

French subtitle : Alors, tu ne rigoles plus?

Lillian looks at him then she kicks him in the balls. The bandit's face tightens in pain, he falls to his knees.

Lillian kicks him in the face and the bandit lies on his back. He shakes his head then he gets up, he sends a circular hit to the face of lillian who avoids the blade then another circular blow, lillian also avoids, the bandit sends a

forehand in front, Lillian blocks her wrist and she twists him , the bandit lets go of the weapon then lillian gives him a kick on the face , the man steps back, mad with rage, he approaches lillian and sends him a hook, lillian blocks him

then she gives him a punch in the stomach and a hook on the chin, the bandit steps back, a right kick in front of the belly, the bandit steps back. He goes for lillian and he grabs her by the throat, lillian grabs his

balls with one hand then she spreads the arms of the bandit and she strikes her face with the head, the bandit falls to the ground, half stunned, lillian takes her basket, she approaches the bandit and she puts her foot on her throat, she presses.

THE bandit

Stop ..

French subtitle : Arrête..

Lillian recites the fable of "La fontaine"


Once upon a time there was a little girl in the village, the prettiest we have ever seen and in the end, she finished the big bad wolf.

French subtitle : Il était une fois une petite fille dans le village, la plus jolie que nous ayons jamais vue et à la fin, elle a tué le grand méchant loup.

Lillian turns her foot and breaks the bandit's neck.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian the chameleon. Scene14. THE BIG BAD WOLF

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