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  • Lillian the chameleon. Scene12. THE ADULTEROUS BOYFRIEND

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Explanation: A classic sequence, an argument between a man and a woman. Lillian is 25 years old, she has a dress and shoes. (I chose them on the site)

Lillian in the living room, sitting on the sofa, she looks at her watch, then gets up, takes her mobile phone from the table, dials a number and puts the phone to her ear, no answer. She puts the mobile down, visibly annoyed. The door opens and a man enters. Lillian looks at him.


Thomas, I've been waiting for you for an hour.

French subtitle : Thomas, je t'attends depuis une heure.


I've been held up by a client.

French subtitle : J'ai été retenu par un client.


I've called you three times on your mobile.

French subtitle : Je t'ai appelé trois fois sur ton portable.


I've turned off the sound so as not to be disturbed, I'm sorry.

French subtitle : J'ai éteint le son pour ne pas être dérangé, je suis désolé.

Thomas walks over to the couch and sits down.


What are the plans for tonight?

French subtitle : Quels sont les plans pour ce soir ?


You forgot ? we have to go to my parents.

French subtitle : Tu as oublié ? on doit aller chez mes parents.


That's tonight? Look, you go alone, I've had a hard day, I'm going to bed early.

French subtitle : C'est ce soir ? Ecoute, tu y vas seule, j'ai eu une dure journée, je vais me coucher tôt.


But you promised you'd come.

French subtitle : Mais tu as promis de venir.


Yes, I know, but Lillian, we don't always do what we want.

French subtitle : Oui, je sais, mais Lillian, on ne fait pas toujours ce qu'on veut.

He gets up and approaches Lillian, takes her arms.


Come on, we won't make a fuss about that, will we?

French subtitle : Allez, on ne va pas en faire tout un plat, n'est-ce pas ?

Lillian looks down, a bit disappointed, then she looks at Thomas, he's got a lipstick mark on his neck.


What's that mark on your neck?

French subtitle : C'est quoi cette marque sur ton cou ?

Thomas looks at her, he puts his hand on her neck.


What mark?

French subtitle : Quelle marque ?


It's lipstick.

French subtitle : C'est du rouge à lèvres.


What the hell are you talking about?

French subtitle : Qu'est-ce que tu racontes ?

Thomas wipes his neck with his hand.


You were with a girl!

French subtitle : Tu étais avec une fille !


No, calm down.

French subtitle : Non, calme-toi.


bastard !

French subtitle : Salaud !

Lillian rushes at Thomas, she gives him slaps , Thomas protects himself.


Stop it! Stop it!

French subtitle : Arrête ! Arrête !

Thomas grabs Lillian's arms.Lillian gives him knee in the balls, Thomas falls to his knees and then he bends in half on the floor, in pain. Lillian bends over Thomas.


Tonight you'll sleep at the girl you fucked and tomorrow you're out of my house.

French subtitle : Ce soir, tu vas dormir chez la fille que tu as baisée et demain, tu ne seras plus chez moi.

She kicks him in the ribs.


Got it?

French subtitle : T'as compris ?

Thomas gets up and staggers out of the living room. Lillian goes back to the table and she picks up the mobile, dials a number .


Good evening mother, you're right, men, they're all pigs!

French subtitle : Bonsoir maman, tu as raison, les hommes, ce sont tous des porcs !

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian the chameleon. Scene12. THE ADULTEROUS BOYFRIEND

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